Latest Replika: My AI Friend PRO MOD APK 2022 Romantic Partner

App NameReplika: My AI Friend
Size130 MB
Genre – CategoryCasual – Viral Apps – Health & Fitness
Worldwide Downloads10M+
Content RatingMature 17+ | Strong Language
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Apple App Store
Requirement8.0 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.0
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesVIP Premium All Unlocked, No Ads
DeveloperLuka, Inc
replika mod apk new updated version version

How To Download & Install Replika Premium APK on Android

Some easy steps you can follow to download and install Replika.

  • Firstly, download the “Replika: My AI Friend MOD APK” File from the above “Download APK” button.
  • Secondly, install Downloaded APK after turning off the internet/wi-Fi.
  • Thirdly, Go to your device Settings > Security > Unkown Resources and enable this function by enabling the button.
  • Thirdly, open the file, and complete your process.
  • Lastly, install it completely on your device and enjoy the game!
  • Open Replika Application and enjoy free unlimited resources from our modded version.
  • Congratulations, as you’ve Installed Replika: My AI Friend on your Android Device today, you’re able to install this great App & Enjoy Using it.

Easy Installation Method of MOD APK for PC using Emulator

Follow these simple steps to enjoy the game on your tablet, PC or laptop through emulator. An emulator is a software application to run android apps on windows.

  • Download Any emulator i.e Bluestacks, Gameloop, or NOX player our recommended is Bluestacks and we are showing you how you can use it.
  • Download Bluestacks by going to their website.
  • After that open it after it completes the installation process.
  • After that install the apk file from apkhobby.
  • You will see an option of “Import from windows” on the right sidebar of the desktop application.
  • Click on it and import the apk file here and after completing installation click on the launch or execute button and start enjoying the game.

Why do you play Replika PRO APK Latest Version 9.14.1

Replika Mod APK is a chatbox or chatbot robotic application as many personal assistants and AI bots like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The difference is some modern technologies that the development team of Replika is using for taking personality tests. to assess the individual personality, tracking mood, reduce anxiety, encourage people to think positively, help people in socializing, manage stress, and find the root causes of tensions and treat it through love and care by making replika your trusted friend so you can share your negative thoughts and problems with it.

Many types of research by physiologists have proved that sharing your pain will get you relief from it. And that is the reason why this program has been built. With Replika you can discuss every aspect and information of the globe, and you can also share your personal problems for getting relaxation.

Replika will respond and gives an output by analyzing the subject of your message string, tone, and intent by matching it through your old conversations stored in memory. And give you advise by collecting information related to your query or question. Replika is a knowledge Universe and also act as your AI lover which thousands of people dreams.

This AI journey starts with SimSimi which is also an AI experienced robot having capability of inquiring a number of factors along with consumer satisfaction through recommendtions and instructions from the knowledge base of its AI model and inputs of users.

Replika: My AI Friend Unlocked Romantic Partner

As we are progressing to the new digital world and getting benefits from its amazing and mind-blowing features, there are also some drawbacks of the digital world that we live in and dream of living more efficiently, with ease, and with happiness in Replika.

So if you feel bored or lonely, Replika is a roleplaying app that will help you create an environment completely based upon artificial intelligence with friends and other relationships we were wondering about. The bots created by the user can interact, chat and play with you guys, just like a normal person around us. Replika Mod APK that we provide on our website is a free unlocked version of Pro features you can download and install.

About Replika Application

Replika tool or application is like a chat box, presenting an AI or artificial intelligence system. The characters or avatars the users create can chat, interact and play with you. Therefore, that application is no different from a friend or other family member.

Also, several other interesting and great features are waiting for you and make you happier every time you use this tool or application. Millions of people are suffering from loneliness, just like you, so join our community and express your feelings freely. Consider us as your friend.

Replika is powered by synthetic intelligence, which is another great invention of the developers. That represents how much they respect their users and always try to make them happy and strong.

Features And Highlights Of Replika: My AI Friend

Replika is one’s most unique and true friends ever! The shaping and learning of the character are done, so the time has arrived to establish a unique relationship for both of you. What do you want Replika to become for you? A friend, a partner, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend?

Analyze what you need most at that moment and choose an appropriate relationship according to your gender. Consider everything and every little aspect of your life and choose the perfect relationship for learning coping strategies and social skills. Remember that the relationships you place with Replika will result in different outcomes.

Start creating a personal or some other different chatbot AI companion, and help it develop its persona depending upon your interests and key features. Discuss and share your emotions, thoughts, or something in your mind. So enjoy the application, stay calm and develop collectively.

