Sam WhatsApp Business Mod APK

sam watsapp business mod APK

Overview Of Sam WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp is the world’s famous app that is being used almost by everyone for chatting and calling. Every internet user has used WhatsApp at least once in their life. Similarly, those people who want something extra or want some additional privacy and other features in WhatsApp use the sam WhatsApp business.

App NameSam WhatsApp Business
Size30 MB
Developed ByWhatsApp LLC
Worldwide Downloads500M+
Google Play IDcom.WhatsApp.w4b
Requirements4.1 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.4
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesFormat More Support, Increased Media Size, Copy Pate Status, and Many More
what is whatsapp business

Whatsapp is of two kinds. Simple and standard WhatsApp and WhatsApp business. The core difference between each of them is the features. Whatsapp business allows you to add more information such as a business address, hours, pictures of your business location or product, description, and many more. 

While on the other hand Standard Watsapp only allows you to have a profile picture and name. Mostly the business WhatsApp is being used by business owners or some who are offering some sort of service or selling any products. 

In the same way, the next step of the Business Watsapp is Sam Watsapp Business mod apk. It allows you to have even more features. Such as privacy, media preview without loading increased sending video size, and many others. So keep on reading to find and learn everything about the latest sam WhatsApp.

Features Of Sam WhatsApp Business Mod APK

There are many features in the WhatsApp business compared to standard WhatsApp. And similarly, if we go a step ahead the sam WhatsApp has more features than the WatsApp business. The list of those features is huge but the top 11 from those are mentioned and explained underneath.

  • Latest Version
  • Supports More Format Of The Sharable Files
  • Ability To Copy and Paste The Status
  • Name and Date Hide While Copying The Chat
  • Direct Link Press On The Statuses
  • Words Of The Status Up To 250 Characters
  • Send Number Of Images Up To 90
  • Increased Sending Video Size To 30 MB
  • Online and Last Seen Showed On The Main Screen
  • Media Preview Without Loading
  • Many Privacy Features Such as Hide Last Seen and etc

The first and most appealing feature of the sam WatsApp business is that it has the latest version of the WhatsApp business in it. That means the actual features are also there along with the sam(mod apk) features.

sam whatsapp business mod apk.jpg

The next great feature is that it supports multiple other formats of the sharable files such as txt, CSV, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, rtf, pptx, and many more. Apart from this you can also copy the status of your friends and family members and paste it as your status just with a few clicks.

Now you can copy any message and send it directly without removing any date and name of the first person. Previously when you copy and message and send it directly to another person, it shows forwarded and some other info but now with the help of sam WatsApp business you can do this, and nothing except the actual message will show up.

Whenever your friend adds any link to the status and you want to check that link out you have to click twice. But now that’s not the case anymore. You can simply directly click on the link and it will be redirected to that link. No more additional clicks.

Also, you can now upload the status of words up to 250 characters. This will allow you to express your thoughts in more words easily. This feature is not available in the standard version.

Usually, when you have to send multiple images to someone you have to send in batches of 10 images a batch and this takes so much time to send hundreds of images. Solving that problem now sam WhatsApp has a feature using which you can send up to 90 images at a time.

Just like that cool images feature, it has a feature available for videos as well. You can send up to 30 MB of video. And you can see anyone’s last seen or online status on the main screen. Right now you can not see if anyone is online or his last seen without going to the chat area of that person. But with the help of WhatsApp business, you can see both of them on the main screen.

You can also preview the media such as images without loading. This will save your internet as well as the storage of the device. And there are many privacy-related features as well in the sam WhatsApp business. The best practice would be to download the app and explore it yourself. You will love all those features.

How To Download Sam WhatsApp Mod APK Business

Downloading the Whatsapp Business Mod APK is super easy with us. Just click the “Download APK” under the image on the top left and wait for a few seconds. Then click on the “Download” button and the app will start downloading automatically. You can then install it on your device and have fun with it. 

You can use it on android, ios, or even on tablets.

Is It Safe To Download Sam’s WhatsApp Business?

Yes, it is safe to download sam business WhatsApp on your android or ios device. There are many sources to download the app but the best source is in front of you…That’s us. Our every apk file is safe, secure, and absolutely free from any kind of virus or something.

How Sam Whatsapp Is Different From Traditional Whatsapp?

The main difference between the sam Whatsapp and traditional business WhatsApp is that the “sam” version has some additional features that are not available in the standard or traditional version of the app. You can have more accessibility and options to choose from such as privacy, sending multiple images or large videos, and many more.

Difference Between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business?

The main difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business is that WhatsApp is majorly used by individuals while on the other hand WhatsApp business is used by professionals or someone who is selling a product or service. 

The reason behind this is that WhatsApp business have much more options available in it that tell a customer or user what is this product or service about and other info like address, email, working hours, etc. That’s the core difference between the WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses.

Conclusion Of Sam WhatsApp

Sam Whatsapp Business added a massive value to the traditional business WhatsApp. The availability of more features and customizability allows you to choose and decide about your privacy and also enables you to save your time and mobile storage as well.

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