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Overview Of The Blue Whatsapp Download 2022 Latest Version

Whatsapp and similar apps used for chatting and calling all over the world lack at some point in terms of demanded features by the users. Those features can be privacy-related, background-related, or they can be any. In the same way, whatsapp users also have the demand for some specific sort of features that the original app doesn’t have.

To meet the demand for those features, developers all over the world are building and building some alternatives for the standard app. Such as Whatsapp Plus, Coocoo WhatsApp, Sam WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Aero, or even Blue WhatsApp. These all are alternatives for the standard app but it has all of those features available in it and apart from those, many additional features are also present in these apps.

Overview Of The Blue Whatsapp Download

App NameBlue WhatsApp
Size49 MB
Worldwide Downloads500M+
Google Play IDcom.whatsapp
Requirements4.1 and Up
Average Rating On Play Store4.4
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesNew variants of emojis, themes, customizable icons, and many more.

In today’s article, we will be discussing everything related to the Blue Whatsapp, its features, the download link for it, and whether is it secure and can be downloaded on android or ios. And many other points will be discussed here as well. So keep on reading.

Blue whatsapp is the upgraded and the next version of whatsapp plus. Blue whatsapp is available for android and other devices as well. The only condition is that the device has an active internet connection and fulfills the basic requirement for the app.

Difference Between Blue Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus?

The main difference between Blue Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus is that Blue Whatsapp is the updated and newer version of Whatsapp Plus. The newer version surely has more & better features, benefits, customization options, and many other upgraded stuff.

If you want a recommendation between whatsapp plus and blue whatsapp then we would like to tell you that both apps are awesome. Both have amazing and unique features. You may download any or both as well or the best would be to download both and try it yourself to have a better and clear idea about which app is better for you.


Is Blue WhatsApp APK Secure and Free To Download?

Yes, the blue WhatsApp is 100% safe and secure if you download it from here. And it is completely free to download as well. You don’t have to root your device or change something. You can simply download it with just the help of a few simple clicks and start enjoying the features of the app right away.

Also, you don’t have to worry about privacy and other related stuff. You can set your own parameters in this amazing app bleu whatsapp download apk. You can access the download link by clicking the download apk under the image on the top left corner.

Blue WhatsApp Download Features

There are many cool and useful features available in the blue whatsapp apk app. Some of the most useful and attractive features are explained underneath.

  1. New Variants Of The Emojis
  2. WhatsApp Blue Themes
  3. Hide Blue Tick, Double Tick, and Online Status
  4. Message Unsaved Numbers
  5. Launcher Icon, Notification Icon, and Background Image
  6. Updated Version 2020, 2021, and 2022
  7. New Contact Profile Interface
  8. Privacy Control and Parameter
  9. Other Customizable Features In The App

New Variants Of The Emojis

The blue whatsapp apk download app has multiple options for emojis to choose from. For instance, you can choose if you want to have the FB emojis enabled, insta, or any other social platform-specific emoji. You can simply select that and the emojis available on that specific platform will be there for you in the app instantly. This setting can be done within the app’s settings.

WhatsApp Blue Themes

Another useful and unique feature of the app is that you can change the theme of the app completely. There are multiple themes available in the app and the app itself comes in the blue theme because like the way the name sounds “Blue Whatsapp”.

Also, there are specific customization options available as well using which you can customize any specific part of the app. We personally love the default theme and the top 3 themes found in the app. Other themes are also loved by many people as well. Try each of them and decide which looks the best to you.

Hide Blue Tick, Double Tick, and Online Status

You can also hide blue ticks and double ticks that come once the message is seen by the reader. With the help of this hiding feature found in this app, you can enable that option, and onwards even if you see the message it won’t show that message has been seen.

Apart from that, you can also hide the “online status”. That means that even if you are online it won’t show that you are currently online. Or it will not even show your last seen or last online. Both features are quite important for the privacy of the sender and user of the app.

Message Unsaved Numbers

The most unique and unseen feature found in the blue Whatsapp app is that you can message unsaved numbers as well. In case you need to message someone just once and you don’t have time to save that number. With the help of this app, you can simply directly message him without saving that number.

This feature is not even available in any other app and even the standard version of the app as well.

Launcher Icon, Notification Icon, and Background Image

Changing the icon such as launcher or notification is never possible in any app before. No app is developed in a way that can be done in the app. But the blue Whatsapp along with the multiple amazing features is capable and has the option in it using which you can change these icons just with some clicks in the app’s setting.

Updated Version 2020, 2021, and 2022

It is always seen and it’s quite simple as well that the updated version of any app has the most advanced features ever found in that app. In the same way the blue whatsapp has multiple versions available such as blue whatsapp 2020, blue whatsapp 2021, and blue whatsapp 2022. But the most advanced version is obviously the blue whatsapp 2022.

It comes with all previous features(updated), new features, and bugs fixed that were found in the app previously.

New Contact Profile Interface

Previously in the standard version of the app, there was just a single simple profile interface and it wasn’t customizable as well in terms of colors or interface. But after having the blue whatsapp download on your device you can change and customize the contact profile interface completely.

You can add colors of your choice, theme, and many other things in the contact profile interface that will surely look cooler than before.

Privacy Control and Parameter

Privacy is the most important thing to talk about and this app has solved the big problem of this matter. You can customize who can see that you are online or have you read the message yet or even specify people who can call you. All these can be done within the app and the best part is that the app is so simple to use that anyone can get used to it in a very short period of time.

Other Customizable Features In The App

Apart from all the above-mentioned features and benefits, there are still a lot more to discuss and many other cool features found in the blue whatsapp apk download. So make sure to download and install it and give it a try at least.

How To Download Blue Whatsapp New Version On Android?

Downloading the blue whatsapp new version on android is super simple and this process can be used to download the blue whatsapp apk on android or even tablets as well.

Simply click on the “download apk” under the image on the top left and wait for a few seconds. Now click on the “download” and the app will start downloading automatically. Onwards the process is self-explanatory like, open and install the app on the device with the help of a few clicks and it will be installed and ready to use in a few seconds.


Whatsapp Blue APK Updated Version Downloading and Download Link

Downloading the blue apk updated version isn’t hard and it can be done quite easily. And as far as the download link of the blue whatsapp download apk is concerned then you can find it here simply. Just click on download apk and follow the process. Your app will be installed on your device.

Conclusion Of Blue Colour WhatsApp and Bluewaplus

Blue whatsapp download is an amazing edition of the standard version of the app and this edition includes many great features, benefits, and useful options that can be used by any user to make the app more user-friendly and secure than before.

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