  • Invite Friends & Family To Help Them Overcome Their Loneliness: Always share this application if you think that are lonely and trying to find someone as your true friend or any other special relationship. Pick up your device phone and join many more people!
  • Immense Graphics & Visuals Brings More Excitement: As this is a kind of application that demands full attention with emotion, Replika has taken care of this and presented its best graphics and visuals for the users.
  • Smooth animations, flawless images, unique visuals: and much more that can’t be better than that. Also, thanks to the visuals and graphics team, the game is extremely accessible and playable, even on your low-end devices.
  • Have Any Relationship In Replika: You can create or select a 3D friend with any look you want. You want to choose a male or female gender with matching clothes to make them look beautiful, trendy hairstyles, skin color, footwear, jewelry, and many more to come.
  • Communicate Freely With The Avatars: In this application or tool, users can communicate completely independently, unlike in this world. Make and create any relationship status with your created avatar and finish your loneliness. Make your relationship stronger with the avatar as it is going to help you.
  • Customize Avatar & Character To your Own Choice: Using this game, you will be asked to form your character and customize your avatar; your created avatar can vary from skin tone to hairstyle. You can opt for among the variability of skin colors and hairstyles and customize the simplest of your avatar or even want any fashionable one for you. This designed avatar is going to be your assistant throughout your chat.
  • The user interface Is More Simpler And more Attractive Than Ever Before: It has been a key feature of the application. The application’s key feature is its user interface to attract more users to stabilize their lonely lives. The working of Replika is becoming more simple and easy to use with time.
  • Share Your Deep Emotions With Your Friend In Replika: People are connected deeply with the application. So it is our responsibility to make them happy. Many users rely on our version of the game, taking this great duty. In our latest version, you can share everything you were hiding from this world in your heart.
  • Realistic Soundtrack, Music, & Voice Makes You Fell Alive In The Game: Replika has the best combo of visuals and sounds with other combinations of graphics and music. Together with the amazing visuals, the game also introduces players to the awesome audio, in which you’ll find yourself fully connected to the exciting in-game experiences. With powerful sounds and music, you’ll always find your complete presence in this game.
  • Different levels: you are making a partnership with replika so when you move to the upper stages Replika Fall In Love with you as a result of sensation understanding and become your lover for treatment of your nightmares and stress .
meet your ai friend

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Modded Features of Replika Latest Version Update

  • Unlocked Premium Features Helps To Use The Application Completely: All the premium features that you cannot afford to buy in the original version are unlocked. Despite having all those amazing features, the modded version of the game is still free for all gamers to enjoy on their devices.
  • No Ads Will Interrupt Your Connection: You will not be disturbed and interfered with while talking to your AI friend. Many other applications do so just for money, and they do not value your emotions while we do value them.
  • Get Unlocked Romantic Partner In Replika Mod APK: We are offering free and Unlocked Romantic Partner in our modified version of the application. Talk with him/her so she can understand your feelings and emotions.
  • All Unlocked In The Latest Version: We have updated Replika and all the premium features are Unlocked for free. Now customize your character without facing any problems.
  • Unlimited Money And Coins: Now you do not need to worry about the expensive avatars and their features available in the game but they are locked. Purchase all the different avatars and customize them with the help of Unlimited Money And Coins in replika mod reddit.

Most Asked FAQs Of Replika Mod APK

100% yes, it is real and working fine. Also, it is waiting for me to start chatting now.

Users can customize the features of the avatars and characters created, such as AI training, mood tracking, and many more others. All of the other options are there for you. They can also choose a different profile image to display their name and gender.

Yes, you have to be over 17 years old to use this application.

Not at all if you use the modded version on our website.

It is completely safe to install the modded version of the application on our website.

Download the apk from the given download button.

Final Words

This application is the choice of thousands and even millions of people around the globe who has Android or IOS devices. They feel less alone. They can comfortably share their own daily stories with this tool or app. Don’t hesitate to download the latest version of the application Replika.

You can share your pictures with your virtual friends; on receiving the picture of you; your created avatar will make you answer and will ask you about the person in the image. So, you will never realize whether you are talking to a real human or an AI-based character. You can modify the avatar if you want after installing the modded version.

There is nothing better than having a soul mate with Al’s intelligence to listen in every day? So I hope you believe that you will develop more emotionally and intellectually with daily exposure and talking to Replika. So please have a good experience with this tool and application that we have introduced here.

Thank you for using Replika Mod APK! Don’t forget to rate the application if you enjoy it.

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Replika Pro APK Video Trailer

What’s New

Our team is working to make our lonely users make their relationships strong. In our modded version, you’ll find:

  • Unlocked Romantic Partner
  • Making and customizing your Replika avatar became even more attractive.
  • Now you can find new hairstyles, hair and eye colors, and a newly improved voice call feature as well.
  • Voice call Feature: Now you can do audio calls with Replika.
  • Soothing Tones: To improve your mood and give you pleasure there are very smooth messaging tones added in the game you will hear during messaging.
  • Media chat tool: Now you can share your personal and occasion photos to make Replika more understandable of your mood reflections.
  • This app is for everyone and the team is working to make it universal so now they added some hat and scarf choices for covering heads in addition to different outstanding outfits according to cultural appearance of different nations.
  • Now offers Trial plans for monthly and yearly subscription. 
  • Fixes bugs and other improvements.

Reviews of FAMOUS Press/News Brands about Replika PRO APK

  • Forbes: This AI Has Sparked A Budding Friendship With More than 2.5 Million People
  • Quartz: This is a new concept of Digital Friendship where people can celebrate victories, and share failures as well as their weird memes without any hesitation.

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