Latest Granny 3 Mod Apk (Mod Menu, Dumb Enemy) 2022

App NameGranny 3
Size72 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingRated for 12+
Latest Version1.1.2
 MOD InfoDumb Bot, MOD MENU
Get it OnPlay Store
  • Dumb Bot
  • Enemies don’t attack you

App Overview

Granny 3 MOD APK (Gad Mack) is a trilogy of an exciting horror arcade, the founders among which decided to add a fully-fledged storyline, in addition to numerous mission percent chores, as well as mini-games, to the standard gameplay for the style of music, in that you have to escape from creatures through Nest. Corridors and rooms. There were frightening moments when you had to run from animals. Separately, the high-quality atmosphere of the Granny 3 is transmitted via the visual and audio components.


About Granny 3 Mod Apk

Within the time limit of five days, the player in Granny 3 must find a way to escape the consignment in safety. If you fail to comply, your grandmother or grandfather will find out, and you will get another grounding. The game has a suspenseful element to it since you have to keep looking for new methods to get out of the home and away from the watchful eyes of your grandmother or grandfather.

You may maintain your stealth by hiding in the closets, behind the beds, and doing various other activities. You have come to the proper location if you want to participate in this incredible game at any point in the future. In this article, we will provide you with in-depth information on the capabilities of Granny 3, as well as instructions on how to install and download it on your mobile device.

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Mod Features of Granny 3 (mod menu)

  •  God Mode: The primary characteristic of Granny 3 Mod APK is the god mode, which everybody adores. With god mode, a player is invulnerable and cannot be harmed. In god mode, you are invulnerable and have infinite ammunition and access to a time-travel function, among other advantages.
  • Dumb Enemy: In addition, the Grandma and Grandpa will turn stupid in this game, allowing you to walk freely without being concerned about them. You may organize your escape while avoiding the eyes of Grandma and Grandpa and play the game without fear.

Fantastic Gameplay

Any horror game needs a compelling plot and engaging gameplay. With Granny 3 dumb bot, you may enjoy the game’s fantastic gameplay, allowing you to have all the horrifying encounters you want. You must move around the large castle, make a stealthy escape, connect with other items, and do various other tasks. The whole gaming experience is rather good since it takes total immersion to provide the maximum terror experience.

 A Fresh Character

Granny 3 happy menu has two more characters than the original game. In the original game, only Grandma is present. But in Granny 3, players must fight off against Grandpa and even Slendrina, their granddaughter. Grandpa is hard of hearing but has excellent vision and will shoot anybody with a shotgun. Slendrina’s challenges will make your time tough. Granny will quickly emerge when you drop an item, and the play will finish. The new characters bring variety to the game, simultaneously making it more entertaining and terrifying.


Difficult Levels

The game has many difficulty settings. You may choose from a variety of difficulty levels to improve the gameplay. There are four degrees of difficulty, making it easy for individuals to select the appropriate level. Extreme beginners to this game should choose the lowest difficulty level. The Normal difficulty level is suitable for ordinary gamers. Those who wish to confront difficult hurdles and enjoy a match to the utmost may choose the game’s most challenging classes. The modification of the level’s difficulty is exceptional.


Limited Amount of Time

Yes. You have just five days left to escape the castle and avoid a terrible destiny. It would help if you acted quickly to devise a plan for running the court since the game’s timeframe differs from real-world time. Find the artifacts, locate the keys, and escape from Granny & Grandpa as they patrol the castle and stroll about in silence. The notion of local time adds excitement to this truly fantastic game.

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How to download Granny 3 (god mod):

  • You first need to download the Granny 3 (MOD Dumb Enemies) version that was produced only by MODDED-1.
  • The second step is to unlock any unknown settings that may be present on an Android smartphone.
  • Open the Granny 3 MOD file to proceed to the next step. Make your selections.
  • Finally, you must wait until the installation is finished one hundred percent before proceeding.


(This information should be taken with a grain of salt.) Grandpa spawns in the sewer, kitchen, cell 3 on the right row of the bottom level of the prison, and guest bedroom.

This entertaining horror game will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the journey thanks to its eerie noises, the nefarious aides of the evil grandmother, and the evil grandmother herself. She will arrive for you when you least suspect it.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any official news on the release date of the worldwide version. This information has not been provided to me by the publisher as of yet. In addition to keeping an eye on it, we will keep you updated with the most recent information as it becomes available.


Granny 3 Mod APK is a terrific horror game, and no faint-hearted person can play this game. Due to the violent and horrific gameplay, it gets tougher for faint-hearted folks to finish even the first game. Those who wish to confront their concerns about ghosts can play this great game on their gadgets. With the captivating gameplay, excellent plot, visuals, music, and even altered elements, playing Granny 3 is a lifelong experience. In this article, we did our best to give all the comprehensive details. Now you need to download this great game and play it on your cellphone.