Dragon City MOD APK 2022 v22.7.5 Unlimited Money & Gems

The online multiplayer and PvP battle and story-based game dragon city has now even more and better features available in it. The game had some bugs and errors that have been fixed now and graphics, gameplay, and the overall gaming experience is also improved!

App NameDragon City MOD APK
PublisherSocial Point
Size144 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone • Mild Fantasy Violence
Latest Version22.7.5
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money & Gems
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The story of the dragon city apk is quite simple yet interesting. Mainly you have to build your island where you have to breed new dragons, feed the existing ones, hatch new dragons with the combination of two, battle against other players as a team as well as PvP, chat with your friends, and many more!


In the game dragon city mod events are one of the surprises waiting for you. At each event, there are some challenges for you and on winning those challenges you get amazing rewards like dragon skins and even new dragons that can not be bred. Those dragons are very rare, so try to have more n more of them.

One of the reasons for people loving the dragon city all over the world and more than 80+ million people have played it is because the game has many amazing features but along with that the supporting and engaging gameplay, graphics, and sound of the game are also very rare and beautiful.

The graphics present in the game are super high quality and developed with very fine detailing. You will love it and easily see any detail of any area in the game. Especially the dragons and their presentation is great. The color theme of the overall game is very attractive and the same as for dragons as well.

The sound of such high-quality games like a hawk, shadow fight, warface go, and many others have a great feel and connection with the visuals present in the game. The animation of the game combines and merges in the sound itself to give a better feel and playing experience to the user.

WAIT…There is still a lot more, so keep on reading!

Build Your Own Island and Amazing City Of The Dragons

Building your city on the floating island is the first step towards success in the dragon city apk game. You have to build and maintain your own island. Keep adding new dragons and other accessories to it and make it stronger than ever.

The island is also known as the magical city in the game. You can fill it with buildings, habitats, and dragons. All are useful and will give you the benefit of some sort for sure. 

Build Your Own Island and Amazing City Of The Dragons
Build Your Own Island and Amazing City Of The Dragons

The presentation of the island in the game is just amazing. It has been created so beautifully that anyone can fall in love with it. The graphics and colors are great for the city you will build for your dragons. And also you can customize it the way you want, so do it with focus and beautifully!

Feed and Evolve Your Dragons In Dragon City APK Game For Android and Ios

In the dragon city apk, whenever you unlock the new dragon it’s on level one or lowest level. In order to have their all abilities and benefits, you have to upgrade them to a certain level.

And for upgrading them you need to feed them. Feeding them is a fun one-tap process. As soon they meet the criteria or get the food of their requirement, they get upgraded to the next level and become stronger than before.

Feed and Evolve Your Dragons In Dragon City APK Game For Android and Ios
Feed and Evolve Your Dragons In Dragon City APK Game For Android and Ios

After becoming stronger, they also get multiple powers. The size of the dragon itself also gets bigger after each upgrading process.

Collect and Feed 1000+ Dragons In the Game

The presence of more than 1000+ dragons in the game always keeps you busy. You have to take care of all and feed them in order to unlock their full potential.

Along with that, each tournament an event that comes in the game brings some new dragons with themselves which you can win as a reward as well.

Collect and Feed 1000+ Dragons In the Game
Collect and Feed 1000+ Dragons In the Game

For those special and limited edition dragons, you have to complete certain challenges and missions that are present in that event specifically.

And the other benefit of collecting and unlocking the new dragons is that you can complete a dragon book in the game that also unlocks some benefits for you and you can become the top collector in the game. You can also download now Jungle Clash MOD APK from our website.

Win Rewards and Play Against Other Dragon Masters

The fun and surprises don’t end in the battle only. The real fun is still yet to come and that is the reward of winning and defeating your enemy. Remember, there are many other dragon masters as well in the game and they might have better and stronger dragons than you. So always keep your dragons fed and upgraded to the max level possible.

