Bit Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems Latest Version

Bit heroes mod apk
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Gold
  • Mone
  • MOD Unlocked
App NameBit Heroes Quest: Pixel RPG
GenreRole Playing
Size37 MB
Android Requirements5.1 and up
Root RequiredNO
Content RatingEveryone 10+ • Fantasy Violence
Latest Version2.3.317
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems
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Bit Heroes Mod APK Overview and Story

Bit heroes mod apk is an online multiplayer and solo role-playing game having a bit of touch of the action and adventure in it. The game revolves around the heroes that will be controlled by you.

You can collect, loot, battle, customize, chat, gather teams, and do many more cool stuff in the bit heroes apk game for absolutely free. Adding more value to it, the mod apk version of the game also gives you some extra features such as unlimited money, no-ads, every piece of equipment unlocked, and many more.


There are many terms and things to look at in the game such as familiars(fams), capture rate, and many others. The capture rate determines how often the prompt appears to persuade or bribe and the familiars aka fams are the monsters in the game and they can be caught by the players as well. Whenever while questing any monster is defeated, there is a chance for a prompt to appear and it allows the players to bribe or persuade the monster into becoming (their) familiar.

Now, you might be wondering what is persuade and bribe, right? So, persuade is when you spend your gold for a 10%-40% success chance to catch the familiar. And persuade means when you spend gems and with it, you have the 100% guaranteed familiar catch.

Having all these in the game, still many cool stuff is untalked so keep on reading.

Everything You Need To Know About Bit Heroes APK

After having the introduction of the game, let’s have some discussion on the internal and within the game stuff and features.

In the bit heroes mod apk, you can customize your hero fully. Even its gender, hairstyle, hair color, and skin can be customized as per you want it to be. After customizing the hero, you can start playing the game. On the main screen of the game, there are many things going on.

You can see your hero’s health and with that on the bottom right there are 6 buttons and those are, shop, familiar, guild, friends, setting, and chat. You can use these to have more fun. The best part is that you can even chat while having fun in the game.


You can gather your team and fight against the epic bosses. Winning against them, you get rewarded with amazing accessories and other stuff in the game.

While having a fight against bosses, you will see many new places and fighting areas. Each battle area has its own unique gameplay, feel, and gaming experience that makes the player feel like playing more n more while having the complete package of entertainment.

You can also upgrade your gear and you will have a huge variety of gears to upgrade and choose from. Select the most powerful and become the hero of the game!

Customize Your Hero and Gather The Team

Customizing the hero and gathering the team is yet another aspect of the game. It is rarely seen to have a multiplayer option in such roleplaying games. Very few games have these options like Albion Online and Darkness Rises.

While customization of your hero, you have a vast range of options of customizable stuff. Such as helmet, armor, weapon, and pet. You can also press the “Random” button on the screen of the customization window in the game.


It will select the random accessories for you. But if you do it on your own then make sure to select the best and most powerful accessories and upgrade them to the max level possible to take the maximum advantage out of those.

You can gather the team of your friends as well as the players around the world and as a team, you can fight against the bosses in the game. As a team, there is a high chance of winning against the bosses.

Craft and Upgrade Weapons by Choosing From a Huge Variety

In the bit heroes apk you can craft your own weapons as well as upgrade the existing ones. Upgrading them will increase their benefits and advantages. Like the increasement of power and damage capacity.

Every weapon available in the game has some sort of specialty and specification. Each weapon can be used for something specific like there are weapons that are great for backline damage for instance spear or bow.

Likewise, for every segment, there is something available. So play, try, and explore the vast range of weapons and options available in the bit heroes latest version mod apk.

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Battle Against The Bosses

Battling against the bosses is a great feel. In the bit heroes, you can have that feel with a great gaming display and a friendly environment. But the environment is not friendly while having the battle against the bosses or in other modes.


You have to make sure that you take down all the bosses and clear all the missions and that is only possible if you gathered a great team. A great team means that the players in a team have different skillsets and specialties. They all get together against a boss and then it’s quite easy to defeat those bosses.

