Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) All Weapons

The majority of the weapons in Shadow Fight 3 can be classified into classes in accordance with their move set and the Special Moves that can be utilized on them, aside from their rarity. This is because the game has hundreds of weapons that are simply little variations on one another in terms of appearance.


Shadow Fight 3 ALL Weapons List

  • Legion Armor
  • Unarmed Sword
  • Unclean Sword (Common)
  • Good Sword (Rare)
  • a thin brim (Legendary)
  • The Cursed Call (Unique)
  • Bloodletter’s Blade, Noonblade

Legion Armor

In the book’s first chapter, this robust, heavy weaponry is discussed. While using some Legion weapons in attacks, there will be a brief halt; this pause is symbolized by the Unbreakable State character turning white. While in the State, the user won’t go off-balance, allowing them to finish their strike. The interval cannot protect the user against boss special abilities, critical strikes, shock knockback, or shadow skills, and the user will continue to take full damage. These are based on typical weapons from the late medieval period.

Weaponless Sword

One-handed swords have long blades that are fast to swing, quick to recover from, and have a low combo.

  • Unclean Sword (Common)
  • Good Sword (Rare)
  • a thin brim (Legendary)
  • The Cursed’s Call (Unique)
  • Bloodletter’s Blade, Noonblade

Massive Sword

Giant Swords are colossal, enormous swords. They feature a very long range, heavy build, extended swing time, poor recovery, and low combo. They are also the weapons with the most number of unbreakable movements, only being surpassed by Flail & Shield. Old timers and ancestors’ wraths are the weapons of giant swords


Hammers have a short range, a moderate swing time with a quick recovery, and a low combo. They have two massive iron heads coupled to short handles.

  • Hammers in a ruff (Common)
  • Symbols of War (Rare)
  • Bonecrusher’s (Epic) Wicked Twins (Legendary)


Knives are small bladed weapons used in close-quarters fighting. It recovers slowly to very slowly and has a modest range and speed. With a range of slicing and stabbing methods, it can quickly eliminate an opponent with little chance of successful combos.

  • Unnamed Standard Knife (Common)
  • Unidentified Rare Knife (Rare)
  • Forest Fury (Epic)
  • Heart of Drever (Legendary)
  • Holding a Fire (Unique)

Dynasty weapons

Quick weapons, originally stated in Chapter II, are used by Dynastians since they have the best combination and agility. Any weapon from the Dynasty can be utilized to deliver combos of three hits, which gives the user a bonus that raises the damage of their succeeding blows by two, as shown by a blue aura encircling their hands.

The advantage will end if the user is hit by an unblocked attack or after five seconds. It won’t be a waste if the user’s attacks are stopped. Unarmed attacks, ranged weapons, and non-weapon shadow abilities are unaffected; only weapon attacks and weapon shadow abilities (such as Tornado, Thresh, Twirl, etc.) are affected (like Peg-Top, Burst, Ricochet, etc). But the user can still use these attacks to help them in battle.


A saber is a set of two single-edged swords with curved blades. They are fairly ranged, have rapid swings with quick recoveries, and have a high combo.

  • a pair of scimitars (Common)
  • Small, portable sabers (Rare)
  • Darting Swords (Epic)
  • Oblique Heirs (Legendary)
  • blizzard blades (Unique)


Nunchaku has a small range, a quick swing time, a slow recovery, and a high combo. They are two cylinders that are connected by a cable.

  • Nunchaku (Common)
  • Negative Nunchaku (Rare)
  • Added weight Nunchaku (Epic)
  • Airborne Jade (Legendary)

Horns of deer

Deer Horns are two-pointed brass knuckles with a small range, quick swing and recovery times, and a high combo.

  • Deerhorn Cutlery (Rare)
  • Golden Crescents (Epic) Crane’s Wings (Legendary)

Large machetes with a single-edged, curved blade are known as dadao. They have a good combination, a quick swing with a slow recovery, and a medium range.

  • Dadao of the Fisherman (Common)
  • Dadao’s Dadao (Rare)
  • Bright Bud (Epic)
  • roaring dragon (Legendary)

Heralds Weapons Arms:

Heralds are exceptionally skilled at critical thinking and use their weapons gracefully and precisely. They make their debut in Chapter III. Weapons used by Heralds have a unique mechanism called “Critical Charge” that causes critical strikes. The Heralds’ weapons, in contrast to those of the other factions, may maintain their critical power for seven to fifteen seconds.

While charging, the user is unable to score any critical hits. When fully charged, the weapon’s blade glows with a fiery, yellow, or orange energy. When fully charged, any kicks or weapon strikes are almost always critical hits and deal a lot more damage than even regular critical hits. The Critical Charge strike doesn’t get critical even though it gets around blocks. 

Heralds Arms:

The katana is a single-edged, curved blade with a squared or circular guard and a long hilt that may hold two hands. They have a fair amount of range, quick swings with slow recoveries, and poor combination.

  • Sharp Katana (Common)
  • from the master, a gift (Rare)
  • Bolo’s Nodachi, Scalpel (Epic), and Shadowslayer (Legendary)


Short range, medium swing time with medium recovery, and medium combo are the characteristics of Sai Sai, which include blades with sharp ends for stabbing.

  • Metal Sai (Common)
  • The Sai of Xiang Tzu (Rare)
  • Dark Gears (Epic)
  • Nighttime Clutches (Legendary)

The Lido Katana

Iaido Katana is scabbarded and drawn out of their scabbards slowly and deliberately. Their combo is mediocre, they have a short range, swing rapidly but recover slowly.

  • Monk’s Katana (Common)
  • Elegant Katana (Rare)
  • Violet Peeler (Epic)
  • Death’s Door (Legendary)


Two short sickles known as Kamas have a low combo, a fast swing time with a sluggish recovery, and a moderate range.

  • Timber Kama (Common)
  • Portable Kama (Rare)
  • Accusers (Epic)
  • Dim Sky (Legendary)


A sickle and a weight are referred to as kusarigama. They have a very wide field of view, quick swings with sluggish recoveries, and a moderate combo.

  • Agricultural Sickle (Common)
  • Sharp Kusarigama (Rare)
  • Assassin’s Kusarigama (side mission from Chapter V) (Epic)
  • Death Reaper (Legendary)
  • Vacant Blade (Legendary)
  • Icy reaper


The game features 119 weapons in total, including 30 legendary weapons, 11 unique weapons, and 26 weapons from each of the rarities Common, Rare, and Epic. Throughout the tutorial, the players are handed the Crude Sword and given instructions on how to utilize it. They have the option to keep the weapon after the instruction is finished.

The two-handed sword is the only item that has a distinct shadow ability on both its Epic and Legendary (and Unique) variants. The only Legion weapons with the most moves to use in the indestructible phase are the Giant Sword and Flail & Shield. Only the Dynasty weapons made available in Chapter VII have a 0% Critical Chance, which means that no Critical Hits can be obtained when using them in combat.

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