Puzzle and Dragons Mod APK Hack Unlimited Money and Android Game

Puzzle and Dragons is a mobile game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment. Players are given dungeons to fight against monsters, mazes to navigate around the map, towns to visit for useful information, allies to team up with, and much more. The game has multiple modes of play including co-op play with friends.

the puzzle and dragon are all about matching the orbs and forming a certain number of combos. The more you match and break up into combos, the stronger your team becomes. There are five main attributes: fire, water, wood, light, and dark.

Puzzle and dragon mod apk
App NamePuzzle & Dragons
PublisherGungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
Size57 MB
Android Requirements7.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+ • Fantasy Violence
Latest Version20.0.0
 MOD InfoUnlimited Mgic Stones
Get it OnPlay Store

This mod APK version of the puzzle and dragons features infinite money, infinite stones, and unlocks all characters. In addition, there are also a number of hidden tweaks to keep the game fresh and interesting.

The specialty of the game is to match three or more orbs, making them disappear. Once the orbs are gone, the player gets attribute points for each orb that has reached the finish line. For example, if 5 fire orbs filled up to the end of the line then you get five points to maximize your score.

Features Of Game – Puzzle and Dragons Mod Apk

Puzzle and dragon mod apk
Puzzle and dragon mod apk

Here is a list of some other tweaks/features to enjoy while playing this game:

1. The Player can unlock free “TAMADRA INVADERS” and will be rewarded with 100 gems every day.

2 . The Player can Boost their Monsters’ Stats such as HP, Attack, Recovery, etc by using the new item called “Monster Point” which you could get from beating bosses, daily login, or even from the TAMADRA INVADERS.

3 . Max Lv of Players’ Monsters will be increased to level 99 so that they can “Awaken” their monsters and unlock new abilities (maximum 5 awakenings allowed)

4 . New Game Mode called “Skill Inheritance” where you can transfer your monster skills like Recover (heal) or Fire (attack) etc to another monster to “boost” your monsters’ capabilities.

5 . New Menu called Monster Enhance where you can fuse your monsters together to create a higher level monster and gain XP for evolution. For example, two Lv30 Monsters will be fused into one Lv31. You could also use the items called “King Tamadra” or “Egg Machine” to enhance your monsters.

mod apk FREE DOWNLAOD latest version of Puzzle and dragon

How To Play Puzzle and Dragons Mod Apk

Puzzle and dragon mod apk
mod apk FREE DOWNLAOD latest version of Puzzle and dragon
Puzzle and dragon mod apk

To play the game in the best way, you need to know the basic and necessary things such as:

1. Attribute (Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark)

2. Orb Types (Heart; Fire; Water; Wood; Light; Dark)

3. Active Skills (Affect your team members or yourself for a set number of turns)

4. Awoken Skills (Affects your team members or yourself for all turns)

5. Leader Skills (Passive skills that can be used on the player’s team)

6 . Status Orbs (Fire; Water; Wood; Light and Dark) – These orbs affect damage done to enemies depending on their respective attributes.

7. Damage per Turn (DPT) – The more DPT you can accumulate, the more damage you can inflict on an enemy per turn.

8 . Recovery per Turn (RPT) – The more RPT you can accumulate, the more health or mana will be recovered each turn during battle.

9 . Clear orbs every turn to ensure a chain reaction.

10 . The more combos you make, the higher your damage will be.

11. activate multiple leader skills at once to increase the damage inflicted on enemies.

12 . Enhance Monsters – Use two monsters of the same type and enhance them to gain XP for evolution purposes.

Gameplay – Puzzle and Dragons Mod Apk

mod apk FREE DOWNLAOD latest version of Puzzle and dragon
mod apk FREE DOWNLAOD latest version of Puzzle and dragon

This game has excellent gameplay and anyone will enjoy playing it. There are a variety of modes in the game. The multiplayer mode lets you team up with friends to take on tough bosses and hard dungeons. It is an excellent way to bond with your friends or family members by enjoying the puzzle & dragon game together.

The other modes are called “Co-op” where you invite three other players who will help you fight bosses and defeat dungeons. The mode called “PvP” lets you battle against other players. You will be ranked based on your performance and points gained in battles.

The game theme is definitely very catchy as the orbs will move around to form a chain reaction. In addition, the sound effects and background music are extremely fun to listen to as you play the game. It is definitely one of those games that involve your full concentration

The graphics of the puzzle and dragons mod apk is very nice. It is packed with beautiful colors and stunning backgrounds which are very pleasant to the eyes. The character designs are unique especially for each monster type and it really brings out their personalities well.

Story Line Of Puzzle and Dragons Mod Apk Download

mod apk FREE DOWNLAOD latest version of Puzzle and dragon

The game is based on an amazing storyline. As you play the game, you will be brought through different prehistoric places and eras. You will meet new characters who are also trying to stop the invaders like yourself. Each character is unique and has some interesting stories behind them which makes it even more fun to collect all of them.

As you complete each level you will be rewarded with a new character or monster which you can add to your team. It is good to have different monsters as they all have unique abilities and skills for you to use in battle.

In addition, each type of monster also has its own leader skill which you can activate during battles to give your team members additional points on top of the base stats.

For example, fire monsters will give extra damage to heart orbs.

As you continue your adventure in the game, you will come across many different places and eras which are portrayed very nicely. The sound effects are also wonderful as it is accompanied by stunning background music that brings out the mood for each scene.


System requirements of the puzzle and dragons mod apk are very general. You could easily run the game with the minimum specs mentioned below.

Android version – 4.0 and Up

Device type – 2 GB Ram

Storage space required for installation – 50 MB free space

Internet connection is not necessary to play the game but is highly recommended if you wish to connect with other players or use the multiplayer mode.

Conclusion – Puzlee and Dragon Mod APK

The Puzzle and Dragons Mod Apk is a game that will keep you hooked for hours. It has excellent gameplay, amazing graphics, wonderful sound effects, and stunning background music. All of these are wrapped up in an amazing storyline that will have you playing for hours on end just to unlock the next level or chapter.


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