Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money + Lives + Vip Unlocked)

Suppose you are a music lover and you can’t find anything fascinating to hear. Then it will make your mood off. Music is for mood therapy. If you listen to good music then your bad mood will be converted into a good mood. And when you are in a good mood, some bad music will make you angry. Everyone hears music nowadays and it is a part of everyone’s life. We hear many types of music all day which makes our mood good or bad. There is a game that converts your bad mood into a good one. And many people around the globe will love this game. Magic tiles 3 mod apk game is one best music game in music game categories with having a lot of exciting features for music lovers. 

magic tiles 3 mod apk

Magic tiles 3 mod apk is the music category game. You will experience the amazing music when you press the rhythmic tiles present in the game. Different new songs are available in it which will make your mood refresh. Or check out the many other tracks which are made on the different musical instruments. Get the experience of piano music on your android mobile phone. Here you will get the many exciting music tracks which you can select. You only need to select the right piano tiles which come on your screen. Play with the rhythm and make your score higher.

App NameMagic Tiles 3
Size80 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Latest Version9.062.006
 MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Get it OnPlay Store
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Play the magical piano game on different levels. Select the different new modes and the music tracks which will make the game exciting. Complete the different levels with the different kinds of music. Complete the tasks to get rewards. Play in different theme styles. Be active in the game to get the daily exciting surprises. Connect your social media account to the game and compete with your friends or make your core higher in it. Also, checkout block man go mod apk which is also available at apkhobby.

Simple And Easy Control

There is not any issue if you are playing the game the first time. The control is easy for every player to play this game. Press the nodes in sequence or with the rhythm. First, select your favorite music tracks then start playing it. Press the upcoming nodes which come on your screen. You are doing the real thing which is playing music. When you press the node the music plays which you select at first. So, press all the coming nodes in sequence to complete the music track. In the first level, you will find some difficulty but when you play the game two or three times then you will find it easier to play the game. So, the game is for every person who can easily play and enjoy it. So, one of the best games which you can play in casual time and can remove your boredom.

Pleasant Piano Songs

Get the hundreds of beautiful and pleasant piano songs which you can select to play. The quality of the songs is high which makes the game amazing. Enjoy the latest music tracks which are converted into piano songs, or the classic one which is loved by everyone. The theme will be better as compared to previous versions. All the game depends on your typing speed. Somewhere you will find the slow track where you need to tap slow and somewhere the fast track where you need to tap fast. 

Make your rhythm in it to get a high score. Moreover, there are many other songs of different musical instruments like the guitar, drum, and other instrumental songs. This version consists of more exciting features which you cant find in the previous version. So start taping the nodes with a variety of different songs which will make your mood pleasant.

Play In Different Modes

Games are featured in four different modes which you select to play. Every different mode is different from others and has different specifications. The Challenge mode is where you will get hundreds of online gamers from all over the world. Make your tapping speed faster which will rank you among the top players in the game. Select Band mode where you will get a chance to play the game with different bands. Like the guitar, piano, and other musical instruments on which you need to tap on the nodes and enjoy the band music mode.


Moreover, play in a Battle mode where you need to challenge real-time the other players from all over the world in real-time. Your skills will matter more in this mode. Tap on the as fast as you can but it also needs to be an accurate node. The Custom match mode is where you will be able to select your opponent and play the game with them. Make your friend your opponent in the game and beat them in the piano tapping game.

Connect To A Social Media Account

Here you can also connect your social media account to get the exciting features unlocked. Connecting your FB account will make your score visible to your friends. You will also know which of your friends are playing this game. Easy for you to challenge them in the custom matches. Make yourself highly skilled in the piano challenges. Get the new exciting rewards by connecting to the social media account.

Complete Achievements To Get Rewards

Moreover, take part in the different achievements to get the rewards. Complete the different challenges which will unlock the special rewards for you. Take part in the challenges and try to complete it in this way you will be able to go to a new level.


Be Active To Get Daily Reward

Remains active in the game to get the daily rewards. So, you just need to open the game daily and collect your special prizes. These prizes will be unlocked after every 24 hours. Get these rewards by remaining active in the game.


Select The Different Themes

In Magic tiles 3 mod apk you can play in different themes which will never get you bored. Change the background of the game which will make it look different from regular play. Do the other customization in the game which will make it more exciting. Change the style of the tiles which will change it into special occasions like the flag of any country.

Gameplay of Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

The gameplay of the Magic tiles 3 mod apk is quite simple. The interface consists of the piano tiles which you need to press in it. The upper part of the screen shows your stars that how you perform in the game. At first, you need to select the music track then the game will start press the accurate coming nodes in a sequence that will play the selected music track. Select the different types of beautiful and pleasant music tracks. You can also play in the band music like guitar, drum, and other musical instruments.

Moreover, get the game in different modes which will make the game exciting for the players. Change the theme of the game like selecting the different tiles and changing it into some country flag which changes the environment of the game. Connect your social media account to unlock the new features. Complete the different missions to get the exciting rewards. So, start playing the piano tiles game on your ios, laptop, pc, tablet, computer, emulator, and android mobile phone. 

MOD APK version of Magic Tiles 3

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Lives

Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK for Android

Final Words

Moreover, Magic tiles 3 mod apk is worth playing the game. The best game to play in casual time. You can also play it offline which also removes your tension of the internet. This game is especially for music lovers. Its beautiful and fascinating music will convert your bad mood into a good mood. Select different types of fast and slow music tracks.

Play in rhythm to make a good score. Press the correct node to play the music if you missed or press the wrong node then you will be out. Play the game in different modes which change the environment for you. Compete with your friends and make your score higher than theirs. So, download the Magic tiles 3 mod apk and make your mind relax by playing the music game.

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