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App NameDarkness Rises
PublisherNEXON Company
GenreRole Playing
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen • Violence, Blood
Latest Version1.68.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems
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Overview Of Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises Mod APK is a legendary hero’s game. So if you love to play the games in which heroes and characters show and use their powers and abilities to save the world from bad guys or enemies, you are absolutely at the right place. Get ready to witness the immense powers and abilities of the saviors of the universe. So without much delay, let us start with the detailed characteristics of the Darkness Rises Zip File.


Beginners Guide

As the hero and the main character of Darkness Rises Mod Menu, the player is responsible for all the leadership and team management of the group. Hence it is a big battle between light and darkness, so the user has to use all the possible abilities and tactics to stop the monsters enter the universe.

New Gameplay Of The Darkness Rises APK

NEXON Company has the honor of presenting this thrilling game. Darkness Rises is a single-player and multiplayer RPG (Role Playing Game) game. This game has the Editor’s Choice badge on Google Playstore. The core objective of the game is to save the universe with the help of Legendary Hero. Combine Strategy with Role-Playing in order to defeat the Final Boss. The levels become tougher with every achievement and victory. So use the Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gems provided for the users on our website for free of cost.


The overall gameplay of the game is very smooth and it feels like a playing game in complete ultra high graphics. The best part of the gameplay is the movement of the players and the background where the whole game is being played.

Main Characters And Customizations – OBB Zip File

The characters category is divided into four different parts depending upon their abilities and skills. The developers worked to differentiate their powers of all classes of Legendary Characters so that they can beat the Final Boss with the help of each other. It makes the game more interesting and thrilling. The four characters are as follows,

Berserker – Latest Version – OBB Mod APK File

He is a serious character in the game and doesn’t love gathering with his friends. He became an Orphan when he was a child so he only knows the language of violence and fight. So he can be an important aspect of the team in the class tier list to finish the giant enemies. He is a member of the best class tier list. With his impressive powers and will to fight, he made his place into the inner circle of Lord Roderick, the leader of the Legendary Hero.

Assassin – Darkness Rises Mod APK

She is also an orphan due to the Orcish raid in her village which destroyed her childhood and killed her family members. After that, she became a thief to sustain. This character is a skillful person who remains cool and calm in tough situations but shows no mercy on the enemies.

She was doing well and happy with her life but realized it is not fair to loot people. So she decided and became a good fighter and assassin. But unfortunately, she was hired to kill her savior who protected her when she was a child and became an orphan. If she opposes doing so, she is dead.


Warrior – OBB Zip File Highly Compressed

The warrior in the game is Kenneth, a child who became an orphan because of an Orc’s assault. But luckily, the Iron guard people saved him and took responsibility.

He is an honest character and believes in justice with people. Kenneth was training from a very young age and loved to practice in the OBB highly compressed file. He impressed the captain of the guard with his new and improved abilities to fight and willingness to win the war. With some exceptional skills, he became the personal guard of Lord Roderick’s daughter lady Clara.


The Wizard name in Darkness Rises Offline is Bella. She cares for others and respects everyone. Intelligence with sharpness becomes very dangerous. Everything was burnt to death. Including her home and parents. But she decided to change her fate.

Get all these characters with Darkness Rises APK OBB Zip File + Data Offline. She became so much power with magical abilities. Also, she was a good student in every subject. So Lord Roderick got impressed by the powers of this Legendary Character and decided to take her to his team.

Character Customization – Legendary Hero     

Do not hesitate to upgrade the character’s outfit and abilities as you are not going to be asked for your card details. Maximum power is required to beat the enemies and bosses. Use Unlimited Money, Gems, And Everything to upgrade the abilities of the Legendary Characters and conquer the world.

Darkness Rises console level graphics

Soul Link Power

Get the full control and authority of the enemies and the gigantic Bosses who are trying to finish the earth and the people. Once the player has control of the brains of Final Boss, it becomes very easy to win the difficult games. Users can use this power against their enemies to order them to fight with each other.

This is the best ability of the Legendary Hero of Darkness Rises OBB Zip File Mod APK Download.

Interface And Controls – New And Updated Version      

With the friendly interface in the New Update of the Darkness Rises Menu Mod and OBB APK File, the controls of the characters become very easy to use and command. The movement controls are placed well with the controls of power buttons.

PVP vs. PvE – APK Download

The game’s quality and the difficulty level are not just restricted to PvE (Player vs. Environment) in which the player is directed to fight against the preset monsters and enemies.

Get ready to face new challenges and objectives in the Latest, Updated, and New Version of the Darkness Rises. As PvP (Player vs. Player) will be giving hardcore missions and tasks to complete with the best players of the game. Learn from them to get to the leaderboard. Download and install the OBB File now.


Light vs. Darkness

It is the fight between the good and the bad people of the world. The Legendary Hero will be facing the biggest challenge of their journey. With the help of Unlimited Money And Unlimited Gems, expand your team to make sure your victory against the Final Boss.

Unlimited Money Unlimited Gems Unlimited Everything

Darkness Rises offers Unlimited Money And Unlimited Gems for our users to enjoy the game without any barriers or distractions. Play the game with full power. Upgrade and unlock the characters to use them to fight in the battles against the enemies.

Share The Game With Friends – OBB + Data Offline

If you are a multiplayer game fan, my advice to you would be, to invite your loved one to this epic game of Hero vs. Enemies. We have given every tool and upgrade in Darkness Rises APK + Data Offline.

Gather Precious Loots – Menu APK

There are a lot of new untapped places on the map. Explore the dungeons with the allies and your own build team of Legendary Hero. Download the OBB File now as the developers have given full access to the game.


Boss Battles In The game

In the Class Tier list, choose the best Hero to fight against the bosses. Abilities vary and differ from character to character. Choose wisely and think twice before making such choices as they are going to represent the future of the world.

How To Install The Darkness Rises Mod APK

In order to install the game, simply click on the “Download APK” button present on the top left under the image. Wait for a few seconds and press “Download” your download will start instantly. Enjoy!

Final Words

Avoid the darkness to be spread all around the globe. Legendary Hero in Darkness Rises Mod APK will save the world from the Final Boss and other enemies. The player would be leading the way of victory and greatness. With Unlimited Money, Gems, And Everything, you ho no choice left but to win.

So what are you waiting for? Download and Install the OBB Mod APK Latest Version of the file right now and explore the hidden dungeons of their secret world of magic and power.

Download Darkness Rises Unlimited Money, Gems Mod

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