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Overview Of The Yo Whatsapp APK Download

YO Whatsapp APK Download is the first choice social chatting and calling app for most of the people who always wanted some additional features in the standard version of the whatsapp app. YoWA is the modified version of the standard version of the app. You can use it as an alternative as well.

Users of the Yo whatsapp apk download observed that the app has saved their device storage, speed up the messaging process, and saw a huge change with the ability to customize.

App NameYo Whatsapp APK Download
Size51 MB
Safe To DownloadYes
Worldwide Downloads500M+
Requirements4.1 and Up
Average Rating On Play Store4.4
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesMultiple Privacy Features, Customization, Online Notifier, and Many More

The above chart shows the overview of the app. You can make the decision to download it or not on the basis of the provided information in the chart easily.

People are using the standard version of the app more than the yo WhatsApp or other alternatives such as GB whatsapp lite, coocoo whatsapp, and so on. The reason is that they are not aware of these alternatives and the features they can get with them.

The most loved feature of the app is the privacy features. You can set your own privacy and also you can use the built-in app lock as well as fingerprint security. Also, the customization features present in the app make it better and prior to the standard version of the app. 

The cool part is that apart from all the additional features and benefits, the You Whatsapp mod apk also has all of those features as well that are found in the standard version of the app.

Why Would Anyone Prefer YO Whatsapp Over Standard Version Of The App?

Many people ask this question why would I prefer or anyone should prefer Yo Whatsapp over the standard version of the app? So the answer is that Yo WhatsApp offers multiple additional features and options to customize the app the way you want. Also, there is more freedom to secure your chat and keep an eye on your privacy. 

Customizing the privacy setting is one of the important aspects of this communication app. You can have this app on your android device, ios, tablet, or even on your pc as well.

APP Features

Here comes the list of features that are available inside the yo WhatsApp and each of them is unique. Not even a single feature listed here is available in the standard version of the app and that’s the biggest reason for anyone to have this app on his/her android device.

  • Never Compromise On Privacy
  • Message Unsaved Numbers
  • Larger File Sharing Capability
  • 100+ Languages Available
  • Variety Of Themes and Designs In The Library
  • 250 Words Status
  • Download Statuses
  • Block Any Number From Calling
  • Fingerprint Privacy To The App
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Contact Online Notifier
  • Disable Audio Playing Notification In Status Bar
  • Customize and Personalize User Interface
  • Set Custom Wallpaper To Each Contact
  • Add New Colors To The “Ticks”
  • Animated Emojis and New Emoticons
  • Cool Bubbles
  • You Can Pin More Than 1000 Chats
  • Dark Theme
  • Buil-In App Lock
  • No-Ads
  • All Bugs Fixed

Never Compromise On Privacy

No one wants to compromise on their privacy that’s why when people get to know that there is an alternative app available having all the features of standard WhatsApp as well as countless additional features as well. They switch their app and start using the yo WhatsApp latest version.

Hiding being online is one of the big advantages available in the Yo Whatsapp apk. There are many other privacy-related features in the app that can secure your data as well as make your chats and conversation more private. Keep on reading to learn everything about the app.

Message Unsaved Numbers

Messaging unsaved numbers was not possible before. The standard version of the app doesn’t have this feature, but the Yo Whatsapp APK has this feature featured in it. You can now message unsaved numbers directly via YOWA for absolutely free.

Larger File Sharing Capability

The user of the standard version app needs to share large files in some other way rather than sharing it via WhatsApp directly because the standard version doesn’t support large files like hundreds of MBs files. But with the help of the Whatsapp apk, you can share even very large files up to 700 MBs easily. You don’t need to use any other way to share the files and another cool part is that compatibility is also improved, you can share any format of the file with Yo Whatsapp apk 2022.

100+ Languages Available

The users of the app are from entirely different countries. There is a high chance that not everyone knows the default language of the app. That’s why the developer of the yo WhatsApp focused on languages and because of that, there are 100+ languages available in the app. Anyone can simply switch the language into his local language and start using the app easily and more conveniently.

Variety Of Themes and Designs In The Library

There is a huge variety of themes and designs available in the library of the yo whatsapp. More than 4000+ themes are available and not just that, you can use any of them for absolutely free. And even customize them as well. Availability of so many themes makes sure that there is something for every user.

250 Words Status

The limit of the words is also increased in the yo whatsapp. You can write and share up to 250 words in your status onwards only with the help of yo whatsapp mod apk. In the standard version of the app, there is a very small limit of words but now your status can be long up to 250 words.

Download Statuses

Sometimes you like the status of anyone and you want to have that as well. For images you can take screenshots but what about the video? For that, the best solution is yo whatsapp. With the help of this amazing app, you can download the status of any friend or family member perfectly. And there is also an option to share it directly on your status as well. 

Block Any Number From Calling

If you don’t wanna receive the calls from any specific number simply block that number from calling. In the standard version, if you block someone, the person can not message or call you. But on yo whatsapp, if you want to block someone only from calling you, you can do that. He can still be able to message you. This specification is very unique in the yo apk whatsapp.

Fingerprint Privacy To The App

There is a built-in security system in the app and fingerprint privacy is one of them. You can enable this feature and onwards the app will be unlocked only with your provided fingerprints. The feature is quite common but the twist is that there is no additional app for it. So you don’t have to have any additional burden on your device and your device storage will be freer as well.

Freeze Last Seen

Hiding the last seen and freezing it is two separate things. Freezing last seen actually means is that you can set any specific time as your last online/seen. And onwards you are online or whatever, it will show that specific time as your last seen that you set up before.

Hiding last seen hides it completely and no one can see then if you are or were online at what time.

