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App NameWar and Order
Size363 MB
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingTeen • Violence, Blood
Latest Version2.0.62
 MOD InfoUnlimited Gems
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In-app purchasesFREE $0.99 – $399.99 per item

Introduction Of War And Order Game

It is an adventurous type of war game & you can build your own empire. You work to enrich the empire with all the required resources, & also build & train a massive & gigantic army of soldiers which are equipped with the latest guns, weapons, & gadgets. Your ultimate target is to conquer as many castles of the enemy & opponents as possible in this world of endless empires, in order to prove & call yourself the most powerful & strong leader of the world.

It is a game based on strategic moves & tactics. War And Order can be played for free of cost from our website & does not require root. It can be downloaded & installed on your android device even if you have the old android version.


Description And Information Of War And Order

In War And Order, build your own empire in this strategy & war game. The developers have made the perfect fusion of real-time strategy, castle, & tower defense building. Also, this game has received many Global Google Recommendations in Google Play Store.

To win every game with authority, fight & build together to conquer all your enemies, get a win over them & build strong castles for your defense, you could never hold alone. After the win over your enemy, you can even share your points with your friends & allies & expand territory for exclusive bonuses. But always remember. This is a war strategy game. So trust no one. I am saying this of my experience.

Explore The Adventurous Life

Let me be honest with you that all the adventurous games mostly are a bit tough & difficult to play because it requires team-building tactics and intense character play. I am pretty sure that many of you are so curious & want to know further about this gameplay so, let’s start. War And Order is a brilliant game with tremendous 3D graphics & creative soundtracks with music in it to make it more interesting with the theme to display.

Play this game on your mobile, computer, or any other device anywhere you have some time. Many people are already playing War And Order strategy game & availing themselves of the game’s finest offers every day.

You must have a strong internet connection for its gameplay to be at its peak. You can be an expert player by practicing it daily but it requires time. I would suggest you guys watch tutorials for having grip over castle building. After, download the popular game as a defender of your castles, empire, & people against opponents in gameplay. 


It is an awesome game that is developed & published by camel Games. It gives a lifetime experience of really awesome gameplay with realistic war And fights graphics with creative soundtracks.

Features And Advantages Of The Game

Become the best gamer in the game. You can build & train up to 50 soldiers that include elves, humans, beasts, angels, mages, uniting Orcs. You can also construct & upgrade many buildings & houses for new soldiers & armies. Discover new magic & technology for getting new strategies & weapons.


Resource Management Skills Will Help You To Progress

Manage all your resources because this will definitely be crucial as you battle to win each match. New & Mega resources are earned by capturing castles, empires & creating new buildings. Gems, on the other hand, are collected from battles & are then used to purchase items, upgrade towers, & train your soldiers. But, if all the gems & treasures a player uses up, they will have to find more through chests, safes, or quests. All the gems collected used will be added to a player’s total gem bank, which determines their power, so always collect more of them.

Players must manage their resources to build & maintain cities & to upgrade buildings throughout their territories. If not so, they will start to lose every war and fight. Ultimately lose our castle & empire. They may do this by plowing & harvesting trees, building bridges & fortifications, & using battle skills to reduce enemy casualties & devastation.

Have The Best Gameplay Experience

The game retains all the traditional objectives & factors of making money, gems, & advancing in experience through winning battles, fights, & making new friends & allies through the daily rewards system. Completing the daily challenges earns extra gems, which can be traded for special items & weapons.

3 Assault Options To Destroy The Enemy’s Root

You’ll get three kinds of assault options – individual attack, rally, & time sync attack. Get unlimited food & wood with unlimited gems & money. It is also safe to use & 100% free to download. Auto-Sync is also there for auto-saving the game. The modded version also supports all android devices.

Build Leadership Qualities And Skills

You must possess leadership skills as a warrior & leader by commanding your own armies, troops, & developing strategies for attacking the enemy & ruling the orders within your castle while combating each opponent to win and conquer them.        

If you want, you can also purchase some extra gems and rewards through several methods including real money transactions, redeeming points earned through earlier games win streaks, or even through the use of virtual currency collected through online exchanges. Gems & coins, which are both earned through action during play, are also accepted currencies in the in-game shop.

War And Order Mod APK data file

Become a Leader

Many people have played & enjoyed this game & now are the experts & leaders at by increasing marching army size. It is the most social game, with a number of great players downloading its latest features whenever they get notified. So, try it once to become the fan later on. 

It is the most to-the-point game for all the routine players because the game has the best quality having large armies & soldiers for gameplay.

