Latest TiviMate IPTV Player MOD APK 2022 (Unlocked Channels) Download

App NameTiviMate MOD APK – IPTV Player
DeveloperArmobsoft FZE
 Compatible with5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone
Latest Version4.5.1
 MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it OnPlay Store
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Free to Use
  • No Ads
  • Infinite TV shows
  • All Premium features Unlocked
  • Unlocked Channels
  • lifetime subscription

About TiviMate IPTV Player App

Tivimate Premium APK is an internet backbone television (IPTV) player that would be used to control networks from the company’s side. It’s a great utility for Android phones since it turns their phones into mini-televisions. Because of its high functionality, it is becoming very popular. 


TiviMate MOD APK App Description:

TiviMate has become one of the applications that allow a user to create an IPTV connection. It is an application software designed to give consumers with IPTV providers straight on mobile connected phones even without an LCD television. Its premium APK offers several unique advantages that aren’t included in the free edition.

This Video Players & Editors app, on the other hand, has its limits and cannot match those of a high-quality IPTV provider. However, only with the help of this software can users easily access information channels. If you’re seeking television dramas, TV programs, or funny videos on YouTube.

This game is a one-of-a-kind hack for the actual software which was released by AR Mobile Development, and this is a smartphone version of the game. As some of you may be aware, these types of software are usually removed from television sets and digital screens. This will work as a free download wherein they may view different television shows and films that are offered and displayed.


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Main APP Features of PRO Unlocked APK

  • • Technical Support for numerous playlists
  • • Upgrade Daily TV channels
  • • Choose your Favorite programs
  • • Make a play
  • • Specific Search

New Interface Design

Today’s apps, like their touch screens, are way more difficult. This application includes the latest design, which is simple to get and free, allowing us to evaluate and test buttons. The new design is not only useful but also pleasing to the eye. Many of the instructions on the corners, as well as the representation of the focus in the center, appear beautiful.



Tivimate APK mod is a really simple app, and the greatest feature about it is that it runs on all types of mobile devices. Well, don’t be concerned if your devices are not the most recent; they’ll still operate.


Users have complete freedom to modify their APK mod application however they choose, with really no interference from others. Sure, you are able to choose if your application is installed; no one will stop you from doing it again.

Unlocked Premium:

Its Premium Unlocked gives you access to all of the extra features that have been added to make this software better. Reading, on the other hand, is unlimited. Furthermore, there is no advertising to disturb you. It is free and simple to use.



When you enjoy plays and films, you must pay for those channels to see them. And how many of them do you have? Many channels were always active that you were unaware of. Intimate is the only IPTV platform that offers a one-time subscription to all films and plays.

Use this for nothing:

An original Tivimate app is a premium software, but if you cannot manage to pay for it, you may install this APK mod for nothing, which will unlock all of the added benefits for you and give you complete access to the content.

Make high-end motions:

You’ll love introducing motions to the design, no matter how simple the app’s UI is, since the motions make life so much better. Taking this into account, the IPTV Player MOD APK now includes access to extra motions. You may change the stations, increase the volume, change the color, replay the video feed, start, stop, and do much more with various motions.


Typically, children are not able to sit and watch due to its foul language, which is harmful to children. What’s acceptable for parents may not be effective for kids. As a result, parents seem to be concerned. However, they are not, since Tivimate New Edition has added a unique feature that allows you to control what your children watch. To make things more pleasing, you can delete and add new channels.

Versions History:

  • Latest: V4.
  • Previous: V4.4.0
  • Old: V4.2.0
  • Older: V4.0.0
  • Oldest V3.8.0

App Information:

  • This is not a technology that delivers networks, but instead, one that’s used to manage the information that’s still offered.
  • Because this media network employs network technology rather than satellites, it is even more specialized than broad and common.
  • It is acceptable as long as the copyright holder purchases an authorized distributor to broadcast the material.
  • This network includes many popular services (such as Youtube, Disney+, Netflix, HD Max, and Peacock TV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all, sorry. This app is just available for mobile users; Apple users are not able to use it.

No, using this software anywhere around the globe is completely lawful. because it is simply a media player that offers greater information via a local internet connection.

There seem to be two main software packages: one over a year and one for life. A year’s membership will cost you at least $5, although a lifelong membership would set you back $20.


The games Premium APK is a media player that offers excellent TV channels via network technology. It has some nice features, such as a new UI and a highly personalized interface. It is ideal for all because of its primary controls. One can amuse themselves at any moment in any location. This software is also user-friendly since it allows for infinite modification. It’s simple to install, and this APK file includes some special benefits.

You can use this Premium for free if you have internet connectivity. If you’re interested, don’t waste any time; just click on the button and read the directions to put it on your Android.