Contact Online Notifier – Unique Feature Of Yo Whatsapp APK Download

Contact online notifier is the most unique feature in the YoWA. What this feature basically does is that it notifies you when any contact comes online. You can set it and customize it completely as per your need and add contacts for notification when they come online.

Disable Audio Playing Notification In Status Bar

In the standard version of the app when you play any audio the bar of that audio comes on the top and status bar. You can simply disable it in the yo whatsapp mod 2021-2022 apk version. After disabling it, it won’t show in the status bar and this feature is available only in the Yo Whatsapp 2022 APK Download.

Customize and Personalize User Interface

Customizing and personalizing the user interface is one of the main features of the yo Whatsapp. You can customize the app interface completely with new themes and wallpapers. Also, you can customize it specifically as well. Changing the icons of the app that will show with notification and actual app icon, all of these can be customized as well.

Set Custom Wallpaper To Each Contact

In YoWA APK free download you can set a custom wallpaper for each contact. By custom, I mean that you are not bound to use default wallpapers available in the app’s library, you can use any custom image as wallpaper and use as many as you can and customize each contact the way you want.

This feature is specifically available in the Yo Whatsapp apk download 2021-2022 only.

Add New Colors To The “Ticks”

In the standard version of the app, you have only one color of ticks and that is blue. That might be boring or old-school. Switch today to yo WhatsApp because it offers you a variety of colors to have as a blue tick color. Make the app more colorful to be fresh.

Animated Emojis and New Emoticons

In the new and latest version of the Yo Whatsapp, you also get the new animated emojis and emoticons for free with the app. These new emojis are not available anywhere else. Also, you can import the emojis of other platforms if you like, you have the option for it as well. Animated emojis are something new that is new to you for sure. Make sure to give it a try at least once.

Cool Bubbles – New Feature Of Yo Whatsapp APK Download

The app has a cool bubble feature in it. This is a brand new addition and is only available in the latest version of the app.

You Can Pin More Than 1000 Chats

Pinning more than 1000 chats is possible on yo WhatsApp. In the standard version of the app, you can only pin 3 chats. That’s way too low. Solving and providing you a better experience, the yo WhatsApp has this feature of pinning more than 1000 chats.

Dark Theme

Normally there is only a bright light color theme in such apps even in the standard version of whatsapp as well. But yo WhatsApp and some other alternative versions of WhatsApp such as sams whatsapp business or GB whatsapp lite has this feature available with the help of which you can enable dark theme in the app.

Apart from the dark theme availability, there are thousands of different themes available as well. All you need is to explore the app a bit and you will find what you need.

Buil-In App Lock

There is a built-in privacy feature and app lock is the first sub-feature of that feature. It works like any normal app lock but the difference comes when you don’t have to download an additional app for that app lock that can consume your device storage and make your device slower too. So in that regard, yo whatsapp gives you the free hand to have the benefits of multiple apps in a single app.


You might be thinking if there are ads and you have to watch them in order to use yo whatsapp. Don’t worry, the app is completely free and it has no-ads in it. Not even a single ad will appear in the app. This feature is available in yo whatsapp apk 2021 and 2022 versions.

All Bugs Fixed

There were some bugs before in the app. In the latest version of the app, all of those are now fixed. So you wouldn’t have to face any bugs or error most probably. But in case you face any errors, feel free to comment here, we will fix them as soon as we can.

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How to Install & Use YO Whatsapp APK Download

  • Delete the previous version of Yo WhatsApp that is already installed on your mobile if you are installing it the first time then you can skip this instruction.
  • Download the apk file from apkhobby.com.
  • Turn on Third-Party app installation from your android mobile settings.
  • Click on the downloaded apk file and it will automatically start the installation process.
  • After that open the app and add a subscriber identity module (SIM) of any network which is more reliable in your area.
  • An active mobile/cell number is required for activation of your account.
  • Once you activated the account know you can change the sim now there is no need of cellular network.

Change The Text Size and Hide Chat Divider

Changing the text color and size in the entire app at once is possible in the yo whatsapp apk download. You can change the color and text size for any specific chat as well. Both of them are doable in the YoWA APK 2022.

Where To Download Yo Whatsapp Latest Version For Free?

Downloading the yo whatsapp latest version is super easy and simple. And you can download it from apkhobby. Simply click on the “download apk” under the image on the top left and wait a few seconds. Then click on the “download” and once you click, the app will start downloading automatically. Simply then install it, use it, and start having fun with whatsapp yo apk.

Which Version Is The Best and Have The Most Advanced Features?

There are multiple different versions available for the yo whatsapp app. You can download any but if you ask me then I would prefer to download the latest version available. The reason is, the latest version of any app has the most advanced features available in it and the bugs and errors that were in the app will most probably be fixed in the latest version of the app.

  1. Version 7.15
  2. Version 8.05
  3. Version 8.16
  4. Version 9.1

Just for the information, these are the 4 most famous versions of the yo WhatsApp. There are many more as well but those have some error or some sort of bugs in them. The best is to download the yo whatsapp apk 9.1 version. It’s free as well and completely bug/error-free.

Is Yo Whatsapp App Available To Download On PC?

Yes, the Yo Whatsapp app is available to download on PC. The entire process is the same just like downloading it on android, ios, or on the tablet.

Summary Of Yo Whatsapp APK Download

Yo Whatsapp App has allowed the users to have the freedom of customization and privacy in their hands. Before the existence of this app, there were not many features and options available to customize and personalize the features and even the entire app.

So…What are you waiting for? Download the app today and start having fun chatting and calling along with more privacy.

If you want to learn more about the standard version of the app, you can read it here.

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