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Intro Of The War Robots Mod APK

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App NameWar Robots Multiplayer Battles
Android Requirements5.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+
Latest Version8.2.0
In-app purchasesFREE $0.99 – $109.99 per item
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Gold, Rockets
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The game war robots are based on the theory of war, robots, and machines fighting against each other. The game is designed in a way that you can control your robot to fight and defeat your opponents. There are many different levels in the game, and as you progress through them, the challenges become tougher. The game is exciting and action-based. Anyone who loves action, fighting, or kinda these games will love this war robot multiplayer battles as well for sure.

In the game, you are able to control your robot and fight using different weapons. You can also use your gold and money to upgrade your robots and make them stronger for the next battle. There is a vast amount of weapons, upgrades, skins, levels, etc. that you can unlock in the game by playing more and progressing further.

Gameplay – War Robots Multiplayer Battles

The gameplay of the war robots is very interesting and action-packed. You are able to control your robot in a Third-person perspective or from the cockpit, depending on your preference. There are different types of weapons that you can use against your opponents, such as ballistic missiles, energy weapons, machine guns, and more. Moreover, you can also use your gold and money to upgrade your robots and make them stronger for the next battle. You can also unlock new levels, skins, weapons, etc.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles hack apk gun fire between robots

Graphics – War Robots MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold

The game features pretty nice graphics. The robots are clear and the environment is detailed. You can fly over mountains or skyscrapers, explore places that other players have not visited before. You can explore underground caves, and everything seems like it comes from science fiction, while it looks real. The robots are so realistic, and this makes the game even more exciting and action-packed. The robot designs look good and the graphics don’t look really bad on my phone. You can get it in 1080p resolution on an Android phone. You can see your robot from any angle that you like. If you look at the screen, you can see your robot from every side. The environment, robots, weapons, and everything else look very good in the game. You will love how the developers have put so much effort into making this game look great.

Features Of The War Robots Multiplayer Battles Latest Version

War Robots Multiplayer Battles mod menu apkhobby
  1. Control your robot to fight and defeat your opponents
  2. You can fight against all the enemies and bosses in the game
  3. You can also create your own buildings and units
  4. There is a huge selection of units and buildings to choose from, and it is also easy to get your favorites into the game
  5. You can destroy your opponent’s buildings and go on to the next level
  6. There are 30 different types of buildings and the most important thing is that these buildings have their own unique stats and skills
  7. You can create your own teams and combine them with your friends


One of the best things in the game is its sound and the quality of the sound. It is clear and crisp and has its own uniqueness to keep you entertained for hours. The perfect match with an action-themed game. Because if you do not have a good quality sound in the game then you might lose interest and you can lose the game in that case. But to conquer this, the war robots game has its amazing quality sound and background voices that can never let you bored while playing the game.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles mod apk fight in the city 1


This game is based on war, fighting, robots, and a lot of other important aspects of life. You can play the role of a machine that can drive and defend itself against the enemies, and fight them. The aim of the game is to destroy all the enemy machines. In this game, you need to earn as much money as possible and find out how many coins you can earn in order to purchase your weapons.

You have a lot of missions in the game, and you need to complete these missions to earn money to buy the weapons. You can also buy some weapons at the shop, or you can play a very hard and challenging mission, and get the biggest reward of the game.


The game offers you the chance to command your robot to fight your opponents, the mission is going to increase the fun in your game and at the same time, you will be provided with cash in the process. There are many types of missions available in the game. They include attacking others using a robot or carrying items. You can pick and choose them according to your own convenience.

You can even create your own missions and then share them with your friends. This is a unique way of building up your dominance.

War Robots 6v6 Mod APK

You can have the fun of customizing your robots and facing your opponents in this war robots mod apk because now you have an idea of customizing the robot’s looks and other features. The feature of 6V6 is basically meant that you can have a team of 6 that can be your friends as well. And you 6 as a team play the game against your enemy 6 players. This feature is most entertaining because when you play any game with your friends the excitement of the play increases and together you all play amazingly.

This is the newly launched feature and our Mod APK has this feature in it, and it is completely free to download as well.

Robots and Weapons

Robots have four basic skills, which are as follows: piloting, shooting, driving, and scavenging. The piloting skill includes the ability to navigate and operate the robot in combat. The weapons skill is the ability to fire and the driving skill controls movement. The scavenging skill allows the robot to repair itself and replenish its health. Apart from these skills, there is a very important skill called talent. This talent can make the robot or the weapons more powerful and valuable.

There is also a wide variety of weapons featured in the game, every weapon has its own power and specialty. The more you use them, the better you will understand the power and specialty of each.


War Robots Modded APK Unlimited Money and Gold

Using a modded app for these games is the best way to play on android. Using the mods will enhance the gameplay significantly and improve its functionality to a much better level. This mod apk will provide enhanced gameplay, features, functionality, etc.

Along with that this war robots, mod APK version gives you unlimited money, gold, and other resources in the game for absolutely free. You can use them to create and make your army, robots, and weapons stronger than before and win against your enemy in a better way.

Walking War Robots Hack APK

Walking war robot mod apk and war robots hack are the same things. The hack or apk version allows you to play without limits in the game. Offers unlimited money and gold which you can use to upgrade the weapons and your army in a war robot.

Along with that, there are many advantages that come with the hack or mod apk version. The best way to explore them all together is to play the war robots hack today.

War Robots Cheats Android

The war robots cheat for android are also available on the net but you don’t need them with our mod apk version because our mod apk version of the war robots already have unlimited money, gold, and all the resources that you need to maximize the fun and entertainment while playing the game. Not just that, war robot mod apk unlimited money, and the latest version like ours, also comes with all the premium resources unlocked which means you don’t need to pay for any kind of a weapon, robot, or money/gold in the game. Everything is already there waiting for you to play.


The final verdict would be that there is nothing competitive to this game in the action category especially when it comes to the mod apk version. War robot mod apk version gives you unlimited resources in the shape of money, gold, weapons, and robots which allows you to enjoy the game to its fullest from the very beginning.

If you are looking for an action game that has robots, weapons, missions, strategies, that you can play with friends, and many more features then this war robot mod apk version with unlimited money hack 2022 is the best choice for you with no doubt.


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