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Overview Of The Game School Of Dragons

School Of Dragons…The 3D adventurous and role-playing game where you are the trainer of the ultimate dragons. Train them and get benefited from them. They will bring loot for you as well as fight for you. Ride the dragons with your friends in this game to have a fun time. 

The game is quite diverse and if you are playing such a game for the first time then you may find it a bit confusing. But don’t worry, in this article I will try to educate you about the game on the basis of my experience of playing it for years.

Quick Overview and Info About The School Of Dragons Mod APK

App NameSchool Of Dragons Mod APK
Latest Version3.25.0
Size74 MB
Developed ByJumpStart Games
Worldwide Downloads10M+
Google Play IDcom.KnowledgeAdventure.SchoolOfDragons
Requirements5.0 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.2
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gems, Unlocked Dragons, and No-Ads

When you first play the game there are many options and buttons there, start with the dragons and explore them. Try to have more n more dragons and the best part is that each and every dragon is customizable and there are thousands of colors, skins, and other accessories using which you can customize each dragon uniquely.

Moving forward, there are also many missions in the schools of dragons. Missions are like tasks, some are about to collect something, fight against others, or find something. So it’s a quite unique and diverse challenging game that can entertain everyone.

Flying your dragons and racing using them is also possible in this game. Even you can do these with your friends and challenge them to have a friendly match for dragon racing. You can also play it with other players around the world.


Also, there are many worlds and islands in the game. More than 30 islands are there waiting for you to explore them. Each island has a unique feel and gaming experience. 

There is always something to discover in the school of dragons. So give it a try and start your journey of discovering the undiscovered with the school of dragons.

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Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound Of The Game

The gameplay of the school of dragons is very unique. It has so many colors that are perfectly blended and contrasted with each other. The super-quality graphics add an extra layer to the great gaming experience and the sound of the game is quite interesting and rhythmic. 

In the game, you will see many different types of graphics. The dragons have colorful skins that can be customized as well. The mountains in the game have a real feel. Dark areas like caves have beautiful colors and ways between them making them interesting.

And as it gets interesting you will explore it because it will appeal to you. Likewise, the graphics and smooth gameplay, while you are playing the dragon racing with your friends or players around the world or flying the dragon, will keep you entertained for long hours.

There are various places, hidden worlds, and islands. Each of them has a unique touch of graphics. The sea has shipped in them and world event also happens there. Worlds are totally different from each other and islands have hidden quests and rewards for you. Which you can get by exploring them.


Participate In The World Events To Test Your Skills

There is also an event in the game called the world event. In which the players around the world participate and you can also participate. There are many objectives and tasks in the event that needs to be completed. And the player who gets the highest score wins the event and the reward.

Apart from it, there are more events in which you can fight against other players, play with them in racing dragons, fly the dragons with them, and do many other entertaining activities. 

Remember…There is a reward at the end of every event. That can be gems, new dragons, and other useful accessories. Play hard in the events and try to top the list to get the best and top-level reward.


Be a Great Dragon Trainer

In the school of dragons game, you are playing the role of trainer. Where you can fly the dragons, train them, and look after them. Hatch new dragons and grow your team.

Have a strong team of well-known dragons in the game. Each dragon can be used for something specific so make sure to have every dragon in order to have the ability to complete every kind of task with them 

After training the dragons, you can also send your dragons on missions and they will collect the treasure and loot for you. You can use those resources for them again and the cycle goes on.

Play Racing Levels With Your Friends

There is a lot to discover in the game but along with discovering you can have a multiplayer dragon racing game with your friends as well within the school of dragon. In which you can challenge your friends and other players.

There are many maps on which you can race. Each map has unique ways and in every way, there are checkpoints as well as turns.

You can also have multiple laps while racing and on the top right corner of the screen, you will also see a timer where you can see the left time of the race. Underneath that there is also a box in which you can see your position and laps.

Enjoy The Regular Updates and Addition Of The New Dragons and Tactics

The developers of the game school of dragons are constantly working to improve and add more useful features to the game. Although the game is very unique and loved by millions of people still we are trying hard to be better.

Usually on any occasion such as the new year or Christmas. There are new updates in the game just like any other game. In these updates, you can have limited edition dragons as well as permanent new dragons, accessories, and even new places as well.

Also at the time of events, there are many new limited edition features that come into the game that is very attractive and entertaining. Anyone can love those.

Send Dragons On Dragon Missions To Let Them Bring Back Treasure and Loot 

School Of Dragons enjoy new additions to dragon tactics

You might be thinking what after training the dragons and upgrading it to the mas level? Well, the story doesn’t end here. After upgrading the dragons to the max level or even before leveling them to the max you can send them on the dragon missions.

Dragon missions are kinds of tasks that can be completed by the dragon themselves and on returning from the tasks they must complete it which will benefit you. They will collect the loot and treasure on your behalf of yours even if you are discovering the new islands and places, and hatching the new dragons.

School Of Dragons Mod APK Features

The game school of dragons already has many cool features but some features are available only for premium players or some are locked until you reach the ceratin level in the game. So in order to have access to all those features and options, you can play school of dragon mod apk 2022 latest version and have premium fun for absolutely free!

  • Unlimited Money and Everything
  • Unlocked All Dragons
  • Unlimited Gems
  • No-Ads – School Of Dragons Mod APK
  • Free To Install

The first feature of the game is unlimited money and everything in it. The unlimited money will help you to upgrade, discover, and allow you to enjoy the game at its best

Along with that, all other accessories in the game such as gems, weapons, skins of the dragons, and many more are available unlimited in the modded version of the game.


Another great feature of the game is no-ads in it. That means there will be no ads during the game for you. Because I believe and experienced that the ads during the game can divert the focus and you can even lose the game after reaching the very crucial part and stage. So no-ads feature is no doubt a great one available in the apk mod version of the school of dragons.

At the end of these features, the best thing about all these modded features is that they are absolutely free to have. You just simply need to install the school of dragons mod apk and you are good to enjoy these features from the very beginning of the game.

FAQs About School Of Dragon Mod apk

In order to install the school of dragon apk mod, click on the download button present under the image on the top left. Wait for a few seconds and click on the download button. Once you click it, the game will start downloading automatically.

If you want to have the unlimited gems for free in the school of dragons game then you need to have the mod apk version of the game. In the apk version, you already get unlimited gems, along with all the other resources such as money, skins, dragons, and many more.

You can get the dree dragons and every dragon unlocked in the school of dragon apk version. It comes with all dragons unlocked and many more cool apk features.

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Final Verdict About The Game and Modded Version

The school of dragons mod apk is no doubt a great story-lined game in which there is a variety of different things are available to do. You are performing as a trainer of dragons. Train them, take advantage of those and upgrade them to the max level and hatch new dragons in order to progress. Take part in events and win rewards. In all these the mod apk features can help you as well.

So what are you waiting for? Download the school of dragons mod apk today and start enjoying the game with your friends and players around the world!

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