Pokémon Quest Mod APK Unlimited PM Tickets, Food, Ingredients, And Money

Introduction of Pokémon Quest

Pokémon is one of our favorite cartoon shows that we have grown up watching it. With all the amazing Pokémon with powers and characters with abilities, it has become one of the crucial parts of our lives to remember.

Now, taking one step ahead, this cartoon show has come up with a game that has the same entertaining experience. Pokémon Quest is a game containing beautiful islands, high mountains, gorgeous rivers, and most importantly cute Pokémon to play.

Team up with other great players to increase your strengths and conquer the island of Tumblecube. Pokémon Quest is an RPG (Role-playing-Game), so if you are an explorer, then this is game is definitely for you.

Pokémon Quest mod apk character main
App NamePokémon Quest
PublisherThe Pokemon Company
GenreRole Playing
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone • Mild Fantasy Violence
In-app purchases$2.99 – $29.99 per item
Latest Version1.0.6
 MOD InfoUnlimited PM Tickets, Food
Get it OnPlay Store

Latest And Updated Features

This game has numerous features and functions available. A few of them are described below so that our users can read them and take advantage of them.

Tumblecube Island

The place where all the Pokémon are and all the best fights happen is Tumblecube Island. Explore the island completely as it has secrets waiting for you. But stay alert as this island also brings dangerous enemies.

Beautiful Views And Scenes

Tumblecube is a charming island and has various jungles, forests, desserts, and hidden treasures to explore. These treasures have prizes available to unlock new Pokémon and to upgrade their abilities.

As you progress in the game, the player needs to upgrade all the Pokémon and their abilities to fight, because of the new challenges coming on your way.

Cube-Shaped Pokémon

All the characters and heroes in the Pokémon Quest Original Version are cube-shaped and made of cubes.

Not just characters or Pokémon, All objects & things are made of cubes. This is a new and exciting experience for the players who watched the show before. As the show was in 2D graphics and the game is now presented based on cubes structure. Fall in love with the cute and cubic structures of the game.


Find Pokémon’s In The Land And Train Them

151 new Pokémon with special and different abilities are in Pokémon Quest New version.

New Pokémon can be found on the island. Find them with the help of Food and Ingredient, catch, train, and make them part of your team to defeat the enemy and the final boss.

Explore all the Pokémon in Tumblecube Island to make the strongest team of the game. The island has new and powerful Pokémon hidden. Investigate the untapped areas of the map so you can find these heroes.

Pokémon’s Quest Pokédex

As the name defines itself that Pokédex is the index of the Pokémon Quest game. It means that the user can analyze each factor of them.

Players can now see the power, health, special abilities, and other characteristics of Pokémon in Pokédex.

Pokémon Quest mod apk unlocked all

Best Pokémon Characters

Some of the most widely used characters and Pokémon are as follows.

  • Squirtle              
  • Eevee                                                      
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander                    

All the above heroes have unique characteristics and the best powers to fight.

Customize Pokémon skills with Power Stones to increase the overall strength of the team, speed of your hero, power to hit the enemy, and much more waiting for you. I use power stones to make new upgrades as soon as possible.


New Missions

12 New and exciting locations are in the game with 3 to 7 missions in each location waiting for you. Each level brings new surprises and new Pokémon to collect.

When you pass missions, new locations can be unlocked. I also enjoy surveys of these locations as they bring new Pokémon.

Red vs. Blue Team Fight

Two teams can fight together in the game with each other with 3 Pokémon on each side. The winning team gets prizes and chances to upgrade their heroes to make them superior, as only the fully upgraded Pokémon has the strength and special powers to beat the final boss.

Base Camp

As I mentioned earlier that upgrades are really important so make sure to always upgrade your heroes.

The place where all the upgrades of the abilities are done is the base camp. The training of the Pokémon can also be executed in the base camp. So try to make the most out of it.

Decorations Of Base Camp

Present your base camp with the best possible designs and show them to your friends and family. The basecamp can be enriched with some new layouts and styles.

