Latest Jurassic Survival Mod Apk 2022(Unlimited Health, Money, and Free Craft)

Jurassic Survival MOD APK is an action game, It is developed by Mishka production. There are so many amazing and outstanding features by which you will never get bored. It is a very potential game when you start playing, You know everything about this automatically. You can also download Dino Hunter Mod Apk from here.

In this game, there is a place or jungle that is fully filled with horror and massive dinosaurs. You have to do many kinds of jobs to collect many aids like food and drinks also you will have to create your own protection house to save yourself from hungry dinosaurs. There is unlimited health in this game for your survival. 

You need to fight with huge, horror, and hungry dinosaurs for your survival in this land. There are so many weapons that you can take and also a lot of missions and tasks for you in this game You will pull yourself into along game by pumping the characters. Jurassic Survival has unlimited coins so you can unlock many important things for your survival. Furthermore, If you are interested in taking aim or becoming a bow master check out Bowmasters Mod APK. You can also download the Last Day On Earth Mod Apk from here.

The Gameplay of Jurassic Survival Mod Apk:

Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
App NameJurassic Survival
PublisherMishka Production
Size165 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingTeen
Latest Version2.7.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Health, Money, and Free Craft
Get it OnPlay Store

There is a land in somewhere the middle of the sea where you lost. It is a land of huge and hungry dinosaurs. You have to fight with them for your survival.  You need to save yourself from these horror dinosaurs by making a covered place. There are many goods and meals for your survival, You just have to find and collect them. Every day in this land looks like the last day on earth, It seems very horror

Jurassic Survival Hack Features:

There are many interesting features for you in Jurassic Survival Mod Apk.

  • Find Living Source
  • Tamed Dinosaurs
  • Weapons 
  • Collect Aids
  • Shelter House
  • Build Village
  • Different Dinosaurs
  • Customized Characters
  • Hidden Lockups
  • Free to Play

Find Living Source:

There are unlimited sources of food for you on this island, you just have to find and collect them by which you can finish your hunger. Fresh meat, Fruits, and Water help you a lot in survival. For a great and good life, you have to collect the meat of different types of animals and have to make many weapons.

Tame Dinosaurs:

There is a very important mode in Jurassic Survival to tame dinosaurs, You can change yourself into huge dinosaurs and also take control of different types of huge and powerful dinosaurs. It looks very interesting and impossible to enter into your biggest enemy. It is not so easy to tame any dinosaurs.


At the start, your weapon is only a stick by which you can kill only lizards. When some great and powerful weapons are formed by you. You can store them in any tool and also use them for chasing larger animals. You have to open many different weapons like Axes and hoses for hunting and mining. These are all different types of weapons you can use for your security.

Collect Aids:

It is most important for you to find food and water by which you can survive in Jurassic Survival. These foods are available near the Island. You are able to get this food only in one way by facing your biggest enemies in Jungle are huge and dangerous dinosaurs.

Shelter House:

In Jurassic Survival to save yourself, you have to make a safe house as soon as possible. In this game, you can make a great defense by making surroundings around your shelter house and also with watch Towers. It helps you a lot in facing the hunting dinosaur’s attack.

Different types of construction material from the whole land you can get easily. After, this you only have to make your Shelter House as soon as possible. There are some biggest dinosaurs on this land, You have to save your shelter with them by making attention to your surroundings. 

Build Village:

You are not only a single person in Jurassic Survival. There are many other peoples like you in this land. It is very hard and difficult to face these biggest dinosaurs alone. There are a vast number of terrifying dinosaurs that can be plundering massive standard structures.

Although, You can make a team with other people or players to face dangerous dinosaurs. Each player has its own shelter by it, You can make your strongest community. By doing this not any single dinosaur can enter your village or community without any backup. You and other players are completely safe in this area. 

Different Dinosaurs:

There are so many dinosaurs in this land, All dinosaurs of this are not bad some of them are very friendly with you in-game. These dinosaurs are always ready to fight with other bad dinosaurs for your help by taming with you. You should always be careful to tame these big dinosaurs because it is not so easy to tame these types of huge monsters or dinosaurs. They can also eat you easily by doing this work, You just have to care about this thing during taming with dinosaurs. 

Customized Charter:

In Jurassic Survival you can prepare many necessary things by which you will grow your strengths and decrease the damages that may occur by your opponents or from your enemies. These all are recommended to you to save yourself from your enemies. With this mod, you can also change easily the clothes, shapes, and weapons of your character in-game.

Hidden Lockups:

There are not only strange dinosaurs who are your enemies and are some other dangerous species. There are some hidden and strange lockups. You will face many other stranged and dangerous demons when you travel through these surrounded lockups. In Jurassic Survival some of these monsters are your friends and some of them are your enemies.   

Free to Play:

This game is totally free of cost, You don’t need to pay anything for playing this game or for downloading. You just have to download Jurassic Survival from Google Play Store. It will be automatically installed on your device. This amazing Jurassic Survival is only for Android Devices.

Sounds and Graphics Quality:


There are many different and thrilling sounds in this game. You can enjoy this game by listening to its horror sounds.


You can enjoy this game with realistic maps, epic dinosaurs, and an interactive background. You will enjoy it a lot and dipped in its realistic graphics and views.

Final Thoughts:

Jurassic Survival Mod apk is an interesting action game, In which you can immerse, This game gives you the experience of living alone in a Jungle with different types of monsters and dangerous animals. It is the most interesting multiplayer game all over the world.


Is this Jurassic Survival is a multiplayer game?

Yes, It is a multiplayer game in which you can play by making a team with your friends. In Jurassic Survival you can interact with your friends or with other unknown players from all over the world as long as you enjoy it.

Is the Jurassic Survival game playable on PC?

Yes, Jurassic Survival game is also a playable game on PC with LD players.

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What’s New

This game is an amazing action game that is totally filled with thrill. There is a land of huge Dinosaurs in Jurassic Survival. You have to save yourself from these huge dinosaurs. There are so many other monsters in this game. This game also has a multiplayer mode by which you can make your team with your friends. You will enjoy this action game the most by playing with your friends.    

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