5 Amazing Mobile Games To Boost Your Mood And Mind

Mobile Games To Boost Your Mood

We have selected these mobile games to boost your mood and mind while playing! In the past few years, most people think that gaming is only possible on PC, Xbox, and Playstation but these modern days change the whole point of view of not only people almost everything. And these days most gamers think that Gaming on Mobile is more Comfortable and confident than on a PC or other gaming devices. 

With the help of Genious Smartphone, you are free to play games no matter where you are but if you are a PC gamer then you are limited. In this article, I will provide you with a list of 5 top Mobile games some are online or others are offline to play. 

  • Monument Valley
  • Final Fantasy VII.
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Call of duty Mobile
  • Limbo

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of the most download and popular puzzles of different categories. In this game, we are playing the role of Princess who got kidnaped by evils and they put her in jail, she has to out of this condition. This is only possible if we use our minds properly and solve all of the puzzles and hurdles. Monument Valley is available in online or offline mode.

The graphics and presentation of this game are fabulous and everyone admires these features. The category of Monument Valley is Role-play and this is the only game in which we get the taste of almost all of the category games.

Final Fantasy VII

The developer of Final Fantasy VII is Square Enix and the category of this game is RPG(Role Playing Game). The first part of this game was released in 1991 and from the first part, almost 80% of players/gamers love to play this game. Final Fantasy VII is stats when a character Cloud was hired for a nuclear attack in Midgar city. He works as a killer and he joins a well-trained team for this attack. 

Our team of heroes got successful to defuse the bomb and save the city from the attack. This is not a single attack by the villain they nonstop attack to destroy the whole city but all in vain because of our heroes. In this game, 3D smooth graphics and outstanding texture quality on environment and characters are used and everyone loves this game. We can play this game online or offline mode to have fun in both scenes.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a huge platform for gamers and almost everyone loves to play this game with their friends. 2017 is the date on which we receive this game with the S1 royal pass. This game is all about war with a unique range of weapons of all kinds. The good thing about this game is that you will get the latest Royal pass on every month with a wide list of fantastic items and mythic outfits.


The Name of this latest Royal pass is M12 and we will get almost 2 Mythic outfits, a skin of plan, 2 guns skins, 2 emotes, or 360 UC back and we can still use these UCs for later use. If we take about the settings then here is a huge list of settings only for the comfort of our players. We can play this game in 120FPS to defeat all of your enemies/opponents smoothly.


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Call of duty mobile is the second most famous online game and this game is mostly like PUBG mobile or free fire. The latest Battle Pass name is Season 6 and they usually try to introduce new weapons and useful equipment for weapons to enjoy extra fun. Therefore they complete over 100M of downloads only of Google play store and almost the same of ios.


Limbo is one of the most overrated and download games in the Puzzle games industry. The story of this game is that some evil came into their village and kidnapped our hero’s sister and our hero moves out to save her sister from evil. This is not an easy journey to overcome all of the hurdles. The main thing about this game is that it provides us with a Black and white theme and it this tougher to solve all of the puzzles with this theme.


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