Evil Lands Mod APK Free Level Up Tricks and Everything Unlocked, Unlimited Money, Gems

App NameEvil Lands: Online Action RPG
PublisherRage Quit Games LLC
GenreRole Playing
Size132 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingTeen • Violence, Blood
Latest Version2.2.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gems, Free Unlock Upgrade Skills
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Detailed Overview Of The Game Evil Lands Mod APK

Win against the EVIL…The Evil lands mod apk is an online multiplayer and PvP role-playing action game having real-time battles with real-life gaming experience. The unique sound in the background makes you feel like you are in some magical world and the graphics of the game will push it!

The game is designed in a way that you can see your character completely and act accordingly. Usually in such action-based role-playing RPG games players have a vision of the character which sometimes doesn’t give a cool feel. 

The game starts with the evil and you. Fighting against evil is your aim, finish them and win against the evils to free the world from them. You can also play the Evil land apk mod game with your friends and players around the world in multiplayer and PvP mode.


In multiplayer you can team up together to fight against the evil bosses. With that, to test your skills you can play PvP mode as well in which you can fight with your fellows and friends.

When I played the evil land mo for the first time, I had a great experience and I was like WOW! The complete and each and every segment of the game has a great finish. The graphics, gameplay, sound, features, ability to customize, and many other when combined, it creates a great RPG game.

Multiple Playing Modes To Play In

Evil lands mod apk allows you to have many playing modes and options. You can team up with other players and fight against the bosses and dragons that can not be defeated by a single person easily. For those, you have to be in a team and then you can defeat those evils.

Multiplayer mode is also available in the game but it doesn’t end here. With that real-time PvP is also available in the game and that is quite unique because having so many playing modes in a single game is itself a big thing.


As you play in different modes, you can also choose different locations where you can fight and have a battle against the opponent/evil. Each location has a different feel and each mode has different strategies that you should apply if you want to win the battles. While playing in PvP I personally try to attack more and defense less.

This strategy helps to defeat your enemy before the time of the level ends and it’s important as well otherwise the game will decide the winner on the basis of the health left of each player.

You Will Love The Graphics Of Evil Lands APK

The graphics present in this fantasy action game evil land is just amazing and those can easily blow your mind. You can never find such high-quality graphics in any MMORPG game. 

When I play the evil land even nowadays, I always take screenshots of the game because that looks so cool and they all have such an amazing finish that you can never see anywhere in any MMORPG game.

The specialty in graphics of the evil land is that it has a real-life touch and it gives a real-life gaming experience. There are villages, cities, and many other places that have a pure real-life experience. Also when you are playing in a multiplayer mode you can have a dark theme and that looks really cool!

Moreover, the graphics of the evil land is console-like. And in one line, the evil land mod apk has amazing, engaging, and rare graphics that deserves to be remembered for sure.


New Maps and Quests are Waiting For You In The Evil Lands Online Action RPG

Compelling Quests are waiting to make your gaming experience more exciting! Discover new maps having new evils in them. Defeat them and finish them from the core. Become the greatest warrior of the evil land mod apk!

In the game, there are many new maps apart from the original map which you get from the very beginning of the game. A total number of maps are more than 5+ and each of them has unique graphics, scenes, gameplay, gaming experience, and evils in them.

Explore all the maps and defeat all the enemies found in them. You might be thinking what after defeating all evils, right?


So, don’t worry the game is more than a map’s evils. There are also playing modes in which you can play with other players in real-time and team up as well. And the best part is that the creators of the game are constantly working to add new maps and features to the game.

Customize The Way You Want – Evil Lands Hile

Character customization is rarely seen in games. Only a few games have this feature such as Albion online mod apk. The character customization in this RPG action game lets you change the way you want your character to be. 

You may like your character to be an assassin or warrior. The game developers have built this game in such a way that you can customize yourr characters easily and all the way to assassin from a warrior as well.


Find a great treasure during the dungeon raids and use that treasure for your character customization. Prepare and arm your character with the best and most powerful gears. Imagine you have a most powerful character and your skill level is also quite decent. You are unstoppable now and you can easily become the greatest warrior of all time in the evil lands mod apk.

Controls and Screen Of The Game

The evil in the game are animals, zombies, monsters, and some other creatures. In order to kill all of those, you have to be good at the controls of the game and understand each control.

On the screen, you will have your character’s details on the top left like health and etc. on the bottom left there is a circle of movement using which you can move your character in any direction.

On the top right there are a few tabs of gems, gold, and also a small map in which you can see the evil and your enemy even if it is far away from you.


On the bottom right there is a whole bunch of action buttons using which you can kill and attack your enemies. You can be the hero of the game if you use those buttons correctly. And it’s very easy to learn and get familiar with all the buttons and other stuff available on the screen.

Explore Magical Environments In The Evil Lands Warrior Build APK

Exploring the magical environment refers to the maps and other places in the game that are undiscovered. You can go to those places as this is a free-moving game in which you have a world in which there are plenty of evil animals, monsters, enemies, and other creatures. You have to fight against those and finish each of them.

One by one as you clear the map you have, the difficulty level of the game will arise. Make sure to upgrade yourself along with the progress in the game in order to make sure that you are also equipped with the latest equipment and gears.

Evil Lands Level Up Trick

There are no tricks in the evil land leveling up but yes there is some great and cool stuff available. And that is mod apk features in the game. These features include unlimited gold and gems as well as unlocked many other equipment and gear in the game. And all these are available for absolutely free!

The unlimited gold and gem feature of the mod apk version will help you to upgrade your character to the max level possible along with the best skill and other stuff.

The modded version also has a fully unlocked everything and skill. You can take advantage of all these and many other amazing features in the evil lands mod apk for absolutely zero cost!

And yes! Another great thing about the modded version is that you can play it offline. But there will be some limitations to it. But you can practice and enjoy the offline version at its fullest as well and that practice will help you in real-time battles!


Evil Lands Mage Stats Build

Stat points are basically the points that can be used for your benefits and you can earn them every time you level up in the game. You have to invest these points wisely in the game. I personally invest like,

  1. If I am playing an assassin then I invest my points in speed>luck>strenght>health.
  2. If I am playing a sorceress then I invest like luck>speed>strenght.
  3. And lastly, if I am playing a warrior I invest and prioritize strength and health over others.

PRO TIP: If you are playing a solo then invest the most chunk of the stat points in health at any cost! Only then you can survive longer and win against the bosses in the evil lands.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

The main difference between the Evil lands mod apk and any other RPG action and the roleplaying game is the graphics, gameplay, story, features, playing modes, and multiple places to fight in. All these are unique points of the evil lands and that makes it more superior and the first choice of the games who love such amazing games!

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