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Thinking of unlocking all the features of the MMA manager game? Well, it will take time for you. Let us solve your problem by giving you a free MMA manager mod apk file and game.

If you don’t like fighting yourself but still enjoy seeing others do it. While still being involved in some way and still earning some sweet cash, then the MMA manager 2021 mod is for you. 

Now then… What does this game have to offer? The answer is a lot of new mechanics and features that most fighting games don’t offer. So strap in as we tell you about all the exciting features the game offers!

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk
App NameMMA Manager: Fight Hard
PublisherTilting Point
Size71 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Latest Version0.35.9
 MOD InfoFree Rewards, No ADS
Get it OnPlay Store

See, unlike most games, in MMA manager, you don’t actually do any of the fightings yourself. Instead, you run a gym where you can hire fighters and train and polish them to become the best fighters.

 In addition, you also have to hire physiotherapists, trainers and buy equipment so that you can adequately train your fighters, otherwise, they may not be able to perform to the best of their abilities

So we can safely say that MMA manager is no ordinary fighting game, instead, you have to carefully think about each move to make sure your fighters don’t get busted.

Features Of – MMA Manager Obb

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

For a mobile game, it’s quite impressive how much they were able to pack into this game. So let’s see what this game has to offer in terms of mechanics and features:

  1. Different fighting styles that can help you shape your strategy
  2. Fully customizable characters
  3. Characters can do new moves by upgrading them.
  4. You can buy cosmetics for your fighters
  5. Plan your fighter’s strategy in each fight
  6. Online PVP battles
  7. Fun cartoon graphics
  8. Single Player  PVE  battles.
  9. Boss Battles

But of course, these are some of the features of just the base game. You are here to download the mod version of MMA manager. So this means you will get new features that the users of the original app do not get.


For our users, we are offering new features so that they can have a better playing experience that would not be possible in the original game. These features are:

  1. All ads are removed
  2. All Fighters are unlocked
  3. All items purchasable by real money in the store are free
  4. You will be given unlimited in-game money.
  5. Safe download

Mechanics In Detail – MMA Manager: Fight Hard + Obb

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

Now that we have listed just a few of the many features of this game, we can now talk a little bit more about some mechanics in a bit more detail.

Online PVP And Single Player PVE

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

So this game offers both PVP and PVE. Let’s talk about the PVE first. PVE means training your fighter against coaches, fighting AI-controlled opponents. And of course fighting bosses.

In PVP you can fight against opponents controlled by real-life players. This means a test of which person has better trained, upgraded their fighters, and who can strategize a better plan against their opponent.

You can also take part in knockout tournaments. Fighting against multiple players from the starting stage all the way to the finals. The prize? A higher position on the online leaderboard and all the glory!

Planning Fighter’s Strategy

Just because you don’t fight yourself doesn’t mean that you have any say in how your fighter will approach their fight. After all, you are the manager!

That’s why the MMA manager mod has a planning menu that appears before every fight. In it, you plan your fighter’s approach. What kicks and punches will they use and how often will they use them.

For this reason, MMA manager 2021 is a thinking man’s game, as you have to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both your fighter and the opponent’s and craft your plan according to it.


Different Fighting Styles

Of course, it would be quite boring if every fighter fought the same way, that is why the MMA manager has allowed your fighters to have different and varying fighting styles.

Fighters can be attacking, defensive, or a mixture of both. It is then up to you as a manager to utilize these traits in such a way that you win the fight.

Again planning would be necessary. So make sure to do it in such a way that your fighters don’t lose.

Fun Cartoon Graphics

It is a casual mobile game, what did you expect! The game would look out of place if it was realistic with blood coming out of the character models.

While the graphics may cause some people to turn away from the game, its mechanics and amazing gameplay make up for it. And considering the number of downloads it has, we can say that most people like it.

So we would highly recommend trying this game. Since the cartoon graphics does give it its own unique and fun experience.

Fully Customizable Characters – Download MMA Manager

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

MMA manager, this game just keeps on giving. And yet again it delivers with this customizable character feature.

You can choose various things like skin color, torso type, leg type, gender, and so on. Giving your characters a very personal look and feel. All the more reason why you would not want your fighters to lose.

Character Cosmetics

Yes, you can buy cosmetics for your characters as well! These can be purchased from the shop/market. But of course, since you are going to use our mod you will get these for basically free.

Cosmetics can allow you to take your character customization to the best level. And will allow you to show off just how amazing and cool your fighters are!

Upgradeable Characters

Character upgrades allow you to improve your fighter. These upgrades allow your fighter to perform new moves and to allow them to overwhelm their opponents in more ways.

This, of course, will affect your planning as well. Since you have more varieties of moves now, you can mix and match them in order for your fighter to defeat your opponent.

Boss Fights

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

Nothing beats a good old boss fight. A battle where your opponent is just overpowered so that they always have a slight advantage over you but not so much that you might think it’s impossible

And it is the same in MMA managers. You have to fight AI-controlled bosses, each with their own unique fighting style and once you beat them, of course, you get that sweet sweet loot.

Mod Mechanics In Detail – MMA Manager Game 

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

All of the above were the mechanics of just the base game. Now we will tell you about the features that are exclusive to our mod only.

Download MMA Manager With NO ADS

Ads are probably the most annoying things that we are forced to interact with. Whether it be on a website or game or video. Truly ads are the bane of our existence.

Fortunately for our users, we have removed all ads from this game. So that they can have a smooth time playing and not get annoyed because they have to watch an ad just because they clicked on some button.


Unlimited In-game Money – MMA Manager

Like many mobile games, MMA manager suffers from endless grinding and at some point, you just hit a wall where, unless you are willing to spend money, you will constantly lose against stronger opponents.

Fortunately for our users, we have solved this issue by giving our users unlimited in-game currency. So now you can spend as much as you please!

Free Premium Items – MMA Manager

Some items cannot be purchased with in-game currency and instead have to be bought with real money. This can be a real bummer for players who don’t want to pay.

Luckily, our mod solves this issue. Now our users can purchase these premium items, most notable cosmetics for the price of absolutely free!

All Fighters Are Unlocked – MMA Manager Mod Apk

Look, not all of us have the time to grind for in-game currency to first buy a fighter, then grind some more to upgrade the fighter and grind some more, and so on. In a never-ending loop.

Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

And even with our mod, some people are still too impatient to go through and unlock each character and upgrade them. And it is understandable since there are so many fighters in this game.

So we made sure that when you use our mod, you receive all characters unlocked and fully upgraded so all you have to do is select which fighter you want to use during a fight.

Tips On The Best Build – Download MMA Manager Mod Apk

So in order to become the best, you need to learn from the best. The top players in the world have good skills in striking and a defensive focus on submission and takedowns.

So it is best to train your fighters in submission defense and takedown defense. Another playing style would be to specialize your fighter to defend well against striking opponents.

While you can train your fighters to be good in every department, it will make life difficult for you as you climb the leaderboard. So it is a good idea to have your fighter specialize in one aspect such as takedowns.

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FAQs – Download MMA Manager Mod Apk


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