Latest Battle Cats Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Cat Food + Unlocked All Cats)

Battle Cats Mod APK is an interesting hand-painted Tower Defense arcade game developed by the famous gaming company PONOS Corporation. You have to defend your base from the variety of strange shapes of cats. There is a base house specifically for cats. You have to take part in the unusual battles with incredibly crazy cats by creating your own army.

Although, You have to take command of an army of super cats hell-bent on conquering the entire world. In this rare battle, You can also upgrade cats to conquer the world. Furthermore, It is an extremely simple utterly addicting gameplay with a simple control mechanism that allows you to move cats on the battle screen. animals stop you.

App NameBattle Cats
PublisherPONOS Corporation
Size108 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone 12+
Latest Version11.6.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Cat Food
Get it OnPlay Store
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The whole world is against the rising of the battle cats and many other animals try to stop your army to prevail in the adorable war of kittens. Also, to destroy your enemy’s towers, you must break down all defenses. Furthermore, for the hottest battles, you have to collect the best killer cats in this weird and exciting gameplay.

In addition, you will need to earn more resources to conquer violence or tyranny around the world. Additionally,  You have to take the role of a cute cat that defends the Earth from wicked foes and forces. Many forces are trying to gain control of every place and ultimately the whole region.

The gameplay of Battle Cats 2022 Unlimited Cat Food

Battle Cats Mod APK is an extremely simple control mechanism based on a cute cartoon that looks very simple and lovely. Additionally, It is a tower defense game in which you have to defend your base by the cat army. Furthermore, Many eccentric shapes cats with different powers waiting for you to fight against your enemies.

Your enemies are formidable animals such as dogs, hippos, etc. In addition, over time a certain amount of money is accumulated which can be used to get the cat by clicking on the icon. While against the appearance of your opponents moving towards your base, Your chosen character can automatically engage in battle with them until they are eliminated or defeated.

battle cats mod apk

In addition, You must see the power of the beast that attacks your base and click on the cat with the right powers to defeat the opponent. There is also a special weapon that can be used against your overcrowded enemies when you do not have enough. Although, It allows you to kill a large number of enemies and deal with huge damage.

In addition, To increase the strength of your base and make very strong items you need to accumulate a lot of treasures. Additionally, To takedown enemies and conquer a world. You have to build cat armies with your canons and cat soldiers. However, to get more points call the army and upgrade your towers.

Features In Battle Cats Mod APK

  • Numerous Prizes
  • Characters
  • Upgradition
  • Missions
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Free To Play

Numerous Prizes a Weird Cat Army takes over the World

You can collect glorious treasures that present behind different challenges. In addition, You have to crush down the enemy’s towers in different countries for collecting awesome rewards. With your activity, You can earn many interesting rewards in your daily routine. Plus, you’ll be getting lots of stacking rewards and epic rewards at the end of the month or at the week.



There are more than 300 fighting cats present with a wide range of options. However, you can adapt the cats with your plan to fight your characters against your enemies. There are many unique and amazing cats that compete with opponents. Furthermore, choosing the right character for the upcoming battle is a great benefit for you.


You can unlock many epic powers. There are a lot of powerful boosters for you that can be used at the up-gradation level. Furthermore, winning against fierce enemies makes for a great strategic moment to launch special power-ups that effectively combine battles.

Missions to Recruit your Fighters in this free shopping hack

There are hundreds of interesting stages to explore Story Mode adventures. While leading amazing cat armies to conquer the entire world by finishing multiple enemies, You can progress and unlock many missions fighting against many animal armies of different countries.


In addition, you’ll be getting started on your epic experiments with your stunning structure at various stages to find yourself at NASA. Although, You can get a lot of fun and joy as you progress through unique and exciting epic missions.

  • Multiplayer Mode: Battle Cat Modified APK has a multiplayer mode. It can be playable in both offline and online modes. Although, You can play this game with other online players and also play alone without having any internet connections.
  • Free To Play: This Battle Cat Mod APK is free to download and run. Just go to the Google Play Store and click on the download icon, it can be downloaded and installed on your devices automatically.
  • Upgradition: It gives you various upgrades for your cat army soldiers. While completing many stages, You can get XP and other items that allow you to upgrade your character in powerful evolutions. Although, After reaching level ten.


Battle Cat Hack APK is based on amazing and colorful graphics and its quality is very impressive. You can drown yourself while playing with adorable cat armies.


Battle Cat Modded APK is based on amazing music quality. Furthermore, the music of the game is in a professional manner, which makes the game more enjoyable.

Modded Version

You can get unlimited everything like unlimited money and unlimited cat food in this latest modded version which is also known as a hacked or modified version of the game. Moreover, You can do free shopping and unlock all the unique cats in this hack version of the game. It can be downloaded from here and also from Apk Done, Apk Mod King, and many more.

Final Reviews

You will receive all the relevant information about the game. You can discover all the amazing features of this unique gameplay. Plus, you can unlock all the amazing adventures in your own way.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Like any other game or application, you can also install the original and MOD versions of The Battle Cats through the APK file.

If you install the modded version on your device, it will override the currently installed version and then overwrite the latest version.

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