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Introduction Of The Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie run mod apk is an action-based role-playing game that has great storytelling in it along with very unique features and graphics. The core story of the game is to take care of your kingdom and battle against the monster. You can play mini-games as well and there are also some missions on completion of each you get rewarded.

There are two modes in the game, story, and dark. In the story mode, you have multiple chapters and each chapter has multiple levels that need to be cleared in order to progress in the story mode. My personal favorite is dragons hill. It has a very unique gaming experience. You can also download an amazing Just Dance Now Mod Apk from here. Here is also an exciting game for you i.e: Fashion Empire Mod Apk.


Quick Overview About The Cookie Run Mod APK

App NameCookie Run: Kingdom
Latest Version3.0.002
GenreRole Playing
Size632 MB
Developed ByDevsisters Corporation
Worldwide Downloads10M+
Google Play
Requirements5.0 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.7
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Crystals, Gems, Power Boosts, and Cookie Toppings

In the dark mode, it is more about fighting against the monsters but somehow the agenda is the same. Clear the levels as perfectly as possible. During the battles, you will have 3 minutes of time. The one will lose and one will win from you and your opponent(monster or their bosses).

Apart from the mopeds, the other side of the game is to build your own cookie kingdom. Where everything is almost the same as in any other kingdom-building game ut the differentiator is the characters and accessories. Everything in the game is themed around the cookies, even the characters of the game. It’s quite unique to see all these in one place that’s why the game is loved by people. It gives a new gaming experience to people.

Playing with friends is also possible in the game, you can team up with your friends against the guild members in guild battles. Defeat the powerful enemies and level up together. You can earn soul stones, guild treasures, and many more rewards for defeating them!


Cookie Run Kingdom Base Design

Restore the glory back to the cookie kingdom…The game has an amazing touch of graphics and has very smooth gameplay. The supportive background sound also keeps you entertained for hours. The different styles of each chapter and level in it will amaze anyone for sure.

The main screen of the game where you have the access to everything in your kingdom is very colorful. Multiple things are going on in it simultaneously. On the top left, you have your username and level bar. Underneath that there are two buttons, shop, and events.

On the right side of the username bar, there is a display of gold and gems and their number count available. Alongside there are many other small buttons such as menu button, friends, messages, kingdom pass, and a few others.


When you first start the game, everything you will see on the screen will be destroyed. Very few buildings are available at that time. Slowly and steady as you progress in the game you rebuild those buildings and start expanding your kingdom while fixing those destroyed buildings.

Also, there are many different types of the buildings such as some are for resources, some are for cookies, and the list goes on. The best practice is to exp[lore each and every one of them by playing the game itself.

Build Your Town Kingdom and Customize It With Perfection

In the cookie-run kingdom, you can build your town from scratch to the level where everything is maxed level and the town start looking beautiful. In order to make your town more beautiful, you have to be creative and with your creativity, you can customize your kingdom with perfection

You can buy the building using gold in the game. But you can not unlock all the buildings and even all types of buildings at once. You can unlock these buildings one by one as your progress in the game and your level gets up and higher.

Once you have a certain building in your kingdom, now you can move it or place it anywhere you want and customize all the kingdom in such a way that it looks beautiful and cool. Upgrading the buildings is also possible and this will allow you to take more advantage of it compared to the lower/previous level building.


Team Up and Unlock The Brand New Cookie Characters

Teaming up with your friends in any game is itself a great feel. In the cookie-run kingdom, you can team up with your friends in guild battles. With that, you can create a strong and sweet team and play against the other cookie teams with the aim to defeat them in order to top the leaderboard.

Once you are in a team of great players, you also need to be great as well. So you have to have the best cookie characters having the best abilities and powers that can be used against the enemies and yourr opponents.

You can unlock new cookie characters through cookie gatcha cutter. And when it comes to unlocking, characters are not only the ones that can be unlocked. There are new secrets that can be unlocked and discovered, new adventurous missions, and fighting levels. You can unlock all these to have the next-level gaming experience in the cookie run kingdom.


Something Is Waiting For Your Daily

Want to earn daily boosts for your cookies for free? Complete the daily quests and challenges every day that are waiting for you. 

In the cookie-run kingdom, you will have multiple quests every day and each of them is unique. So there is no repetitiveness that can make you even a bit bored.

Daily quests also allow you to practice with them before going into an actual battle against the bosses.

The List Of Heroes, Legends, Gingerbrave, and Friends, and Villains


  1. Pure Vanilla Cookie – CV. Yuri Lowenthal
  2. Holly Berry Cookie – CV. Elizabeth Maxwell
  3. Golden Chees Cookie – CV. Pilar Uribe
  4. Dark Cacao Cookie – CV. Patrick Seitz
  5. White Lily Cookie – CV. Erica Mendez


  1. Moonlight Cookie – CV. G.K. Bowes
  2. Sea Fairy Cookie – CV. Laura Post
  3. Fire Spirit Cookie – CV. Austin Lee Matthews
  4. Wind Archer Cookie – CV. Kellen Goff
  5. Millennial Tree Cookie – CV. Keith Silverstein

Gingerbrave and Friends

  1. Gingerbrave- CV. Jeremy Shada
  2. Strawberry Cookie – CV. Anairis Quinones
  3. Wizard Cookie – CV. Kyle McCarley
  4. Chili Pepper Cookie – CV. Kimberly Brooks
  5. Custard Cookie III – CV. Jaimie Kelton


  1. Dark Enchantress Cookie – CV. Patty McCormack
  2. Licorice Cookie – CV. Cameron Bowen
  3. Poison Mushroom Cookie – CV. A.J. Beckles
  4. Pomegranate Cookie – CV. Victoria Grace
  5. Dark Choco Cookie – CV. Issac Robinson Smith

Cookie Run Kingdom PC and Android Download

You can play the cookie run kingdom on your android and ios device or even on a tablet. The game doesn’t require a high-tech device. You can play it on any standard device having basic features and fulfilling the very nominal requirements of the game.

Sadly but right now cookie run kingdom is only available for android and ios devices. It can not be played on PC.

Cookie Run Mod APK Unlimited Everything Features

This game has many amazing features that can not be seen in the standard version of the game. Underneath are some of those.

  • Unlimited Crystal/Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Power Boosts and Cookie Toppings

The first feature in the modded version that is most loved by the players for the apk version is unlimited gems and crystals in the game. Having these you can unlock every building, upgrade anything, and win against any enemy because your every cookie and all the other weapons that are useful and required for the battles are already on the max level with the help of these two.

cookie run latest version download free for android

Unlimited gold can also be helpful and you can take huge benefits from it as well. Apart from this, the unlimited power boosts and cookie toppings are the game changer for sure.

You don’t need to complete missions and wait for the reward or resources. You can now have unlimited power boosts and cookie toppings in the mod apk version of the game from the very beginning. Cookie toppings help to enhance the cookie power of the cookies.

And the best part is that these all mod apk version in the cookie run is absolutely free to have!

How To Get More Gems In Cookie Run Kingdom

In order to have more gems in cookie run kingdom, you need to have the mod apk version of the game that comes with unlimited gems, crystals, cookie toppings, and much other cool stuff in it that can not be found in the standard version of the game.

This is a great action-based game with a great storyline in it and the most unique features. The graphics of the game is very rare and I personally haven’t seen such graphics before. The ability to team up with your friends against the enemy bosses is a great feel itself. Overall the game is great and you will love playing it, especially the mod apk version.

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