Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 2022 Obb Freeze The Enemy Latest Version Download

Shadow Fight 3 APK Obb
App NameShadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting
Size122 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+ • Fantasy Violence
Latest Version1.28.2
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated onJune 30, 2022

What Is Shadow Fight 3 APK Obb

Shadow fight 3 MOD apk obb is the strategic action-based game in which you have to collect the best weapons, adopt the stylish style, and challenge the strongest warriors of the shadow energies to end them and free the worlds from those shadows.

Presenting you the nonother than Shadow fight 3. The updated and new sequel of shadow fight 2. There are multiple(positive) changes in this version of the game. You will see better weapons, heroes, shadows, styles, worlds, and most importantly graphics and gameplay. All these are updated in such a better way that players of the previous version started playing this new version of the shadow fight mod apk.


Learn and Complete The Story

The world is about the start of the most epic war in history. The three strongest clans in the game want to rule over the world.

  1. Legion Warriors
  2. Dynasty
  3. Heralds Clan

These three are the clan and focus on their own benefits instead of all. They all have their fighting style and worlds views. You have to join anyone and make sure to make that clan the champion and real ruler over others. 


Which side will you join? Comment Down Below!

The story of the game doesn’t end here…There is still a lot to discuss. You can practice and brawl with Ai as well as real-time players and win against them in order to get the top position in the leader board of the region’s top 100 players.

If you are playing from the side of any clan doesn’t mean that you have to adapt their style of fight or style. You can have your own unique style which you can customize completely and make yourself different and better from others.

Gameplay and Theme Of The Game

Shadow Fight 3 APK Obb

The gates of the shadows were destroyed but the shadow still remains. The shadow master 3 mod apk has a very unique perspective and theme. This 3rd edition is not like its previous editions. This sequel has an amazing story on its own and the gameplay of the game is just amazing!

You will see many scenes that you can relate to rea-life and many of those scenes which will let you remember the previous version. The gameplay is very smooth like every shadow fight edition but the graphics in this edition is developed next level.

It’s very colorful and very detailed. The gameplay of the shadows fight 3 has each of those things available in it that are required for an amazing user experience and gaming experience at the same time.


Along with the graphics and gameplay of the game, the sound is also something that deserves to be discussed here. In shadow fight 3 mod apk obb the sound is very unique. Each segment and area of the game has its own sound and its effects. The slow sound in the background in some areas of the game makes you feel so great that you play like a pro after that!

Brawling in the game is the core and with these 3 important elements(graphics, sound, and gameplay) you will surely enjoy playing the game and free the worlds from the shadows.

Features Of The Game

  • Customize and Create Unique Hero
  • Win Battles With your Hero’s Unique Style
  • Practice Against AI and Become The Legen Of Your Region
  • Complete The Set Of Weapons and Get Unique Abilities
  • Create Your Own Strategy Before Brawling/Fighting
  • Win Reward By Participating In Daily Events
  • Freeze The Enemy(Mod APK Feature)

Customize and Create Unique Hero

In shadow fight 3 apk obb, you can customize your hero(character) completely according to your requirements such as any specific style, fighting style, weapons, outfit, color, and many more.

While customizing your hero, make sure to have the best of the weapons and armor added to your customized hero. They will help you to win against the shadows and other clans. As well as in sola mode and other modes as well.

Customization of the hero is really a fun process and as you progress in the game, new features and accessories will get unlocked which can be used to customize your hero in a better way as well.

Win Battles With Your Hero’s Unique Style

Shadow Fight 3 RPG fighting collect epc gear

Winning battles will be much easier with your customized hero. Because everything in the hero is according to your way and style. Your unique style of your hero will allow you to differentiate yourself from others as well.

The styles that your hero adopts from other clans are also great and you can win in them as well. But after all most people love a unique hero and win battles with the unique hero style against the shadows.

Practice Against AI and Become The Legen Of Your Region

In the game, there is a feature or mode you can say in which you can fight and practice against the computer itself. But don’t doubt how will it play against you. This mode also has amazing competence and it will give you the same tough time as you would get from any other real-time player.

