Lost In Blue Mod APK + OBB Unlimited Money, Free Craft, Mod Menu, Speed Multiplier

App NameLOST in BLUE
PublisherVolcano Force
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingMature 17+ • Violence, Blood
Latest Version1.102.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money And Gems
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Lost In Blue (Global)

For all the adventure & explorer lovers, Lost In Blue is the game you were looking for. It is an adventure-based game that comes with its own unique new survival style. The player’s role-play as a character in the game is pretty challenging. Your core objective in the game is to survive alone on a strange island where your plane crashed, unfortunately. So after surviving the mega plane crash, you must survive & collect resources to craft weapons & tools to protect yourself, build yourself goods & temporary houses to accomplish the main mission to survive on a strange island.

Most importantly, it is a pretty automated game, so you can appear any time if you cannot focus on your game due to multiple reasons. There are several lands & islands in this game with abundant resources, which help to survive on this dangerous island.

Lost In Blue Mod APK unlimited

The gamer & the user need to find a way back to the mainland or home. This is an open-world game that might attract many games & in addition, our modded version of Lost In Blue Mod APK provides you unlimited money which makes it more fun & realistic experience to play. 

Get Thrilled With The Rich Story Line Of Lost In Blue

So the game starts with a fight over a large sea & from nowhere, suddenly, a big storm caused the plane to crash & the passengers are now in big trouble.

But luckily, our character has survived & a few lucky survivors are with us too & everyone else on the plane lost their precious lives that went in vain.

So the story starts, as you wake up you find yourself on the shore on an island by the waves in the ocean. As the main user of the game, you need to find a way to survive on this strange island. But you are not the only one on this island who is fighting for survival.


Description And Introduction

The game takes a turning point when the plane crashes & as a fascinating & unique setting about a lost young man on an island. Unfortunately, the plane had an accident after his adventure trip that they were loving so much. Everything was completely different & difficult from the original plan itself. You would feel terrified because of the luck of surviving but not knowing if the island is safe or not and how we will return.

Adapt new strategies & environments in nature & find a way to get out of here as soon as possible. Players get to play the role of that young man who goes through things like this for themselves. With your own crafted weapons, tools & ability, conquer these challenges in the best way possible to survive & live.

Explore Latest Features And Attributes

After surviving a plane crash, users have no other way to must collect resources to craft weapons & tools, build facilities and houses to withstand the elements of this strange island.

Natural Beauty Of Island

Survive to explore the beautiful natural beauty of the land in the game, like tropical rainforests, swamps, beaches, and volcanoes.

But if you want to explore more, in addition, you are also battling your way through man-made obstacles & products like many secret research labs, ancient underground ruins, deadly abandoned temples, & expedition ships from the 1980s.

Pleasant Scenes Of The Nature

Well, let’s speak of the beauty of nature. It must be the deserted island scene where everything in the game takes place. There are many several unexplored beautiful places for you to explore. Forests, on the mountain, down to the sea, and even in the underground. All those scenes & various places are detailed with realistic 3D effects.


Music & Soundtracks

The sound is also one of the most interesting & astonishing highlights of the gigantic game with full action-packed. The background music & Soundtracks are gentle to the ears but always make us feel like we are in the sky. Even the character’s little activity is clearly highlighted in the best way possible. The sound of picking up items, fighting with enemies, building, making weapons, and even walking in a quiet space. These all look really realistic.

Spectacular 3D Graphics And Visuals

Undoubtedly, developers & the team have put everything in the 3D graphics of Lost In Blue which is said to be extremely impressive. Each character consists of a different style. The battles are short, spectacular, and very realistic but with dangers.

Fight With The Dangerous Creatures And Protect Yourself

Dangerous creatures are everywhere on this island, like mutant zombies, wild animals, and other strange things, who are always trying to kill you & eat your flesh at every point of the game.

So if you want to survive, use your weapons & develop all the initial skills to protect yourself from these dangers that are roaming every time around you & the other survivors. 

Collect resources if you want to earn points, build a shelter if you want to live, if you want to survive, & fight from the deadly weapons. Do not forget the most important thing to survive which is food. As you open your eyes on the island, start searching for food as soon as the game starts. This is a long story game, so you can even sow seeds & grow food crops.

Craft New And Powerful Weapons

Collect materials & resources from the island to use to build your defense strong through your imagination. Players have to learn to craft tools & weapons that will help them to survive & defeat enemies. Build your camp with a defense system like sensor tower, arrow tower, watchtower, etc. to protect yourself. 


Create Strong Defense Systems In The Game

To make the game more interesting, users can build their strong defense systems such as sensor towers, arrow towers, watchtowers, etc.

This helps you to protect yourself & provides your strong shelter from all the danger. Explore the island completely & collect some materials & raw materials to upgrade your weapons, & use them for hunting and attacking enemies.

Following the exciting & interesting storyline here & fighting against creatures is the challenging part, even humans that have been infected. Have more fun solving mysteries here as the island is full of exciting things. You’ll also be able to meet survivors and establish relationships.

Upgrade Your Character With Free Resources

Upgrade & improve your character’s ability to stay alive & also experience the beauty of Mother Nature & our dear homeland with the amazing graphic quality.

Right after surviving a plane crash, you must collect resources to craft weapons and tools, build facilities and houses to withstand the elements of this strange island.

The type of survival genre is one of the best that is being offered in the game & the most popular ones today. We can enjoy quite a lot of these games as there are so many of them available today. Aside from that, these games are popular because you can have fun with a 3D game that allows you to explore.


New Events And Adventures

Explore more beauty of nature & island with more exciting events & missions in the game which comes with time. This is a free world game that gives it the complete authority to explore the entire island & enjoy its beauty with over-the-top graphics quality. The PVP and PVE elements are the most important things which make this game far better than other survivor games.

