Idle Car Tycoon mod APK Unlimited Money Latest Version 2022 Game

Introduction Of The Idle Car Tycoon mod APK

Idle Car Tycoon mod APK Unlimited Money Latest Version 2022 Game
App NameBe Car Tycoon
PublisherNox Joy
Size28 MB
Android Requirements4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen
Latest Version1.30
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, VIP Unlocked
Get it OnPlay Store

The idle car tycoon game revolves around the cars and business tycoon. Building the empires of the car, strengthening business research, and many more to become the richest tycoon in the game! The main idea of the game is to have a tycoon of a business empire, where cars are being washed and a gas station is being built. With an amazing storyline, build your own car wash empire starting from the very basic one to the upcoming super facilities over town!


In the game, there are 3 facilities that you can construct to unlock as well as advance your empire, and those are a gas station, car wash, and car park. To upgrade any of those facilities, you will need a number of credits from each facility level or you could purchase them using gems. But you don’t have to worry about that because our mod APK version comes with unlimited resources that include gems as well.

Once you have enough credits, all you need to do is tap the upgrade button and it will upgrade automatically. It’s as simple as that! Our Idle Car Tycoon also comes with a lot of features such as premium cars and many more. You can switch between your vehicles whenever you want using our cheat mod version.


The great thing about the idle car tycoon game is that it has a lot of amazing sounds in the game. For example, when you tap on your gas station or car wash, it will give a sound notification to let you know that it is working fine. It’s really cool to hear all these real-life-like sounds while tapping on your empire. Just like that, there are many other sound effects in the game such as when your car is cruising on the road, the engine starts and turns off, and many more!


The graphics of the idle car tycoon has an amazing effect and are very eye-catchy fun to play while tapping. For example, when you tap on a car or a facility, it will show a 3D effect which makes the game even more exciting. With that, every area in the game has a different background and it will change whenever you upgrade to the next level. Play the idle car tycoon and experience how cool it can be!

Build Up A Car Empire

Building a car empire in the game is as fun as it is enjoyable. Start from the basic and advanced to high levels with a lot of facilities such as car wash, gas station, and many more. For building a car empire that can make you the richest tycoon in the game, you need to construct more facilities such as a car wash and gas station to provide all of your customers with some relaxation.

You also have to make sure that your facilities are efficient enough to handle a lot of cars in your town. For example, if you have built a car wash facility and it has only two lanes, then don’t expect it to provide services for everyone in the game. Upgrade your facilities so that they could start handling more cars at once before upgrading again.

Idle Car Tycoon mod APK Unlimited Money

Idle car tycoon features multiple features but few of those are astonishing for any gamer lover and player. Unlimited money is one of those features. The idle car tycoon apk comes with unlimited money which means you will never run off of the money in the game. This allows you to upgrade your building and facilities to the max level to progress faster in the game.

Features Of The Idle Car Tycoon Mod APK

The list of the features present in the Be Car Tycoon is huge, but some of the most attractive ones are,

  • Unlimited money – This is one of the best features present in our mod version which allows you to buy anything without having a limitation on the money!
  • Unlimited gems – In this version, cars will require some special equipment or facility to run and that can be bought from the store using the gems.
  • No Ads – This is another amazing feature in the mod version because when you turn on the ads, it will show some pop-ups every now and then it can become a little bit annoying for some people.
  • Premium vehicles – Premium vehicles are one of the most attractive features in our mod version because you can earn a lot of credits just by tapping on these premium vehicles.

Upgrade Your Service

In the game, you also have the feature of upgrading your services to make them more efficient and better for the customers. Such as gas stations, car wash, and many more. Upgrading your building in the game is one of the most important things in order to progress faster by earning more cash or resources per time!

Theme and Story Of The Game

The theme and story of the game are quite simple yet interesting. You start with a basic car wash business and you will later expand to multiple levels. With the story, you get to unlock different areas in the game where you can create your own empire of car washing. These areas are named as countries in the game to make it more interesting. The core goal of yours in the game is to become the richest tycoon and enjoy this amazing idle car tycoon.

Strengthen Your Business Research

You also have an option to strengthen your business research in the idle car tycoon game mod apk. As you keep upgrading your business empire, you will later unlock the feature of strengthening the research. The business research in the game helps you to earn a lot of cash and unlock new areas. This research can be upgraded to the max level as well. The stronger the research, the more you will earn from each trade!

Conclusion – Be a Car Tycoon

In the end, the conclusion of the game is simple, if you have any interest in cars, tycoons, or business simulation games then you should definitely try this one! The reason is its features some amazing graphics and a unique concept. It can turn out to be a great way for spending your free time building your own empire. Download and play the game now to enjoy the great idle car tycoon mod apk game.

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