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Era Of Celestials Mod APK latest
  • Unlimited Money/Rubies
  • MOD Menu
  • All Characters Unlocked
App NameEra of Celestials
PublisherYoozoo (Hongkong)
Size1.4 GB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingRated for 7+ • Mild violence
Latest Version2.1642.143862
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Rubies
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Era of Celestials

Era of Celestials is a popular role-playing game RPG compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so if you are a strategist who loves to plan and execute it correctly and loves this kind of game, congratulations! You are at the right place, and you have found what you wanted. It is a very unique and exciting experience.


About The Game – Era of Celestials

Once again, GTarcade has amazed us again with its fine work of brilliance and tactics. This game was developed and offered by GTarcade. Celestials can be defined as things related to the sky, heaven, or good. It is a game for those who like to play amazing and futuristic games. Its controls are easy to understand. Also, they are well placed on the screen for the users and gamers while playing. There are 3 different currencies available in the game. Use them wisely to upgrade your characters and equip with the best weapons and powers available in the latest version of the game.


Attributes Of Era of Celestials

You would have got an idea of the game from the above section and what great concepts you will find in this special game. So, in this section, I will discuss some more key features of the game, Era of Celestials. The game features Real-Time PvP Battles and is based on fiction and imagination.
With the help of the unique Elysian Transformation system, character heroes can transform into invincible Elysians to finish the enemies. Elysians with different abilities is waiting for you in your journey.


Play With Your Family And Friends To Impress Them

You can play with your friends and family members. Battle with the strong players and show them how powerful you are. Also, you can show off the world by battling with strangers. Earn more points by defeating them and gain numerous rewards. Equipment is there to make your character looks good and attractive while playing with your friends.

Futuristic Characters Always Amazes In Era of Celestials

Like the futuristic concept, the characters are also based on the same concepts. Choose your best character from the starting of the game and update them according to your ease and need. The characters are very stylish and joy to watch as they have superpowers to defeat their enemies. It is a strategy game in real-time and has an amazing experience throughout. Not very much difficult to play, but the gamer has to be good at making action plans and strategies. Although, the appearance of the characters has some similarities.


Get Thrilled With The 3D Visuals And Graphics

The developers have done an amazing job by levelling up the graphics area. 3D graphics are worthy of watching. The user always enjoys the graphics as they are high quality, colorful, and friendly. Attractive and pleasing visuals and 3D graphics with extreme detailing, expressions, animation, and no lag are important aspects. Professional users always enjoy planning with the right graphics.

Explore New Fighting Styles In Era of Celestials

Three in-game styles allow you to choose your playing style freely. A warrior, mage, and ranger have particular ways of attacking their enemy and causing many different types of damage to help you kill the enemy effectively. The game is about combat and winning, so you concentrate heavily on attacking your enemies with weapons. The transformation of the heroes into Elysians is interesting. The game is designed for those who have a fighting spirit, are brave, and can overcome any odds.
Heroes have impressive powers that you will find out during your battlefield journey.


Loyal Sprite Companions Will Always Help

Sprites are your most loyal companions and protectors in Era of Celestials Original Version and In Era of Celestials Mod APK. During the battle, they will always be right by your side! Different sprites provide different forms of assistance.

Kill the Big Bosses To Win The Game

The whole journey is packed with difficult-to-hunt bosses but is the main way of getting equipment and crafting materials in the Era of Celestials. Kill world bosses and other bosses to earn good rewards. Players can now earn massive rewards by defeating theses bosses. I personally found it very difficult to do it. But I hope with the Unlimited Money, Diamond, And Rubies you can get the the win over them very easily.

Fight More to Progress More

If you kill your enemy, you can earn points and rewards that you can use later for upgrading your characters and helping them defeat the evils as the attack becomes stronger. Complete the game achievements to win more surprises and rewards.

Find Mod Features And Advantages

Now here comes the exciting part which is the modded features of the game that all you were waiting for. So download and install Era of Celestials Mod APK.

Get Unlimited Coins And Rubies In Era of Celestials Mod APK

Free unlocked Coins and Rubies to buy premium items. Download and Install our game to get them and improve your army and heroes and make the most out of it. Unlock premium treasures of Era of Celestials Mod APK with Coins and Rubies. Complete more challenges to earn more rewards. Get everything unlocked in our latest version of Era of Celestials Mod APK.


With the help of Rubies and diamonds, you can upgrade and enhance your character, improvise your level-ups, get new advanced weapons, etc. Use Rubies to buy EXP potions and advanced automation cards. Players can earn diamonds/rubies by spinning the “wheel of fortune” six times daily. The gems and diamonds are used to upgrade, level up, and buy new weapons.

Upgrade Gears, Characters, And Abilities

Upgrade your team and have many allies because the enemy gets stronger with time. Our modded version has everything unlocked, so you can always upgrade the characters, abilities, and gears to look more professional and cool while showing off to your friends and family. Do not forget to upgrade your skills, as this is an important part of your journey.


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You can also play the game offline even with no internet connection.

You can play Era Of Celestials on PC with the help of an emulator.

Wrapping up- Era of Celestials Mod APK

So we have reached the end, and it’s time to wrap up. Make your army and defeat the enemy. Automation always helps you in this type of game. Your strategy needs to be on point, unique, and very good. Transform into Celestials easily with diamonds and Money from our Era Of Celestials Mod APK. So take care of yourself, enjoy the game, and Goodbye!

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