Create a Spotify “Iceberg” and Show Off Your Love for Music

In your search engine, you will get dozens of Musical apps; but at the top of the list, you will get a single app with the name Spotify. In this app, millions of users perform audio streaming and serve their audience with several social media services. In this app, you will get every single audio song, throughout the entire world. The good thing about this app is that This app is not only for Audio Music, you can also watch such movies based on music, this step is only to increase your interest level in the music field.

Spotify Overview

  • Spotify is on top of Famous and Rare musical apps. The release date of Spotify is April 23, 2006, almost 16 years ago. The founders and CEO of Spotify are Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek.
  • In the beginning, Spotify was launched in limited countries. But Recently they decided to release their latest version in 178 countries. In 2022 they release this app in Pakistan, India, Brazil, Iran, or other famous countries.
  • After that their equity will increase to 3 billion dollars and they hire over 10k employees to provide their user’s better experience.  

What is Spotify Iceberg?

Every year you will get news or watch dozens of new trends of any app or on any app. Spotify “Iceberg”’ is one of them. When the founder of Spotify decides to release their latest musical app, first they notify you through your  Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, or other social media accounts for a positive response from the user. The working of Spotify “Iceberg” is pretty simple and I assure you, you might be in love with this. 


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Iceberg is a tool and the work of this tool is to judge your Spotify’s previous history and collect all of your playlists and merge it into a single pattern and deliver your favorite list on your home page. So know this is not tough for you to search back for your favorite song to have fun. On the bases of its working iceberg get extra popular.

Who created Icebergify?

According to the Icebergify site, it was created by Akshay Raj in 2022. His name is linked out to a private Instagram.

How to create your Spotify Iceberg profile?

For this purpose, you must have your Spotify account. First, you have to log in to your Spotify account on any device whether it is a PC or your smartphone. After that, you have to entire the web page of Icebergify. One thing about this tool is that this is not released to Spotify but this is important to give access to your account’s history. 

With this, it will analyze your whole history and judge your favorite playlist and merge all of your playlists into a single form. If you think what about if you have a new Spotify account or your history is empty/null. Then don’t get worried about it. The system will automatically show you the most trending list of Songs. 

After all of this process, if your Spotify Iceberg is not active then don’t worry about it. The server may be busy. You have to wait for some time or reload your page to log in again. Known you can send this to your family or friends freely.


Since Spotify was introduced then this app is available in limited countries but after 15 years now we can use this app in around 177 countries. 

Yes, we can only use this app offline if you want to have fun with your downloaded playlist other wise this app requires internet access to for search a new song. 

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