Chat With The World – Multiplayer Game

Chatting in any game allows you to have a discussion with your fellow players and pro players around the world as well. In the bit heroes mod apk, there are two types of chatting options.

1st is within the game chat option, you can view it by clicking the “chat” button on the bottom right. The other is present on the home screen where you can have a chat with the players around the world as well as your guild. And all these are real-time chatting.


Fishing Mounts and Expeditions

Bit heroes mod apk is not just a game having a great story and features. It is a game that can engage everyone with it. There are some mini-games within the game. That can be played with your friends to have fun and these games are intently created for your entertainment.

These games include fishing and horse riding related. Each of these has unique graphics and display from the original game. You can do fishing and ride the horse or your pet in the game. Winning these also rewards you with some money, gems, and sometimes premium stuff!

Bit Heroes Capture Rate – Platinmods

The capture rate determines how ofter the prompt appears to persuade or bribe. Try to have the capture rate as high as possible in order to have more n more fams.

Level Up Your Guild To Unlock Shop Having Powerful Bonuses

In order to win against the ultra-difficult dungeon that can reward you with great treasure. You have to team up with other your friends/guild. It’s better to have a guild of masters and pro players which can really help you win against the difficult bosses and let you go through those difficult levels.

How To Get Familiars In The Bit Heroes Mod APK

Familiars are also known as fams in the bit heroes mod apk. They can be caught by the players in dungeons and raids.

There is always a chance for the players to catch the fams whenever they get defeated while questing. The player can bribe or persuade the monster into becoming familiar.

In order to have more fams, make sure you never miss any chance to catch them and always bribe them(use gems) to have a 100% successful chance of catching them!


Bit Heroes Mod APK Mod APK Features

  • No-Ads
  • Can Be Played Offline
  • Unlimited Money and Gems Along With The Latest Version Of The Game
  • Every Equipment, Accessory, Augments, Atomic Brick, and Other Things Unlocked
  • Fixed – Error Loading Data

Discussing all the features, how can we not discuss the mod apk version features. The bit heroes apk version has many features. Keep on reading to have a clear idea of what are those.

The first one is a no-ads feature. The game is online and in such online games, there is a whole bunch of ads already waiting for you. The mod apk version has a feature having which you will not have to face any ad while you are playing. Ads can divert your focus from the game that why this is a very important and great feature.

Another great feature of the bit heroes modded version is unlimited money and gems. The unlimited money and gems allow you to have more and more fams, better weapons, and many more other things. Unlimited gems can be used to bribe the fams. Gems can give you 100% success while bribing the fams.

Continuing this, there is also a feature of every equipment, augments, atomic brick, and many other things unlocked. The mod apk version has more than what is discussed, so better to try the game yourself at least once!

Augment provides a small boost to familiars when they are equipped on that familiar’s augment table. And there are 4 types of augmenting tables available in the game.

  • Xirtanium Skeletal Linings(Crafted)
  • Neurion Stimulators(Shop)
  • Microprocessing Stabilizing Chips(Loot)
  • Radial Flow Regulator Pumps(Crafted)

With these features, the other great feature is that every error that was in the game is now fixed in the mod apk version. Like there was an error faced by every player of bit heroes and that is error loading data. It’s now fixed, and along with that multiple other errors are now fixed. So you can play the bit heroes while having more fun and get entertained.

You can also play the bit heroes mod apk offline. These offline features may restrict some other features of the game but it can be played offline only via the mod apk version.

Final Verdict Bit Heroes – A Strategic and Role-Playing Game

In the end, the bit heroes mod apk is no doubt a great game having so many features and mod apk features. You can have the best time ever playing this game. The great gameplay gives you an amazing gaming experience and features like chatting, persuading, barbing, battling against the bosses, gathering the team, customizing your hero, and many more, let you play the game even for hours without getting bored even for a single minute! And if you like the bit heroes mod apk then you also gonna like the final fantasy mod apk that has some sort of similarities with the bit heroes game. Do check it out as well.

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