Win Rewards and Play Against Other Dragon Masters
Win Rewards and Play Against Other Dragon Masters

Playing in multiplayer or PvP mode, you have to win in order to have the reward. Reward in the dragon city gives you dragons sometimes or building or even skins in some cases. So it’s always fun to see what the reward is.

Breed New Dragons In Breeding Cave

Growing the dragons and unlocking their complete abilities is simple but wondering how to have more new dragons?

First, you can have your own choice dragon which you can get by breeding two dragons as parent 1 and parent 2 in a breeding cave. Where you can also see their possible results before breeding them.

Breed New Dragons In Breeding Cave
Breed New Dragons In Breeding Cave

Once you breed them, they produce an egg and then you have to hatch the egg in the hatchery with just one simple click. And your new breed dragon is now available and you can feed him to grow into a large and more beautiful dragon!

There are 1000+ dragons available in the dragon city apk, so you can imagine the possible varieties of the new dragons that you can have by breeding them.

Be Social and Join Alliances

Be Social and Join Alliances
Be Social and Join Alliances

You can also be a part of other teams as well as create your own team. Joining alliances in the dragon city gives you leverage to chat, trade, and fight with other dragon masters in the game. Become a part of the alliance and be better in your game!

Kind Of Events In The Dragon City

There are different kinds and types of events in the dragon city apk game. Such as,

  • Runner Island
  • A Primal Beauty Mase Island
  • Forgottentales Grid Island
  • Tropical Puzzle Island
  • Heroic Race
  • Artic Tower Island

And the list goes on…

Super Addictive – Dragon City Modded APK Download

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the dragon city mod apk is super addictive. The players that were playing the game a few years ago are still playing and enjoying the game.

It’s not about addiction but about how good the game is being developed that the players that were playing years ago are still enjoying the regular updates and new features.

Super Addictive - Dragon City Modded APK Download
Super Addictive – Dragon City Modded APK Download

The best part about the game dragon city is that it gets updated very frequently and new dragons, buildings, and features are getting added to the game frequently. So there is always something new for you that you can enjoy having fun with! You can also check now Hero Squad MOD APK from our website.

Dragon City Mod APK Features

  • Dragon City Offline Mod APK
  • Dragon City Unlimited Money and Gems 2022
  • Dragon City Unlock All Dragons
  • Dragon City Unlimited Everything

Playing the dragon city offline is not possible in the standard and original versions of the game. But the modded mod apk version of the dragon city allows you to play it offline even without an internet connection.

Offline mode obviously has some limitations but it’s better to have than not have at all.

The next mod apk feature is unlimited money and gems in the game. This is the most loved and awaited feature in the dragon city mod apk version because it enables so many people to have fun with all dragons and everything present in the game requires money and gems to get unlocked.

Dragon City Mod APK Features
Dragon City Mod APK Features

This can also help you to win against your opponents and other dragon masters because with the help of unlimited money and gems you can upgrade your dragons to their max level and they can be used to win the battle you play.

But the mod apk features don’t end here. Another great feature present in the modded version of the dragon city 2022 is the unlocked all dragons! Yes, all dragons are already unlocked and now you can use them in a breeding cave to have more dragons of your own choice.

Overall the dragon city apk mod 2022 has everything that is needed or desired by any player to have the maximum fun possible. You also don’t have to spend anything for purchasing the money and gems in the game because everything is already there and waiting for you in the game!

How to Download and Install Dragon City MOD APK?

To download the official or modified version of this game, you just have to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • If you want to download the modded version of Dragon City MOD APK, you can get it from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your mobile and enable the unknown sources option.
Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing game on your devices.
App Installed
App Installed

Last Words

The dragon city mod apk is a great simulation and action game having many aspects and an amazing storyline in it. The features, gameplay, sound, high-quality graphics, and other cool stuff in the game make it super attractive and interesting to play. Even if you play the game for hours, you will not get bored for sure because of all these amazing things present in the game waiting for you!

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