Latest CSR Racing Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money And Free Shopping)

App NameCSR Racing
PublisherNaturalMotionGames Ltd
Size75 MB
Android Requirements4.0.3 and up
Content RatingRated for 3+
Latest Version5.0.1
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gold, Silver
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CSR Racing Mod Apk was initially released on June 28, 2012. This game is developed by boss alien and published by Natural Motion, Zynga. The Genre of this game is Racing video games. In the beginning, the game was only for Mac or iOS users. But after some time on the date of April 15, 2013, they decided to release this game for Android users.


In only one month as the game was released the game achieved over 12 million downloads in under a month. This gaming company achieved a lot of achievements in its field after releasing this fabulous game. Now the play store car racing has 4.4 ratings or over 2M plus reviews. The visible size of this game is 554 Mb. Now this game has more than 130M+ downloads or 100+ licensed cars used in this game.

This game is all about racing, not like other games. Unlike other games, this game earns a lot of respect. You see all of the achievements that he made in his field. This is top-rated on the game list. As you join this game you will see the real meaning of racing at the beginning of this game.

Features In CSR Racing Mod Apk

  • As you open this game you will see some buttons on your screen with these options/buttons you can manage your whole game to be number 1 in this game. Option/buttons like Car Dealers, Update, Customize, My Car, Next Gas station or game level, or your account balance. Or other options you will see on your screen.
  • If you click on the update button you will see furthermore options like Tier, Transmission, Engine, Turbo, Intake, Nitro, Nitrous, body, or other with this you can take care of your car by repairing or by updating some equipment on your car as your level up you will batter know what is the need of your car. With that condition you will see too much progress on your car this will help you to win the race.
  • If you lose in your race you will see failure as a way to success. Or by clicking the Customize button you can customize the look of your car by this you can see that the look of your car is very osm or attractive. Or by clicking the Amy car you will directly go to your garage Stand where all of your cars are standing in a line with which you can sell or purchase your cars.
  • Or by clicking the Next button you will see some other options there like tap to open map or Race (Rookie, amateur, or pro) as you tap on the Race button. You will see the Easy, hard, or medium levels of your car race with this level of your car race the prize/Reward will be effective. If you select the hard setting the rewards will be higher or as you select the easy button prize will be less.


As you click on Race to start the race you will see some options/buttons: car starting break, nitro(N²O), or shift button with these buttons you will manage your car to win the race. As your race ends you will see some options like Restart, Share, My Profile, upgrade, and Next. By clicking the Restart button your race starts again start. By clicking the share button you can share the progress of the match with your friends.

By clicking the Profile button you will see your profile. Upgrade you can customize your car, by clicking the Next button you will see your lobby. As your race ends you will see the Race price, Perfect shift, Perfect start, Good shift, Decal bonus, or at the end time of your race. If you start the race perfectly you will earn the money also with your perfect shift, good shift, or your decal bonus.


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With every progress you make you will get money. If you think you lose in your race you will get nothing then you are wrong in this way. If you lose the race you also are able to receive the rewards. CSR racing mod APK will increase the level of your joy. After all of this, you will recommend this game to your friends. You have chosen a car by its Power, Weight, grip, or gearbox, not by its looks. If you search for a car or select it by its looks, not for acceleration there is a chance you will lose the race.

Tiers in CSR Racing Mod Apk

Every gaming company performs a lot of tasks to facilitate our users/players. Giving you challenges will increase the level of your joy. Tier is another form of given challenges. CSR racing mod APK gave you 5 Tiers of level. Every Tier has five members. Every city has a Tire. If you defeat the complete tier you will defeat the whole city this is unlike the local race you play. Every leader challenge you to race with the team members if you win the race then you will be able to race with another one.

  • The first tier’s name is Fangz the name of the members are Luther, Alsha, Sweeny, Max great shift or leader is Papa Biz.
  • The second tier name is Iron sham union, the team members’ name is Jungi, Miyokotakai, Kenji, and David katana and the name of the leader is Yoshiro.
  • The third tire’s name is Stallion Rider or the team member’s name is professor Dee, Michiko, Requel, Benito, and the leader is Alida.
  • The fourth tier name is War Pigs team members name is Cardine, Luisa speed, Cardine, Estefania, Rico,  culito is the leader of this tier or last but not the least Silver skulls team members name is Lee Huan, Trucks, Neonja, Harmony Breaks, Errol is the leader of this tier.
  • These are five given tiers’s the method of the race with these tiers is every Tier leader tells you to race with their tier members as you defeat all of these members then the leader challenges you to race with him if you lose then never mind you have to focus the game or practice hard to defeat him.

As you defeat him then the leader will give his own car to you or maybe you will be the leader of all of them. This will not be an easy journey for you. As you defeat one Tier you have to move to another tier. As you defeat all of them then you will be number 1. If you lose the Tier race then you have to give the gold you win from the previous race. CSR racing mod free APK download is also available for his users.


As you download this fabulous game. This will be the best day of your life. First, you have to login into this game and after that, you will get a lot of Rewards. After every race, you complete you will get rewards whether you lose or win the race with all of this you will get a lot of gold with this gold you will be able to customize or upgrade your cat this will help you to win the race. Or on the other hand, there is another option of a daily battle. In this, you have to race a random car. If you win the race you will win the rewards every day.


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Every online game gives you a facility of purchase so this game also has such an option. CSR racing mod APK gives you an option of in-app purchase. If you think your account balance getting low then you can easily be able to purchase by purchasing you can customize your car as you want. Purchasing this will increase the value of your account. If you want to sell your account then it will be a side business for you you can sell an account or create another account. This will be helpful for you.

Hacked game Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold & Silver
  • Unlock all cars
  • Fee Shopping
  • Unlimited Keys & Coins
csr racing mod apk

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, we can easily be able to play this game offline if you don’t have internet you can play this game in single-player mode.

Yes, you can play this game with your friends or family. This will increase the level of your joy.  Or another way to show your skills in front of your friends or family members.

Yes, we can play this game on PC by using an emulator of any kind. Not any specific type of Emulator be used for CSR racing mod APK. Any emulator you can use for this game.


As you join this game you will get a lot of fun in your life. You have to manage your sports car to win the race this will increase the level of your joy. With this, you can manage a lot of things in this game or also in your real life. You will know how to survive with or without money. This game will change the way/method of your life if you take it seriously. In this game, you have to defeat 5 Tiers by using your skills to be the king of all of them with fun. You will know too many things about cars or sports cars this will be helpful for you.