Build Your Own Powerful Team In War And Order

The King can easily contact his soldiers to fight together. The best part is that players can work together to beat a common enemy. The game can even go beyond battles & fights to a real-world friendship.

If you want to play the match with more power then upgrade your castle & empire up to level 8. Upgrade your barracks then you’ll have obtained more powers like the Orcs, but only after the level 4 barracks. Barracks are the second most important feature after the castle feature in the game. Upgrading all of the important factors in the game will keep you going further & becoming the top player of the game.

Great Armies With The Most Advance Weapons

To win every game, recruit & train over 50 soldiers, uniting Orcs, Elves, Humans, Mages, Beasts, & Angels. Train them in such a way that they never lose a battle

Construct Your Own Big Castle And Empire

This is your ultimate castle and empire-building game. Construct, build, & upgrade all of your buildings for new soldiers, teams, buffs, & resources.

Loyal Allies Will Always Defend Your Land

If you have loyal friends & family members, you can entirely upgrade your empire by collecting new resources & through trading with other players through the chat systems built in the game. New alliances can be made & can be broken based on their success or failure stories, but players may only join one alliance at a time.

Explore All The Big Empire And Lands To Find New Surpsrises

Not just one castle game, also take over all the battlefields to rule over with power & privileges.

Explore all the unknown & rejected lands to find elite & untapped resources, ancient ruins, & more surprises. Completely destroy your opponents by growing your alliance territory for great rewards & resources. Experience the fighting scenes and plan after Gameplay in this strategy-based game.  

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Conquer The Battlefields And Lands

You’ll be the one who will command & win the castles to get the best of resources & get to the top of the rankings to conquer. Kill all the monsters for their treasures to massive dragons. This is a kind of castle defense game, so, you need to protect yourself & your allies from all the difficult opponent armies.

Your strong army will fight with monsters and complete missions by commanding them to fight against enemies & win over them comprehensively. But keep in mind always, try to defeat them & get a win & try to save your resources for further fights. There are multiple ways to defend your empire & castle. Build strong barracks, defense systems, & other buildings structures to protect your kingdom. Gems & money are unlimited for those who have War And Order Mod APK.


Keep Your Castle As An Asset

Your castle is the most important asset in the game. Upgrading all the features will grow you more in the game. You do not need to collect the money or any gem because the modded version has all that anyone wants to upgrade it.

In War And Order, you’ll be leading the armies & the time when your soldiers go for war for the win.  Make sure you trained your army.

Soldiers Will Lead The Victories In Battles  

As you’re the leader, your main aim is to build strategies to train your soldiers & win the big empires. Constructing new buildings will always help you to get the most resources quickly.

Being a king, you should interact and talk with your army of people & this is what you can do to motivate & give energy to them to always win every clash. PvP real-time battle is something awesome feature of the game.

Multiple Game Events Will Get You More Points

Attend multiple game events for free, regarding its latest updates. So, avail the best War And Order option to win this strategy game as soon as possible & become the leader of your whole empire.

Unique 3D Graphics And Visuals

All the obedient Orcs, elves, & mages are waiting for your command in an attractive 3D game world. So you can raise a massive & strong army for big animated battles. You can now clash with enemies from all over the world in real-time. Choose your alliances wisely. Complete all the tasks like make castles, slay & finish dangerous monsters, & stake new territory as a tribe. This is a real war, & there’s no mercy at all. Moments will come as your screen lights up every time with constant new battles, chats, & upgrades.

Music And Soundtracks Are The Key Features Of The Game

The game feels far good with excellent graphics & sound effects. A mixture of many different gameplay elements. War And Order has tons of features and a dynamic cast of characters and leaders who each have their own perspectives, desires, goals, & reasons for participating in the conflicts.            

Invite Friends And Family Members To Play With Them

Invite all your friends, family, & player who can even chat with all the other players from all around the world in real-time without any disruptions.

The game is definitely worth playing. So play it with your best friends & family members. Now, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Make New Friends In War And Order

You can play with your friends & chat with any player from anywhere in the world. With your alliance, you can build your strongest castle which no one can destroy.

Unlimited Gems Are Being Offered In War And Order Mod APK

Free And Unlimited Gems allow you to play freely without hesitancy due to exciting daily updates. A large number of people & the community are playing this game because it consists of unlimited gems for fair gameplay. You can also play War And Order Mod APK by downloading & installing the game through the link from our website above for free of cost.