This mode is also called duel mode. You can practice with them and once it’s done, you can challenge the strongest warrior in your region. Brawl and fight against him and win the game. Become the champion and top leader of the leaderboard of the top 100 in your region!

Complete The Set Of Weapons and Get Unique Abilities

By completing the set of weapons is that in shadow fight 3 apk obb, there are some sets of the weapons. And they give you special abilities when they get completed with their specific weapons in it.

So, collecting them and experimenting with them is a great way to find which weapon and abilities work best for you so you can use them against your bigger and harder enemies.

Armor also has the same core behind it. Unique abilities in the game are one of the most powerful weapons. It can damage the opponent and your enemy’s life up to half in just a single shot of that special ability. This will also helios you to be the leader in an easier and more convenient way.

Create Your Own Strategy Before Brawling/Fighting

Create Your Own Strategy Before Brawling/Fighting

As we mentioned at the very start of the discussion, this is kind of a strategic game as well along with being an action game. 

You must have to have some sort of strategies in the game that you can use against your enemies. That strategy can be the way of fighting, or way of armoring yourself, or anything.

The most important factor in the strategy is the unique and special abilities that you get whenever you complete any set of weapons.

These abilities are a kinda reward for completing each set so also focus on that along with creating and making the strategies. 

With the best strategy, you can easily win the brawl. But make sure to test your strategy in a duel and Ai mode before practicing it in the real world or clan fights in the game.

Win Reward By Participating In Daily Events

Wanna see new heroes and know some untold facts in the shadow fight 2 apk obb? Well, then the event in the game is what you needed the most. 

Events in the game have some countable and specific time period in which you complete something you get rewarded.


The best part about those rewards and daily events fights is that your reward will contain unseen colors, weapons, armor, and rare skin colors. And even during the fight, there wouldn’t be any repeated heroes. Every time you will face a new hero with unique specialties. This will perfectly test your strategy and weapon set collection.

Freeze The Enemy(Mod APK Feature)

Here comes the mod apk feature of the shadow fight 3 apk obb. The freeze the enemy feature in the mod version only will make your opponent and enemy freeze for the certain time period in which he can attack you and destroy you.

Having this mod feature, you will have an extra edge over your enemies and it will also help you in terms of fighting and winning against them.

What’s New In The Shadow Fight 3?

What's New In The Shadow Fight 3?

If we compare the shadow fight 3 with its previous editions, then the biggest difference apart from features is the gameplay and graphics of the newer edition. It is more colorful and much higher in quality at the same time.

The best part is that there are many new and updated features as well as some old stuff and touch in the game that reminds you of the previous editions as well. Such as some graphics and animation in shadow fight 3 are similar to shadow fight 2.

But having the change with graphics and gameplay, it also has many stories and features updates. The story in the newer edition is much more engaging and convincing. It also has a reason to fight and that is to free the world from the shadows.

Also, you can customize your hero/samurai/knight in shadow fight 3 apk obb with multiple cool skins, colors, weapons, styles, and many more.

Shadow Fight 3 Full Game Free Download For Android

Many people wonder if they can play the shadow fight 3 apk obb on their android or ios device and the most important part is that is this game is free?

So, the answer to those is yes. The game is absolutely free to download and play and you can play it on any standard device having and fulfilling basic system requirements. 

Can I Play Shadow Fight 3 Offline Mode – Shadow Fight 3 Obb File

Can I Play Shadow Fight 3 Offline Mode - Shadow Fight 3 Obb File

Yes, you can play the shadow fight 3 APK obb offline as well. It allows you to have fun and joy even if you don’t have an active internet connection. But some features might not be available offline so you have to manage accordingly.

What Is The Shadow Fight 3 Total Size?

The shadow fight 3 total size is 122 MB. You can download the mod apk obb version from here as well. Click on the download apk on the top left corner underneath the image and the onwards process is self-explanatory.

Conclusion Of The Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK Obb

Shadow fight 3 apk obb is the great edition even in the 3rd version of the game. Despite already being the perfect action and strategy-based game, apk obb version gives you some edge. But the original version itself has so many features and cool stuff to look at which can make any player play it even for hours without getting bored.

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