5 Best Mobile Simulation Games for Android

What are Simulation Games

First of all, you have to know what is Simulation Games and which types of games these are. These games are designed to perform such tasks that we do in our real life and also related to other’s life. The Good thing about these games is that these games are created to guide and teach you how to survive in tough circumstances/situations. Maybe this is another facet of the success of these types of games.

Five Best Simulation Games for Android

In this article, I will try to tell you about the top 5 Simulation games. All of these games are on the top list on the most download and some other games are too popular and their series are also well-known. You must have to try these games in your spare time. 

  • The Godus.
  • The Sims Mobile.
  • Idle Army Base.
  • Pocket City.
  • Hotel Empire Tycoon.

The Godus

The Godus is not a normal game, this game is specially designed for those players who love to play such games in which constructions take place. The Godus starts from the stone age and we have to move these wild people from the stone age to the well-modified and modern age. This is only possible if we use our minds properly and upgrade things at the proper time. The graphic and texture quality is unbeatable and you will be in love with this game’s graphics.

The Sims Mobile

Almost 70% of gamers know about The Sims game and his series. The release date of the Sims is 04 Feb 2000. The Sims Mobile gameplay starts with our selected character when he is a teenager no matter whether your character is a girl or a boy. We are free to customize our character’s appearance and we can customize our character’s house as we want.

Best Simulation Games for Android

In simple words, our character’s life is in our hands and we select which type of job our character has to do means we have to select the lifestyle of our character. The not only job we have is to run the whole house, get married, and the good thing about this game is that we still free to customize the whole house according to your dream house. In this game, we are free to perform all of those tasks, that we want to do in real-life but we can’t.

Idle Army Base

The developer Idle Army Base is Neon Play. the Theme of this game is that we have to run and manage the whole military base to protect the whole country. In the gameplay, we have to lead, guide and train all of our soldiers to increase their level to make them ready for war. 

Not only soldiers we have to take care of everything including weapons, machines, groups of soldiers, Food, training, security, or other all suitable for safety. This is not only a single part of the game you will get a wide list of games in this game series and almost every game is famous. 

Pocket City

As you read the name of this game, maybe you will get a brief point for which purpose this game is designed. In this game, we are a mayor and have to build uncountable buildings to turn our normal city into a modern city. We have to perform all of the steps to make our city the best and everyone want’s to visit our city.  For this dream, we have to control the crime rate and think about the citizen’s lifestyles to provide them comfort. The developer of Pocket City is Codebrew Games.

Pocket City Free build your own city

Hotel Empire Tycoon

Most Simulation games have their games series. Hotel Empire Tycoon is one of them. And this game is the part of Tycoon series. The release date of this part is 12/11/19. Simulation games are not promoting a storyline these games are designed to guide and teach you. In this game, we learn how to manage and run a 5star hotel.


In the beginning, our account level is low therefore customers come in short-range, as our level up and our Hotel becomes the most famous five-star hotel then you will see and learn how to manage the hotel. Not only a single hotel as we take a Hotel to a higher level after that we have to open a new one to provide our service in different cities. This game will be helpful if you want to Open your own Hotel.


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