GB Whatsapp Lite Apk Latest Official (Anti-ban) Free Download v9.30.1

GB WhatsApp Lite ApkHobby
App NameGB WhatsApp Lite
Size29 MB
Worldwide Downloads500M+
Google Play IDcom.whatsapp
Requirements4.1 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.4
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesCustomization, Privacy Features, Auto-Reply, and Schedule Messages

Overview Of The GB Whatsapp Lite

When it comes to any communication app, the list is always topped by WhatsApp, and the rest of the list also includes alternatives or modded versions of WhatsApp such as Gb WhatsApp lite, Gb Whatsapp apk, and more like these.

WhatsApp has mainly two standard versions owned by themselves first is WhatsApp and the other is WhatsApp business. Rest all are modded version of the app that has more features and better privacy parameters for a user.

In today’s world, almost every person who has a smartphone has WhatsApp on his/her phone. Because this app is famous worldwide for being a super useful resource for chatting and calling. 

But in some areas, the app can be better and to fulfill that need modded version of the app has been introduced. These modded versions have similar features found in the standard app, but apart from those, there are a whole bunch of new features as well that are found only in the apk version of the app such as coocoo WhatsApp, and blue Whatsapp, and more like these.

I have been using the app for a long now and I will conclude my experience in today’s article about it. You will also get a detailed comparison between GB Whatsapp vs YoWhatsapp, FM WhatsApp, or even Whatsapp.

You might be wondering what is GB Whatsapp exactly is? So, GB Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp Lite is the modded/copied version of the standard Whatsapp app but the modded version can be downloaded only from apkhobby or similar sites. Also, the modded version has many other features apart from the app’s original features.

Those features include auto messaging, messages scheduler, privacy customization, in-app customization, features related to the status, and many more like these.

Comparison Of GB Whatsapp APK and Other Modded Versions Of The Whatsapp

Many people get confused when they see so many amazing versions of the standard WhatsApp app. To clear all those confusions, we are comparing the most famous and demanded versions.

  • Gb Whatsapp Vs YoWhatsapp: GB Whatsapp and YoWhatsapp are quite similar in terms of features but the main difference comes with the themes and display of each app. The yowhatsapp has completely different themes and displays for the user. It also has quite a unique UI but GB Whatsapp is very similar to the standard version of the app in terms of display and theme.
  • Gb Whatsapp Vs FM Whatsapp: Gb Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp also have many similarities like privacy settings, status hiding, being able to see deleted messages, and so on. But there is two main difference and those are copying messages and themes. When you copy messages in FM Whatsapp you have the ability to hide the “forwarded” written on top and date and time as well. Also, you can change the theme and interface of the app.
  • Gb Whatsapp Vs OgWhatsapp: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Gb Whatsapp and OgWhatsapp are the apps under a single umbrella with similar intent for the user and features. But just like any other modded apk version of the standard whatsapp, the OgWhatsapp also differentiates itself from the GBWhatsapp Lite apk with having more themes and some features.
  • Gb Whatsapp Vs All Other Modded Versions: In the same way, there are many other versions of the standard whatsapp are available and those can be compared with the app as well. But all those are already explained in the articles mentioned underneath.

Other Modded Versions of GB WHATSAPP

Is It Free and Secure To Download New Version of App?

Yes, downloading the GB Whatsapp lite and the new version is totally free and secure. The app itself is designed to offer better privacy for the user and the user can customize each and everything in the app the way he wants to do. Also, the version in which the app comes in is also the latest version available of the standard version of the app.

That means, anytime a new version of the standard version releases, the Whatsapp lite’s new version also gets released and you can always download the latest GB WhatsApp apk from here for absolutely free.

Mini GB Whatsapp Lite Features

There are many features found in the Mini GB Lite. Each of them is unique from other features and those are explained underneath.

  • No-Ads
  • Hide Being Online and Status
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Message Scheduler
  • Similar Interface To The Standard Version Of The App
  • Night Mode In The Whatsapp Lite APK
  • Visible Deleted Message
  • Cloud-Based Storage
  • Easy Data Backup
  • Variety Of GIFs
  • Large Audio and Video Files Sharing
  • Hide Writing Status While Writing
  • Can Be Downloaded On Android, Tablet, Ios, and PC
  • Latest Version App 2020 – 2022
  • Other Customizable Features


You may face unwanted ads in the standard version as well as other apk versions as well that don’t have the no ads feature. And these ads are very irritating sometimes. So, this no-ads feature is found in the GB Whatsapp. Having this feature in the app you will not have to see any ads while you are using the app or even calling someone.

Hide Being Online and Status

You can also hide your online status if you are online and even your last seen(last exact time online) as well. That means you can have the privacy settings in your very own hands and you can customize it the way you like. Also if you need to hide a status from many people at once or even from one person you can do it just with a few clicks in the app.

Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging is the new feature found only in the GB Whatsapp APK., You can now message multiple people at once and I am not talking about the group messages here. You should try this feature at least once to have the best and better idea about it.

Message Scheduler

Scheduling messages is always been the dream of many business and service providers. And this feature is mostly and usually available in premium apps and their versions. But now you can also schedule messages in the lite apk as well. You can also select contacts in bulk and schedule message for all of them together at once.

Similar Interface To The Standard Version Of The App

If you are already a user of the standard version of whatsapp and you wanna shift yourself from it to this GB whatsapp then it wouldn’t be hard for you. You can easily get used to this app as well because it also has a similar interface to the standard version of the app. Also, the options that are available in the previous version are also available in the latest version of the GB whatsapp apk. And with them, you will also get all new features of the GB whatsapp as well when you download it from here.

Night Mode In The Whatsapp Lite APK

Night mode is also available in the GB whatsapp apk lite app and enabling that will make sure that any calls or messages will not disturb you until you are off it. NIght mode can be used anytime you want. It is also very similar to DND(do not disturb) mode because both modes have the same intention.

Visible Deleted Message

In case you deleted any message by mistake and later you wanna see that message or even if you wanna see someone’s deleted message, you can not see it in the standard version of the app. But with the help of GB Whatsapp APK lite version, you can see those messages and every deleted message will be visible even if they were deleted. Also, in the same way, the status will be visible even if they were deleted.

Cloud-Based Storage

One of the best features found in the app is that it has cloud-based storage. That means your files and messages will be saved on cloud storage and not on your device. This will make your device lighter and data will load much faster because it’s available on the cloud storage and it loads way faster than the device storage itself.

Easy Data Backup

Data backup is also quite unique because this feature is never seen before in such chatting apps. GB whatsapp apk has an amazing feature of data backup with the help of which you can get your lost data, files, images, and videos. You can back up each and every kind of file if that were sent or received while using the app.

Variety Of GIFs

In the GB whatsapp mod apk version, you also get a variety of different emojis and GIFs. Also, you get an option with the help of which you can enable the GIFs and emojis of any other platform in the app. And if you want to get default settings back you can also do that as well.

Large Audio and Video Files Sharing

Sharing the large audio and video files is always the problem because the standard version of whatsapp allows you to send very few images, small audio files, and limited size of the video as well. But now with the help of Gb whatsapp new apk version, you can send large files easily and the quantity of images that can be sent is also increased along with that, the size of the video and audio files that can be sent is also increased.

Hide Writing Status While Writing

In the standard whatsapp when you are writing something the other person can see that you are writing because under the name of your’s “typing” word appears. But with the help of GB Whatsapp, you can hide this and make it disappear by using the feature “hiding writing status” from the settings of the app.

Can Be Downloaded On Android, Tablet, Ios, and PC

This app can be downloaded on android, tablet, ios, and pc as well. The only requirement is an active internet connection and the device needs to fulfill the basic requirement for the app.

Latest Version App 2022

GB Whatsapp lite apk comes in the latest version of the standard app available. That means you will always get all those features in it that are available in the standard version of the app as well as the features of gb whatsapp itself.

Other Customizable Features

Apart from all those features, you can even customize multiple things in the app. Such as notification icons, app icons, and a few other customizable icons within the app. The best one is the cool launcher icon available in the app.  Also, there are many new styles available for photo clicks and video making by default in the app. So there is a whole lot of fun and features available that you can discover.

Gb Whatsapp Lite APK Summarized

GB Whatsapp Lite APK is no doubt a great edition of the standard whatsapp app. The additional features and ability to customize are a new feel and aspect as a user. You can set your own privacy parameter as well as use the app to schedule or set up auto-reply messages.

gb whatsapp lite

What’s New

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Version updated with some server modifications
  • New Features

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Download the updated apk file from the given download button. Go to the settings of your android device and allow 3rd party app installation or allow unkown resorces. Click on the downloaded apk file from your file manager and it will automatically start the installation. Now you can enjoy all the features of gb whatsapplite.

The only reason is privacy because it does not store your data, history, and messages but can perform all actions like whatsapp including sending messages, videos, images etc.

This is not a publication of whatsapp group so, there is no security check and authenticity like the original whatsapp rather than the fact that it performs all the same actions as WhatsApp. It may harmful if you download it from a non trusted source because with few changes in codings or server developer of that app can access your data.

For using this communication app on pc or laptop you need to install an android emulator like game loop and blue stacks and after that download, the app from the given link and install it on the android emulator by simply dragging the file into the emulator.

It can only be checked by seeing that app on some one’s device. Because logo and design of gb whatsap lite is different from the orignal whatsapp.

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