Download Traffic Tour Mod APK 2022 (All Cars Unlocked)

App NameTraffic Tour
PublisherWolves Interactive
Size84 MB
Android Requirements4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone 3+
Latest Version1.8.2
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Traffic Tour Mod APK is designed for such players who are in search of a Racing game that is loaded with exciting features and also delivers such type of graphics in which the whole game presents a realistic view. You will find a huge list of games but you would not find a game like a traffic tour. In this game, you will receive a wide list of luxury and supercars, you can complete all of your missions with these cars easily by enjoying the realistic view.


Traffic tour Modded APK delivers us such type of gameplay in which we learn how to drive properly in traffic and how to handle the car when you are at the high speed. The layout and presentation of gameplay are pretty simple and everyone can understand how to use the options to operate the whole game. Every game is not for fun some games teach us bright lessons, Traffic Tour Modified APK is one of them.


Almost every game is famous because of its features and modes. In features, we have a huge list for you to explain the features of the Traffic Tour Modded APK. But the important and basic features are written below:

Traffic Tour Mod APK

Camera Angle

We will find various camera angles while we are playing the game. If you would face a little bit of difficulty and want to change the camera view then you can change it by pressing a single button. A camera view change will make your gameplay experience smoother and you will not face any difficulty while driving. You can easily judge the overcoming traffic. In traffic, we will see, Buses, Pickups, Cars, Vans, and Trucks in this game.

Traffic Tour Modded APK


If you are a gamer then you would know that such types of games are incomplete without customization. Most of the missions are based on a time limit. If you want to complete these missions then you can. In the beginning, you will complete all of these missions but as your level up this will be difficult for you to complete. In this case, you have to customize your car. By customization, you can customize the gear, agility, strength, and power of your engine.

Traffic Tour Modified APK

Blueprints And Other Basic Prints

In the Traffic Tour Hack APK, we will see almost 3 types of coins/prints. These coins are useful for customization, item unlocking, or car unlocking. Blueprint is a coin by getting a blueprint we can unlock our dream car. If you have a question that how we get Blueprint then you will see this coin while we are in the match. This is not an easy task to get these coins while you are on a busy highway. With your skills and abilities, you can collect all of the coins in a match to unlock 40 different cars and add these cars to the collection in your garage.

traffic tour mod apk all cars unlocked
  • Blueprint
  • Yellow print
  • Orange print


Traffic Tour Hacked APK presents us with almost 5 different types of modes all of these modes are amazing and the gameplay is fabulous. These modes are written below.

  • Free Run mode
  • Time Trial mode
  • Career mode
  • Endless mode
  • Multiplayer mode

All of these modes are extra loaded with challenges and difficulties you can only handle and complete all of these modes by using your skills.

traffic tour mod apk unlimited money
  • Free Run mode: We are free to play a game with your dream car. With this, you can show your skills to anyone while you are in a match.
  • Time Trial Mode: As you read the name of this mode, then you will understand what is the working or purpose of this mode. In this game, we receive a timeline in under a given time we have to Reach a given checkpoint. If you have a fast vehicle and your skills are unbeatable then can play clear this mode easily.
  • Career mode: In career mode, we receive a wide range of addictive modes and challenges. This mode is one of the best and most fantastic modes of the game.
  • Endless mode: In Endless mode, we will get several types of equipment which is useful for customization. This mode is better than other modes in customization.
  • Multiplayer mode: In Multiplayer mode we can play with our friends or random players in your friend list. If you are in love with someone’s skills then here is an option in which you can send a friend request to anyone. With your friend, you can complete all of the 100 different online missions.

Nitrous Feature

In the Traffic Tour Cracked APK, you will get prizes by beating your opponents while you are in a tournament. If you think your opponent almost winning the match then you have to use the detonate nitro to boost the speed of your car. This will change the view of the whole match. You can also donate this nitro system to your friend as a stimulus.

traffic tour hack apk


Another main facet of the success of the Traffic Tour Modified APK is the 3-dimensional graphics. With this type of graphics, we can enjoy the environment, vivid visual effects, and details. The developer of this game works hard on the texture quality of the vehicle and you will in love with this type of graphics.

Traffic Tour Mod Apk Features

In Traffic Tour Modded APK features we will get all of the premium features for free. This mode is free for everyone.

  • Unlock All Cars
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Verification
  • No Root
  • No Ban

We will receive lots of unknown sides to download this game, but if you want to download this game from a reliable source then you have to download this game from an1, happy mode, Apk Done, Moddroid, Hacks, Revdl, Apk Zig, or others.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, we can play this game with friends in an online mode. We can also play this game as a single player.

Yes, we can play this game on a PC by using an emulator.


Traffic Tour Mod APK the perfect optimization according to this game is you will understand the real meaning of racing and modes of this game. All of these modes are extra helpful to you to get rid of this board situation. While you are in a Match/Race you don’t need to refill the fuel. The car has an autofill feature in this game.

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