Latest Infinite Flight Simulator Mod APK 2022 (Unlocked All Aircraft, Patched)

infinite flight mod apk all planes unlocked
App NameInfinite Flight Simulator
PublisherInfinite Flight LLC
Updated1 Day Ago
Size565 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone
Latest Version22.05
 MOD InfoUnlock All Planes, Patched
Get it OnPlay Store
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  • All Air-Craft/Planes Unlocked
    1. Airbus A350
    2. Bombardier CRJ-1000
    3. McDonnell Douglas DC-10
    4. McDonnell Douglas DC-10F
    5. Daher TBM-930
    6. McDonnell Douglas MD-11
    7. McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
    8. Bombardier CRJ-700
    9. Bombardier CRJ-900

Overview of the game

  • This is a unique aerial flight simulation game. In this game, you can take the most extensive knowledge on a mobile device.
  • This game will give you a chance to become a genuine pilot who consumes most of his time flying out of the sky in various types of Aircraft.
  • You have a variety of air crafts with new and accurate designs. In this game, you can fly on different types of new planes with your attendance through many different places in the world.
  • If you are a new player or a trained player you can test yourself in this exciting Infinite Flight simulator. You can investigate different types of geographies from different parts of the world.
  • You have to board your customer on a plane and land them safely as you provide them a relaxed flight. In this game, you can relax your mind to send yourself flying on a beautiful blue sky. It gives you a great and sensible experience on mobile.
  • The game delivers you a huge quantity of different customizing options that you can assemble on your plane to make your plane the best.
  • You can turn your plane into a commercial plane or a private jet or make so much fun in-game with yourself.
  • Sounds: The sensible game characteristics and authentic audio effects make you feel just like you’ll become an actual pilot.
  • Graphics: Visually, It is hard to find another mobile title that has the same levels of graphics detailing and magnificent aircraft standing behind the realistic and full control set. It’s like stepping into your imaginary world where you become a pilot. You can take your aircraft all over the world to different places.

Infinite Gameplay of Infinite Flight

There are two major moods in the Infinite Flight game one is a SOLO mode and the other one is a LIVE mode. In solo mode, you can play offline when you don’t have an internet connection. In Live mode, you can play online. 

First, you need to open the game app. After this, you have to choose the mode solo mode or live mode. Then, You have to choose the aircraft, Although, you have to choose a map of where you want to fly with your aircraft. After selecting the map of the country you have to choose the landing runway for your aircraft,  you can also select the weather in which you like to fly your Aircraft.

infinite flight simulator mod apk

KEY Features

There are so many features in-game that make it much more interesting. There are some of them.

Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk Pro Unlocked Latest Version Download

If you are an experienced and expert player of Infinite Flight, gives you an opportunity to become the best-trained pilot. It allows you to unlock more aircraft, In addition to operating common civil aircraft, There are so many other planes such as CRJ-700,208 Caravan, MD-11F, etc. Even the game has some cargo planes and some of them are military Aircraft. In this game, you can bring new experiences by flying new planes.

Aviation (Flying):

First time in life everything is very difficult and new. There is only one unlimited flight aircraft machine that represents the infinite wisdom of human beings. That is why It is not so easy to overcome. The process of becoming a Pilot is not so much easy only a few peoples are able to become a pilot. Being able to command aircraft systems and aircraft engines requires a lot of practice.


At the start, you are provided by an aircraft for the test drive and you get used to the starting system, There is an extra mode that helps you for landing, This mode is an auto-drive mode. It can help you to control all flights in which planes fly automatically and land automatically. This control system is usually very complex.


If you are not an expert pilot, This is assumably the first connection with the cockpit of an aircraft. If you are a good and expert pilot, however, you will be fascinated by holding large aircraft and dominating large areas, you will not want to land.

Detailed 3D Airport:

The main airports are very impressive, beautiful, modern, and full of facilities with clear precise runways and with taxiway layouts. There are so many conveyances present at the airport, such as cars, coaches, buses, trucks, etc.

The airport is realistically simulated in every aspect, just like in real life and the weather out in the open air is simulated accurately as well. You can see the fantastic view of the planet in outer space, Moon, Stars, and Sun also appear which makes this more interesting.


Numerous Region:

Make Your flying experience more exciting and delightful. In this game, you have a chance to analyze the enormous world map that features all the various countries. By this, you can travel to varied locations with proper photography that displays you what’s under your jet or plane.

You may journey yourself at any place at any time by your different aircraft all over the world. There are many famous things to see that may present all over the world like Eiffel Tower, Burj-e-Khalifa and so on. You can take detailed pictures on Infinite flight which makes this game more interesting.  

Naturalistic Features and instrumental Procedure

For the first time in the history of Android games, Android gamers will be able to experience all the different elements of flying on an aircraft in an in-depth plane simulation. You can reveal yourself to an authentic climate system that features natural elements. Your aircraft can be blown away by the wind in this game.

You might lose your navigation or be struck by lightning. Even if you can feel the change in atmosphere with Sun, Moon, and Stars, It can be more impressive! The most interesting thing about the game is, You can have it totally under your control with all types of weather conditions.


Advanced Replay Features AND Camera Views:

With such in-depth and accustomed flying simulation, it will be difficult for you if you don’t have any fun with your aircraft in the air. Twist your plane upside down and do epic action and use the replay feature to recreate this amazing moment. Check out the latest replay system to record your popular videos and make them popular with others.


Practice Your Skills with A Fleet of trainers and Customize Aircraft

This is a very interesting feature in Infinite Flight to customize your plane as you want. It is an extremely important part to understand the art of piloting. To understand this art first you have to know about all structures of your aircraft. By accomplishing on this you can quickly estimate the problems when things start to go faulty.

This game has many customization options that you can use around the world to make your aircraft more desirable and unique, You can change the wings, engines, tails, controls, etc. Also, you have to contain the weight of your aircraft and make assured that it is proportional when you take it in the sky. 


Play Online Multiplayer with thousands of Pilots & ATC:

If you are confident with your piloting skills, You can join a huge number of different pilots from all over the world. You can see yourself flying on the enormous globe map. In this game, you have to follow the instructions to avoid crashing with other planes. Customize the weather condition of your choice and make your aircraft to a whole new level.


Air Traffic Controller Obb Download

You will also have a chance to become an Air Trafic Controller. In that way, Instead of following instructions when controlling your aircraft as a pilot. You can also work to give the right instructions to the pilot. Make sure You work hard and have an impact on every one well-being.

Active Community, Daily Events, and Group flights

The game has introduced a new version and in this now you can communicate with other players and can communicate about flights and daily events at the airports where your plane lands. Here is also a new feature of group flights in which you can decide the routes of planes to travel by communicating with other pilots.


Free To Play:

This game is presently free to play on android mobile devices with most of the unlimited major features. All these features are unlocked for you. However, since this app also comes with purchases and monthly subscriptions, free gamers will definitely feel limited.

Final Thoughts:

Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk is one of the best plane simulators For Android mobile phones. In Infinite Flight, You can see yourself flying on your planes and having endless fun.

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