Jobs in Canada For Indian Freshers :

Canada has a substantial Indian population, especially in the Sikh community. The majority of the one million immigrants who practice Sikhism and Hinduism in the nation are from India. A 2016 study also revealed that there were more than 670,000 Indians who were now permanently residing in Canada. This article is about Jobs in Canada for Newly Graduated Indians.

By 2020, the population had climbed to one million, with Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians among the primary religions represented. The statement that Canada serves as an excellent absorber for all cultures and religions that arise from India and settle there is therefore largely accurate.

As a result, the Indians will have enough to accomplish in 2022 to make a name for themselves in Canada, a huge and diverse country. Freshers are always frustrated, though, because there aren’t many tools or online mentors available.

As the Indian Freshers do have similar issues, it is advised to confirm an appointment or business settlement in Canada before one departs for that country. In this essay, we’ll take you through the jobs open to recent immigrants from India in two simple phases.

Examine each career to see which best suits your personality and comfort level.

Additionally, to make it simple for you to hunt for a job as an Indian Fresher, the most recent Salary updates and conveniently accessible links are supplied.

1: Administrative officer Jobs in Canada :

Posted By: Presqu’ile Cafe serves Indian food

Salary: from $26.50 to $29.00 per hour

Number of Vacancies: 01

Qualification: Graduation

Experience: 7 to 12 Months

The job description includes producing daily, monthly, and weekly reports for the best previews, offering the best recommendations for managing to spend and keeping it within reasonable bounds, and controlling and developing the cuisine with all administrative skills.

Apply on:

2:HouseKeeper Jobs in Canada: 


Location: Osoyoos, BC

Job title: Full-time


Having a strong sense of hospitality, maintaining a nice approach with all guests, and being extremely organized is important but no special degree is necessary.

Job Description :

Dust off every balcony and hotel room, treat every visitor with respect and begin methodically cleaning every room.

Experience: a letter of experience from a prior position is required


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3:Cleaning Supervisor Jobs in Canada :

Job status: Full-time

Location: Presqu’île Cafe Indian Cuisine Brighton, ON

Salary:$27–$29 an hour

Qualification: Graduation or equivalent education

Workplace weather: Hot

Job Description: To uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, inspect and supervise the whole restaurant cleaning team. including testing and improving security mechanisms.

4:Human Resources Management Jobs in Canada:

Position Type: Full-Time

Johnson Controls Edmonton, Alberta

Salary: Unknown prior to the interview

Education: A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Job Description: Respond to a volunteer self-identification questionnaire by filling it out.

5:Restaurant Manager:

Position Type: Full-Time


Pay: $26.10 per hour

Qualification: A diploma

2 to 3 years of experience

Job Description:

To plan the restaurant’s daily operations, keep a careful eye on the budget, expenses, and payments, and build a rapport between the customer and manager in case of a complaint. to take part in all scheduled sessions for discussion about the restaurant.

Apply at:

6: House Person :

Position Type: Full-Time

Osoyoos, British Columbia’s Spirit Ridge

need a graduate with a management degree.

Job Description:   

Ensure that all catalogs are well-cared-for, that room services are provided promptly, and that resort rooms are kept clean, tidy, and friendly for visitors. The benefits package for this job is extensive and includes free parking, free wine, and free golf memberships. There are free parking spots, free breakfasts, free golf memberships, and more.


7:Kitchen Supervisor :

Job Status: Full Time

Location: Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Grimsby, ON

Salary: $17–$20 an hour

Qualification: Graduation only

Environment: Hot, Humid, and rainy

Job Description: Train the staff to examine the goods produced and the components used, estimate other supplies in advance, portion the meals they serve, and pay particular attention to client concerns.

8: Post Office Assistant :

Job Status: Temporary

Location:  Canada Post – Postes Canada Indian Head, SK

Salary:$18.08 an hour

Qualification: Graduation

Job Description: to make sure there are enough mail and post supplies, to help clients with any information they need, and to work well with others on a team.

9:Security Officer:

Job Status: Part Time

Location: Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, Prince Albert, SK

Salary:$19.31–$24.13 an hour

Qualification: Graduation

Job Description: To finish all tasks related to the physical security of people, casinos, or the area, to handle problems, and to provide the best inspection services to everyone who visits the location. Additionally, if there is a risk factor, get in touch with higher authorities.

Apply here:

10:Indian Food and Tandoor Chefs :

Job Status: full time

Location: 39 Clarence Street, Ottawa, Ontario, India Curry, and Kabab House

Salary:$18 an hour

Qualification: Graduation with good cooking skills and kitchen management

Job Description: 

Manage single and buffet services at your restaurants, train the staff, determine portion sizes depending on the price and nutritional value of each dish, and present new flavours to the general public in order to draw in consumers.

Apply: at [email protected] send a CV or resume to this account and wait for the call.

To sum up:

Therefore, the short descriptions and application URLs for all of the required possible employment are mentioned above. For enhanced authenticity, seek for the appropriate positions online using their names. And since nothing is advantageous in Canada without a legitimate work visa, you must confirm it before submitting an application for any job.

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