Real Football Mod APK Latest Version 2022 Unlimited Money and Gold

Welcome! Are you a fan of football? Well then… this one for all the football fans out there. We are bringing to you a Real football mod APK.

With 50 million downloads, this game is certainly popular among players. So what more do you want? Download and join the fun!

With this mod, we are offering you unlimited gold, so you can unlock all the best players you like and truly have the best experience the game can offer!

Real Football Mod Apk
App NameReal Football
PublisherGameloft SE
Size31 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Latest Version1.7.2
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gold
Get it OnPlay Store

Features – Real Football Mod Apk

As a football game, Real football apk is quite a solid game. While the graphics do look dated, the gameplay makes up for it big time. Real football’s physics are quite good and make the feel of the ball just right.

Besides that, the music is also quite good to listen to. But one of the most impressive things about this game is the stadiums, which are well designed and look good from any angle.

To top all of this, the game offers multiple camera angles, for your playing pleasure and for the best experience when viewing replays!

About – Real Football Mod Download Apk

Real Football Mod Apk

So now we’re going to tell you a little about the game and gameplay itself.

The rules are the same as the rules of football in real life. So as an example, this means no hitting players, getting a penalty if you hit a player, and so on.

These are the features of the base game. However, since you are downloading our mod, you will also be getting some new bonuses that the original game does not offer.

Short Matches – Real Football Mod APK 2022

Real Football Mod Apk

In real football 2022, each match is 90 seconds long, with each half being 45 seconds.

Look, not everyone has the time nor the patience to grind for resources for hours. And let’s be honest, grinding in any game is just not fun.

That’s where Real Football Mod shines. The matches are less than 2 minutes long. So if you want some quick fun then this game is for you.

Fantastic Player AI

Real Football Mod Apk

 Some games are notorious for having broken or janky AI. while others are praised for having AI that almost feels human-like.

 And here once again real football outclasses itself. The enemy AI is very advanced. It’s challenging to play against, but it doesn’t mean that they are robots. If you can anticipate their actions, you can snatch the ball.

That and also the AI can also make mistakes, which gives them an even more human feel. We can collectively agree that winning a game against a good AI makes it way more satisfying.

Great Player Choice

Real Football Mod Apk

Nothing beats the experience of playing a sports game using your favorite players from real life.

Luckily for us, real football 2020 has got us covered in this area as well. With some well-known players in the game to take your playing experience to the ultimate level.

Amazing Atmosphere

Real Football Mod Apk

Just because a game’s graphics aren’t the best doesn’t mean that it can’t have a good atmosphere. If games from the 90s can create a great atmosphere with minimal graphics, so can Real Football Mod 2021.

And it does! With stadiums modeled straight from their real-life counterpart, with amazing attention to detail. It can be viewed from any angle and it’ll look fantastic!

And of course, there is the fantastic sound design. The chanting of the crowds and the screams as you score a goal will make you feel as if you are truly in the heat of the moment!

PVP Matches – Real Football

Real Football Mod Apk

It is quite impressive how they managed to pack so much content in a 30MB game.

It is just as impressive that there are online PVP matches in this game. That’s right! A test against another real player to see who’s not only the best player but also the best strategizer.

Unlimited Money – Real Football 2022 Mod Apk

Like many games, Real Football mod can get quite addicting, and with many of your favorite players being locked, It may entice you to either grind for hours or straight up spend real money unlocking them.

However we don’t want our users to go through such hassles, so instead with this mod, we have given you unlimited in-game gold, so you can quickly unlock all the best and rarest players.  

And of course. Our mods have no malware and are very safe to download.

How to Play – Hack Game Real Football

Now that we have discussed all the amazing features the game can offer. We will now show you the basics you need to know in order to get started on your journey to becoming a great player!


Real Football Mod Apk

We believe that if you acquire mastery over the controls of this game, then no matter what team you have. You will always have a higher chance of winning.

You use the virtual joystick provided to you by the game to move your player around. You control the player that’s dribbling the ball and as soon as you pass the ball you control that player to which you passed the ball.

If the enemy player has the ball you can get near them using any of your players and use the tackle button to snatch the ball from them. But be careful! If you hit a player while tackling or you will be called for a penalty!


Real Football Mod Apk

Behind every great team, is great management, and Real Football takes care of that aspect as well.

The game allows you to upgrade your hospitals, stadiums, physiotherapy centers, and youth camps. The more you upgrade, the better your player will perform!


We, as the audience, always watch the game either on our screens or from the stands, so we don’t know what sort of planning each team does to increase the chances of winning.

Luckily, the Real football mod has got us covered. You can manage which player plays which game, and you can switch the position of the players so that they have the best chance of out-foxing the opposing team


Real Football Mod Apk

A cup/championship is probably the best way to determine the best team of them all. High stakes, truly test the mental strength of a player and their ability to perform in high-pressure games.

And yet again, Real Football 2021 mod has been delivered with various seasonal cups and championships being held to truly see who is the best player.


In Real Football mod 2021, you can customize your own team from scratch by unlocking players through a lottery system.

The better the player, the harder it will be to unlock him. But of course, that player will have far better stats than a more common player. 

Each player has a different rating and rarity. The better the rating (rating can be judged by the number of stars on their icon) the rarer they will be thus harder to get.

FAQs – Real Football


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