Collecting precious gems is not that easy. To attain gems, the gamer must build enough castles first then plow them to produce enough food supplies for their soldiers & armies. Once this is accomplished, a player can begin to construct military units & send those units into battle.

Plowing is only one aspect of the overall game plan, however. The gamer can also build different farms to produce dairy food supplies & repair units that have been taken to battle. Collecting & distributing rewards is usually the third phase of the process.

Hard Contests Are Waiting For You

Conquer all the battlefields & sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches & battles. Build your strong alliances & forces to form a leviathan proportion. But to win & engulf other lords’ empires & castles as you if you expand your territory.
Command & conquer other players’ lands & castles to destroy their resources, power, & climb up the power rankings to gain more rewards.
Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massive Dragons. Play this castle defense game, a war strategy game to protect yourself & your allies from horrific conquerors.

Single Player & Multiplayer Modes

Observing the fact that War And Order can be played in single-player & multiplayer modes with maintaining an excellent return rate of the users.

War And Order is one of the most amazing games with billions of benefits at once provided just on our website. You can play with ease on any software system, iPhone & smartphone due to its multiplayer compatibility. Different people had enjoyed the game for a long time, but they need a modded version of the game which is now available for free of cost with the latest updates on our website. 

The game is getting popular day by day among millennials due to its emerging & creative features. The attack strategy requires training & an army to build your castle. So, we highly suggest you download War And Order Mod APK & start playing it. 

Real-Time PVP Battles Will Teach You New Fighting Skills

What you would like the most is that you’ll get to play real-time player VS player battles on the battlefield & lands.

What’s New In The Latest Version In War And Order

  • The New Version of the game is out now
  • New & challenging levels added                   
  • All irritating bugs fixed

Why Should Our Users Download Mod APK Version?

This is because it is free to download & play in the Google Play Store but you cannot collect all gems & Money for free cost in the version provided on the store. To enjoy all the features with full access, you need to spend real cash if you want to get all important in-game items. But if you’re like those people who do not have time or like to wait or spend some extra money for War And Order Mod APK, then this would be the best choice for you.

In this article, I have given a direct download link to War And Order Mod APK. Read all the installation instructions carefully with all the details given in the article.


Method Of Download And Install

Follow these simple steps to download & install the game. You can see the instructions below.

  • Before installing our modded version of the game, you need to uninstall the original version or any other version of the game.
  • Everyone is searching for the greatest game with all possible benefits, which is the modded version.     
  • Now download the file by clicking the “Download APK” button above this article. Then wait a few seconds for your device to automatically download the War And Order Mod APK.
  • After the download is completed, to install software, you have to enable installation from third-party sources.
  • To enable it, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Security > & check for “unknown sources”
  • It is because your phone can install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • After you have completed all the above steps, you can go to the “Download” folder in the file manager of your device & click on the downloaded Mod APK file.
  • After the installation is complete, you can open the modded version of the game file & play to Enjoy!

Most Asked FAQs Of Our Users

Yes, you can easily play the War And Order Mod APK on your computer devices. Enjoy this game on the big screens by downloading the most popular application or game.

This game is 100% free to play with all the features available for free also. Conquer the game with wins in the War And Order game application by building & using your leadership & commanding skills.

Yes, it is an online game that requires a strong internet connection. War And Order Mod APK is one of the most amazing & online strategy-based games available. Youngsters & millennials are now getting pulled to this game because of its trendy qualities.

Yes, you can sell your castle completely. It is an easy process. Just give the proper information & details about your castle & your empire. You can also play this game & earn more money by selling your castle or building to buy new ones that are more powerful.

Yes, it is 100% safe to download, install, & play this game & application which is uploaded to our website. This is safe & harmless to our professional gamers.

The game needs some access to the system on your device to install. When you install an application, you will be notified and redirected of all the permissions that are important & required to run the application without any disruptions.

Final Words And Conclusion Of War And Order Mod APK

You’ll fall in love with this amazing new strategy-based game. I am playing it for a long & have already started building my own castle strong.

In the end, I would definitely say that this game is definitely worth installing & playing. You will not regret it. Let’s sum up all the main points of the game. War And Order Mod APK sets you free to play all the new levels introduced without any type of fee. So, share War And Order Mod APK with your allies, friends, family members, & especially with the new ones out there. 

You must learn new strategies to battle to become more powerful than any king in the history of the world in this horrific fight, terror, And war game. Now, I have guided you all the important points in a short paragraph, so it’s up to you, your strategy, & you follow allies to conquer an endless world of empires.

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