Base camp is the home of your heroes. So every one of us wants to make the home a beautiful and peaceful place.

Attract New Pokémon’s With Food And Ingredients

If you want to expand your team and want to be the leader of the strongest group in Pokémon Quest, then cook. Yeah, that’s right. Because the food is gonna attract the other hidden Pokémon. Make a team of the 3 best Pokémon to find and explore the land. Hence the land is too big to explore it all, why not use a wise strategy to catch all the Pokémon in your Pokédex.

By completing every mission, you can find Food and Ingredients which can be used to attract new Pokémon. Also, restore the health of heroes after the fight.

The found ingredients can be used for cooking in the game. I know it sounds a bit irrelevant with respect to game nature. But users can find them during the exploration of missions and use them to cook meals to get energy and strength.

Controls Of Updated Pokémon Quest

The controls of the game are pretty simple and straightforward. Use the controls that are available on the screen that is also cube-shaped without any problems faced.

The best part of the game is, as a user when I also play the game, I found the layout of the screen very clean and to the point. It makes the user experience far greater

2 unique powers of each character can be used at once. The special power buttons of all 3 Pokémon are on the screen. Tap them to use against the enemies. The layout and the UI of the screen are not complex at all, making it simple for the users to use. By tapping them, you can use their powers.


Availability For Android Devices

When the game was launched, it was only available for the Nintendo switches, but with time, the developers have played such a vital role in bringing this game for Android Mobile Users with full accessibility.

Game for all ages                          

Many millennials grew up watching this cartoon show just like me. I watch this still today. Child to elder people, any age group people can play this. It has been a game for all ages without any surprises.

Internet Connection

Fortunately, without a strong internet network connection, you still can play this game. So, an internet connection is not mandatory to play Pokémon Quest.

But remember, PM tickets are not available on the offline mode.

Final Boss

To beat and defeat the Final Boss is the ultimate goal of the game. Step by step, move forward, attack small enemies and upgrade your Pokémon.

Once you are ready, you can fight with the Final Boss.

The Final Battle would be unlocked if you defeat and win against all the enemies. Make a good strategy before fighting him as he is the strongest enemy to defeat. You cannot just beat the strongest enemy on the basis of powers. The player would be needing much more than just strength.

Pokémon Quest Mod APK Mod APK Features

Here are the best features in our modded version of Pokémon Quest Mod APK. Use them to fight the enemies with ease.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins      
  • Special Pikachu Unlocked
  • High Damage                                                    
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlocked All Pokémon                                    
  • Unlimited PM Tickets
  • Unlimited Power Stones
  • Unlocked All
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlocked All Pokémon

We have every Pokémon available in Pokémon Quest Mod APK. Further, upgrade them with the help of Unlimited Coins and Power Stones.

Special Pikachu Unlocked In The Pokémon Quest Modded APK

Pikachu is the most loved and followed character in the whole game. But unfortunately, in the original version of the game, it is very expensive to buy and play with.

Don’t worry as we have Pikachu in our Latest and Updated Version of Pokémon Quest Mod APK which can be bought with the help of Unlimited Money and Coins.

Pokémon Quest mod apk Pikachu

Pokémon Quest APK Unlimited Coins, Gems, And Food

Invest in the Pokémon with Unlimited Coins And Gems that are available in the game to make them capable of beating the Final Boss.

Bring back all the lost health with Food and ingredients. So download and install the Pokémon Quest OBB version now for Unlimited Food and Ingredients.

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FAQs Of Pokémon Quest Mod APK

100% yes. Pokémon Quest is completely free to play.

Yes, Pokémon Quest is a multiplayer game. Invite your loved ones and beat them.

You can play Pokémon Quest offline but PM Tickets are not available in the offline version of the game.

Conclusion of Pokémon Quest Mod APK

Pokémon has given us all the good memories of various characters the fans will love this new cubic concept of the game. Make every move on the land to get more new ideas to find Pokémon and explore new items. Find Food and Ingredients to upgrade Pokémon. At last defeat the Final Boss to win the game.

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