Basketball Arena Mod APK Latest Version Unlimited Money/Gems 2022 Online

If you like sports games with a twist, then Basketball Arena Mod Apk is the game for you! Thanks to our mod, you will unlock all players, get unlimited coins and diamonds, and much more!

Basketball Arena Mod Apk
App NameBasketball Arena: Online Game
Offered byMasomo Gaming
Size167 MB
Android Requirements5.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone
Latest Version1.82.2
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems
Get it OnPlay Store

System Requirements Of Basketball Arena Mod Apk

Before we dive any further into the game, let us quickly see if your device meets the minimum requirements to run this game.

  1. OS: Android 
  2. Minimum OS Version: Android 5.1+
  3. Game Version: 1.68.3
  4. Size: 171 MB

About – Basketball Arena Mod Apk

So the premise of this game is quite unique. The game is an online multiplayer 1V1 competition in which you and your opponent control bobble-headed players in a side-scrolling style.

You have to use the controls to move your player with the ball and dunk it into the opponent’s net. But this is where the twist comes in since the players have superpowers!

You can use these powers to block your opponents or use them to snatch the ball. The game is the ultimate test of skill, reflexes, and strategy, or in other words, easy to learn, hard to master.

Features Of Basketball Arena Latest Version Mod Apk 

1v1 Online matches

Now we will list all the various features the game has to offer. These features are:

  1. PVE And Online PVP
  2. Upgradeable Players 
  3. Real-Time Tournaments
  4. Tight Controls
  5. Team Of Five Players
  6. Season Pass
  7. Short Matches
  8. Super Powers
  9. Awesome Skins
  10. Cool Music
  11. Sick Sound Effects

Now we will list the feature that is exclusive only to our mod:

  1. NO ADS
  2. All In-App Purchases Made Free
  3. Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

Features In Detail – Basketball Arena Unlimited Money And Gems

Now we will discuss all the features that this game has in a bit more detail.

PVE And Online PVP

So the game’s primary focus is on online PVP, meaning you will be matched against real-life players. This is the primary way for earning coins and leveling up.

There is, however, an offline PVE mode but it is meant more for practice since you do not earn anything from playing in those matches.


Upgradeable Players 

This game has a variety of players, with each player having different stats. These stats will change the way you play based on what player you use. 

However, in all cases, you can upgrade your players. You can upgrade the features of players such as their size, speed, jump height, and so on.

Basketball Arena hack apk upgarde your characters

You can also upgrade things like their energy refill, which will increase the rate at which their energy recharges, and usable energy. Which increases the amount of energy they can use immediately.

Real-Time Tournaments

Basketball Arena hacked APK all team

So the game offers you a high-risk high reward way of earning a lot of coins and other goodies.

And that is through tournaments. In tournaments, you have to maintain a winning streak for as long as possible and if you finish the tournament in the top 10, you get special, more valuable loot. Tournaments last one week.

Tight Controls

The last thing you want in a sports game is janky or unresponsive controls.

That is why the head basketball mod apk has such tight controls. To ensure that there is a delay of barely a millisecond and so that the player with the quicker reflexes always has the advantage.

Team Of Five Players


Just like real-life basketball, this game also allows you to have 5 players per team. However, keep in mind that in actual games you are only allowed to use 3.

If one of your players is not able to perform well, you can swap him out for a better one. In the case of your player running out of energy, the game will automatically switch you to the next player.

Season Pass

Season passes have become a staple of gaming in the past 4 years. Pretty much any game released these days has a season pass.

And  Basketball Arena Android1 is no exception to that. The season pass in this game will give you access to more coins, diamonds, missions, and skins that you cannot get without the pass.

Basketball Arena Mod Apk
Basketball Arena Mod Apk

Short Matches

Short Matches

While a lot of us enjoy gaming as a more time taking experience, most people want to play games as a quick breather. 

And that is exactly what Basketball Arena offers you. Short matches lasting just 2 minutes or less! 

And let’s say you have to leave mid-game, no worries. The game will not cut your coin amount. Keep in mind that this does not apply to tournaments. Where if you quit, your position on the leaderboard will fall.

Super Powers


There are lots of realistic sports games out there. That is why Basketball Arena decided to take the opposite route and go full cartoony and give the players superpowers.

Powers can do things such as increase player size, increase your speed, have everyone go slo-mo except you, put the ball on fire and so much more! Just like players, powers can be upgraded as well.

Awesome Skins

The game offers various skins that you can equip your player. These skins can change the player’s outfit, hairstyle, and so on.

Some of the rarer, more exclusive skins, say the ones from the season pass can make your player look like a stylized version of a real-life basketball player!

Cool Music

What is a game without some good music? That is why Basketball Arena has some good quality music.

The music is mostly played in menus and not during matches and it is your standard upbeat music that you would hear from a cartoon or something that is aimed at kids.

Sick Sound Effects

While music may not play during matches, Basketball Arena makes up for it by having some amazing sound effects!

These include the cheering of crowds, the bouncing of the ball, the sound of the ball being dunked in the net, the grunts of players, and much more!

Mod Exclusive Features – Basketball Arena: Online Game

Basketball Arena Mod Apk
Basketball Arena Mod Apk
Basketball Arena Mod Apk

Now we will discuss all the features that only our mod has to offer.


A game that has ads implemented can seriously lose a lot of potential players. And that is for one simple reason, ads are annoying! No one has the time nor the patience to watch a 30-second unskippable ad.

Worse still, the game will offer you a small bonus if you watch an ad from start to finish, and usually, it is not worth it. So thanks to the basketball arena, we have removed all ads from this game.

Unlimited Coins And Gems

It is no secret that mobile games are very grindy. You have to grind for hours before you can buy a new player or upgrade a skill, you know how it goes.

So in order to free our users from this boring grind loop, we have given them unlimited coins and diamonds, so they can spend them to their heart’s content!

Since the game has a gambling mechanic, i.e in order to unlock ultra-rare players you have to scratch cards (which are bought with diamonds), our Unlimited money eliminates the risk factor.

All In-App Purchases Made Free

Most mobile games aim to suck as much money out of the user as possible. While some may give in, those who do not are forced to be patient and the game progression comes to a screeching halt.

However, we do not like that. so to even out the playing field, we have made all in-app purchases free in this game so that all the players can have the best stuff. Then skill remains the only question.

How To Play –  Basketball Arena: Online Game

Now that all the features are out of the way, we will teach you some of the basics required to play the game as well as throw in a few tips, starting with the controls.


In Basketball Arena Mod Apk, you have 5 controls. 2 for movement, one for jumping, one for snatching the ball, and one for dunking the ball from under the net.

Since this is a side-scrolling game, you can only move left or right. If your enemy has the ball you can get near them and use the snatch button to snatch the ball from them.

Once you have the ball you can jump and use the dunk button to dunk the ball in the net or do it without jumping. Be careful if you are executing a throw while standing still as the opponent can snatch the ball.

Super Powers

Superpowers are useful either in crunch situations or can be used at the beginning of a match to gain a head start against your opponent.

It is crucial to know when to use a superpower as they do have a cool-down period. For e.g,  it is not a very good idea to use your power if your opponent is close to your net as they might score before you can react.

On the other hand, if your opponent is constantly scoring, it is a good idea to be aggressive and use your powers, again and again, to try and gain the upper hand.

FAQs – Basketball Arena Mod Apk


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