Face All The Natural Disasters To Survive

Get ready to engage with the battles through various natural incidents like fiery volcanoes, freezing glaciers, etc., & difficult obstacles such as mutant zombies, militias, wild creatures, etc. So in short, you have to do everything you can to get yourself home & survive.

Invent And Find Survival Methods In The New Update

In Lost in Blue, you have nothing to lose but your own life. Facing life with nothing in hand can be very difficult and frustrating. Gamers & users need to find a very convenient way to build a house enough for you to live in with your all members with you. You don’t need your house to be too big, & you just need to be able to live comfortably with food & shelter. The house needs to be well good enough as the player is going to face extreme weather conditions such as tsunamis, storms, etc., stay calm and try to overcome those difficulties, and think together with the survivors with the most appropriate response.

Challenges And Growth, Both Are Parallel

One of the most important factors that keep & makes the game highly addictive by users is the construction & beautiful sceneries of an action game. It also gives rewards as the gamers complete all the challenges & missions. The beautiful thing here is that the game allows players to explore and find a way to survive through many different harsh environmental locations such as tropical jungle, rain, storm, flood, volcanoes. At the same time, you have to fight many wild monsters, want to devour their own flesh.

Store Food To Stay Alive

There are plenty of various activities in this 3D game to make your survival chances bright enough that you’ll enjoy, namely being able to survive today. Here, you’ll be able to find many weapons, items, and food that you can store in your backpack so you can survive.

New Game Mode And Multiplayer Mode

The PVP and PVE mode helps the gamers not to get bored after playing Lost In Blue for a long period.

So this is a multiplayer game with amazing features. To survive this strange island you must make some new friends or can play with family members, enabled from all over the world and gather the limited resources and build a solid base.

Challenge Your Friends And Family Members

You must understand to Surviving on this mysterious deserted island alone is not going to happen at all. You must make & form friendships with players from around the world & also play with your family members.

This Mobile Game Is Compatible With Many Devices

With such a compatible mobile game, the scene unfolding before your eyes is unbelievable because it’s beautiful in every detail. The exciting adventure of the game will take you to many intense survival missions & scenes such as smoldering volcanoes, cold white glaciers, and green forests filled with danger. Take every step which is necessary to protect yourself, protect your loved ones who have just entered your life & above all of the odds, finding your way home is the ultimate objective.

Survival Is The Only Key

There have been a lot of crazy and fun survival games that was published for years now but not any of them has done so much great in the game to make it realistic, & that with the story too. You can have fun with so many amazing things in a survival game since you’re free to survive as you please.

Players & gamers have all the freedom to explore, defend themselves with the defense system & create strategies to survive. This is the reason why so many survival games today exist but not many of them have iconic stories & scenes like Lost In Blue (Global).

Learn Important Life Lessons In Lost In Blue

Lost In Blue presented not only a survival game & a masterpiece, but it also gives us all the valuable life lessons which is more precious than the game itself. You will train your own endurance, learn how to survive effectively in a harsh living environment, and more than that, develop your own abilities.

The game is constantly updating with the best developers working on each new version of the game, & moreover, the game is trying to improve day by day with significant results. Many exciting and unique things are continually being created in the game, which is exactly what you want.

So you should definitely come to test your best friend’s stamina & learn valuable lessons of life which have been taught.

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Key Features Of The Game

  • A great combination of PVE and PVP was firstly introduced by Lost In Blue in their domain. The ultimate survival experience on a desolate island was developed.
  • Team up to survive. 
  • Craft houses & weapons using accumulated items!
  • You have to earn to manufacture tools & weapons in order to survive.
  • Sow & plant food of vegetables, fruits in gardens or build hunting & gathering gear!
  • Unique PVE mode with best graphics & Sound.
  • Face & witness the best environment to discover your surroundings. Among the man-made obstacles are an abandoned temple, an expedition ship from the 1980s, and hidden scientific facilities.
  • Stay up to date by upgrading to enjoy Mother Nature’s gift.

Lost In Blue Mod APK Features + OBB

Just for our users, we are releasing the latest and modded version of the game. Now get Unlimited Money And Gems In Lost In Blue Mod Menu. Players can also craft tools and weapons free of cost in the new update.

Download And Install Lost In Blue Mod Menu

The professional gamers & players are a few simple steps away from getting the game & enjoying it. Follow them till the end to make it work. We made every step & everything very easy to download the file for every visitor to our website.

  • Firstly, delete the file original file of the game before installing our modded version of the game.
  • Secondly, press the “Download APK” button at the start of the article to begin the download process. Download the modded file without using the internet/Wi-Fi.                                                                      
  • Thirdly, while installing the game file for the first time, your device may ask you for several permissions. Allow them to continue. Open the Installer & complete the process.
  • Lastly, enjoy the game, after the game installation completes.                  
  • Open the game & Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.

Conclusion And Last Words Of Lost In Blue Mod APK

With your own determination & survival talent techniques in Lost In Blue Mod APK, you will do it & overcome it easily. The gamer must find & gather resources on this wild island to survive & to make weapons and tools for the protection of his life. Weapons help us protect ourselves and use in case of challenging conditions and tools to help us get through the game.

You must be thinking that this looks pretty easy to do & accomplish but now come to the real challenge. You are going to face many tremendous & horrific dangers around yourself just to live alive. Militias, wild animals, mutant mummies, zombies, etc. are part of Lost In Blue Mod APK.

You will not get bored playing this game. Get ready to feel the thunderstorm of it.

That’s it from my side guys. Hope you got enough knowledge about the game & what you were looking for.

Take care of yourselves & Enjoy the game. Good-Bye!

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